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Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by wjz, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. misterxyz


    WJZ, please use real numbers. I don't understand your decimals.
  2. RuffToy


    Welcome wjz.....I dig Pittsburgh have lots of family there. One time many years ago I got a bj from an old girlfriend while going down the Incline.....or maybe it was going up.....who the fuck remembers.
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  3. RuffToy


    How many massages they make you do to pay for your stay?
  4. wjz


    just found this site, and thought it was cool.
    I live in pittsburgh, but i've visited a lot of cities, mostly NY and DC.
    i've checked out some K-spas in those areas.
    sadly, i don't think such places exists in Pitt.

    while in NY, i went to couple diff places by using the K-taxi on 32nd st method, 0.20 or so, and was quite satisfactory.
    a lil tip, sometimes the K-taxi drivers ask u to give them the money, and they say they'll haggle the price for you. Never fall for this shit, or they'll just rip u off.
    funny thing is, one time i was visiting NY, i hadn't gotten a hotel room yet. so i asked if they'd let me sleep over in an empty room for an extra charge, and they let me sleep in one room for almost no extra charge. haha
    the mamasan was pretty nice. she was a korean lady, who used to live in china, so she spoke fluent chinese.
    went to 2 places in DC, though it was about 2 yrs ago, as i found a couple ads in the local K-newspaper, the quality a lil lower, but the service was still pretty good, and was around 0.16.

    damn, can't wait till i visit NY again, or even better yet, hopefully i'll get a chance to visit korea again soon.
    the quality and service in korea is Awesome, and so many places available, and all of them r out in da open. 0.10 - 0.15. the only downside is u cannot choose like the ones i went in DC and NY.

    hopefully, someone else might know more shit to do pitts, or at least closer to here than DC or NY, i'd be pretty thankful.