An afternoon in Flushing

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by Slinky Bender, May 29, 2001.

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    Chief Inspector: Maybe he was the look out...

    Clouseau: How can a blind-man be a look-out ?

    Chief Inspector: How can an idiot be a police officer...........
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    I wanted to go to someplace in Queens that I had not been before. After reading a JAG review on Rose health Center, I thought that would be the place, but I calld the number that was given got an answering machine, and the source given ( Queens Tribune ) did not have an add for this place ( is this another case of a review on JAG about a place which has been closed for a long time ?? ). So, I looked at the Queens Tribune and called this place which advertised "Relax; Body Rub by Expert, Young,Pretty Oriental Girl 718-359-1339". Called and set up appointment with no problem.

    Establishment is in small meical building on 35th Ave ( just North of Northern Blvd ) off Parsons. Small place with one small room, one tiny "room" ( hahaha, really just a nook with no window and a curtain to close it off ). Nancy met me at the door, showed me to the room, and collected my $40. She has a very nice body ( 5'7", 115 lbs, very tight ) and although not a "beautiful" face, quite cute and a nice smile.

    I really wanted this to be a good session, since Nancy was friendly, cute and nice. But it was not to be. Nancy has just about no talent when it comes to massage. It was as if she were a Homecoming Queen kneeding bread in a Home Ec class that she didn't want to be in. A bit short on time, too: 40 minutes after I came in, I was out the door.

    I was thinking of going to try another place from the Trib, but didn't want another disappointment. Ended up at Remeo Chan on 37th Ave & 135th. My favorite thing about this place is that they have these two "private" steam rooms ( actually, the shower and steam room are "all in one", and not too small, around 4' X 7' , and you get it all to yourself ). Spent another $80 there ( ?$45 +$35? ). Massage was better from ?Tey tey? ( why can't I ever get these names right ? ).

    Of course neither of these was the highlight of the day, which was taken by watching a "blind" guy with a "Seeing Eye" Pigmy Horse walking up Mott Street ( although I really think it was a "fake", because he was really doing the guuiding, not the horse ).