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  1. skagen


    YMMV is a great description if Heather. I saw her a couple times at the a previous incarnation of Rumors/The red Room. Hot body, and can be very sexy. Surprisingly very loose downstairs though.
  2. Jimmy69

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    If Heather is still there, give her a try. She's also on the shy side but allows DATY, YMMV. Janes is very hit or miss. I've had outstanding sessions there and very horrible ones (Devin comes to mind quick). Janes is a very YMMV place so beware.

    BTW, I didn't see Heather at Janes, I saw her at Rumors (or peaches n cream). She is a hot latina.
  3. bro_xtian


    coincidentally enough, i just posted about amy in another item...

    i saw amy a good 6 or 8 times, back a couple of years ago. i really clicked with her, and so had some really outstanding fun with her, but i must say she is a little on the shy side (or at least was back then), so i think some of it was a case of ymmv! after we hit it off on the first session, the subsequent sessions were markedly hotter.

    she does have a really nice body, which at the time i saw her wasn't enhanced, as it is now. i did see her once awhile later, after the addition, and though i am not a big fan of the augmented, hers are well done, and not too big!

    all this talk makes me think i should go back and see her, for old times sake!
  4. auditti2001


    Can anyone give me some info on Amy from JanesNYC?
    I wanted to see her, but is unsure about their performance and service. Do the girls hassle you for tips and do they allow multiple cups of coffee? I would appreciate if you would provide some info. Thanks alot