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  1. Queensoverkings


    The best AMP (which is all I really visit but am considering AMY,Angelina or Amber for greek) is located in Dover on 46. Most everyone is familiar with this place from looking around the site. The other is located in Toms River on Rt 166. Both have good looking women and will go the extra mile.

    Was offered FS in South river RMP but didn't have the cash. wanted $$. I think they were raided but not sure. She was a good looking 40 - 45 blonde.
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    Let's hear more about that website for free bees.
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    Welcome aboard the ship. I believe that if you read the rules carefully, you will be a far more positive Board Member. Slinky does allow quite a bit of freedom in here, as long as you follow his lead.

    Now that you have teased us with a significant amount of somewhat interesting information, I would suggest that you may wish to provide us with a bit more in the way of details. Reviews are certainly welcomed around here, and will not lead to your dismissal.
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    Just read the rules. If it's a legitimate review, you can post the contact information.
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    I'd like some information.
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    I've been visiting AMP's for years now. I'm new to the site and have posted a few threads but I guess they were deleted because I mentioned where you should go. What good is sharing the info and telling you about the DATY, HJ, BBBJ or what ever if you can't enjoy it for yourself?

    So, here goes again with less contact info.

    BBBJ to completion and no spit for less then $ is in south jersey. She's a big women but if you close your still feels great and you can't beat the price. Belmawr area.

    Toms River is another great AMP. I think everyone knows about the place in Dover. There is another one in Pompton Plains which has been good to me. Fort Lee has a nice place but can be hit or miss. Sayreville has a nice spot which is also hit or miss.

    There is one in Secacus which I haven't tried but have a strong feeling it's worth the trip. They have a great web site as well. All in all I've been to probably 20 - 30 places and can give reviews on all... but what good does it do anyone if you don't know where to go. I'm still trying to figure this site out and how it can have mutual benefits but I don't see it yet.

    How about free bee's. There is a web site that lists other people that are in the same position most of us are...married for years with boring sex. Anyway, someone let me know if they want contact info and I'll give it. If I get booted, then the site isn't for me anyway.