Another one bites the dust..

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by tommytai, Mar 16, 2006.

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    I feel your pain...especially when it's newbies who are giving you shit. Ignore them. This type of stuff makes me not want to post anything in the public forum anymore. Slinky/UG staff will hopefully weed out these types of members from having access to the private board.
  2. flagship


    this is exactly why i don't give out the lady's name unless she asks me too.
  3. tommytai


    One last thing Ming..

    Matmusic DID NOT give "accurate details" on the location of Lisa and Danny's place :

    You know how many fucking doctor's offices are within a 8-10 block radius of Hackensack hospital??? Dude..are you fucking kidding me??

    Fucking ass...
  4. tommytai


    Hey AKM...thanks


    Im truly sorry that your friends got busted..i really am. Ive been busted a few times also but everyone knows the risks of their participation with this hobby.
    Its really becoming tiresome to explain to the public that I am not a rat..
    Im very fond of all the people who work in this establishment and do not wish any harm WHATSOEVER. Ive had good times with them so there is no reason at all that i would fuck them over.
    That post #127 that I made DID NOT give an exact address.. there are a few places between the tailor and beauty shop.. One of the koreans that worked in the beauty shop confronted one of the workers at the hackensack place when she accidently parked in the back. The korean woman told her to move her car and also basically said to her "I know what you do there.."
    So do you honestly think LE SOLELY uses this website for info to bust these places and has no other sources of info (ie..complaints from neighboring businesses)?? If you really think that...i hate to say this but you're really naive. Again, im sorry to hear that ur friends got busted..but I wasnt the cause and I guarantee you that they wont get the electric chair..

    SO Mingman, whoever you may be.. a disgruntled worker from Danny and Lisa's posing as a monger OR some customer who regularly sees the girls and feels that he needs to REPORT everything about this website and what is said on this site to the girls out of some sort of twisted loyalty (ie..phenomenal service they provide to you).. Yes, even the girls admit to me about other customers who tell them about the "internet and what is written about them".. Maybe you're one of those tattletails..
    lemme tell you're just another paying customer to them..NOTHING MORE..if you think that you will win more favor with them by telling them everything, or they see you as boyfriend material or whatever delusions of grandeur you have in your are even more naive.
    If you still have a beef with me...leave a message with Danny and/or Lisa naming a time on A SATURDAY OR SUNDAY when we can meet at their place (Ill get the message thru the grapevine) and we will discuss this one on one.. or three (you and your 2 friends that got arrested) on one...
    So the choice is yours..
    I really like this site not only for its entertainment, but for the information that is provided. The whole purpose of this board is to share info in a peaceful, fun way. I try to post so it can help other people without endangering the mongers themselves or the working girls..but this incident and another incident concerning one of the popular entertainers from the VIP thread has left me with a disgusted and pissed off feeling..

    To make a long story short about the VIP happy review of this particular woman in the past VIP thread has made it a little bit of a hassle for her. Some members of this board (i think i know who they are) have been giving her a hard time about providing extra services outside of VIP and saying shit like"ohh..I know you do overnight outside and im willing to pay more than that guy did.." WHAT THE FUCK!! This info was to be kept to yourselves and used confidentially/DISCRETELY. You dont fucking blab it out like that and leave me hanging out to dry. She figured it was me since i was the only one at that time that she did overnight with on the outside. I went to visit her recently and she confronted me about it. Fortunately, she wasnt pissed and was cool about it. She just got tired of the 3-5 individuals of this board that kept on asking her and offering her the motherfuckers know who you are and I have an idea who you are give it a fucking rest and leave the poor girl alone..She doesnt want to go with you..
    Fucking i try to provide info to help and I get fucked over and people start shit with me...One of the above members who replied to this thread said why do i even bother wasting my energy to defend myself?? Hes right..
    From now just gonna chill..act like some of these "members" who dont contribute a damn thing and just fucking surf this site in quiet..Its kind of a member of a free board and I get hassled with drama..Im also a member of a paysite called Club Hombre that has provided me with invaluable info about Brazil and Thailand and other places...and I dont get hassled..
    Go figure..
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    Steve walks warily down the street,
    With the brim pulled way down low
    Ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet,
    Machine guns ready to go
    Are you ready, are you ready for this
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
    Out of the doorway the bullets rip
    To the sound of the beat

    Another one bites the dust
    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust
  6. Hom-sup


    I didn't read this post and was looking for the new location tonight. I was really looking to hookup with Jennifer. I couldn't find the new place so I drove over to the "music room". The blinds were opened a little bit and an orange sticker was on the door. It didn't look good.

    My heart and penis dropped like a rock. I really enjoyed their service.

    I called one of the old numbers I had...5529 and it was disconnected. I have another number and the person said they are in Butler NJ. I'm hoping they are related in some ways but I'm not sure. If my girls are there I will travel the distant.

    I don't know about you but I'm really bummed out about losing them.

    Heart broken.
  7. UG Staff

    UG Staff Staff

    It's really tiresome to see owner of these laces coming here pretending to be customers and throwing out bogus claims of places being busted because of UG, running eachother and eachother's places down, and all sorts of other bullshit. If this continues, we're just going to start publishing lists of names and addresses of these clowns and really making sure what they claim is hapening happens. So all of you guys really need to cut this shit out right now.

    I know everyone hates "more rules", but they always happenes because you ass clowns pull bullshit like this. So now we get a new rule: any time anyone tells anyone else not to post anything about any place WE UG management will post the establishment name, address, phone number and landlord's contact info right here on UG. You have been warned.
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    well said Mingman55. I spoke to Denny when tommytai first posted and also spoke to Joy and identified the poster as someone who claimed to have been with ther on New Year's Day. I think they know who ratted on them.
  9. mingman55


    Think before you post!

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    No, tommy, you got the word wrong. When you can't get it up, the word is impotent.
  12. akm495


    It look like Tommy defended himself very well.
  13. dox


    damn! sounds like LE's been lying in wait for them. i was under the impression that they haven't officially set up shop in the new location and they're already busted? what gives? according to danny they weren't suppose to move there until april...
  14. bigguy3


    tommy, just chill out dude...stop wasting your energy on defending yourself. who the hell cares?
  15. tommytai


    thanks for the grammar correction... I slept during english class in high school...
    goddamm shakespeare...

    schoolhouse rock was more educational for me...
    conjunction..junction..what's your function?? :)

    PS the people that I classify dipshits are the ones who attack my credibility and make false accusations.. i enjoy and dont mind humorous comments such as Mikey's...
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    it is... I should have gone to law school. The other way makes you sound like you failed english 101 in High School. Just my 2 cents cause I must be a dipshit just like the guys.

    Mikey ( I am just having fun ) Baby
  17. tommytai


    people just dont take the time to read anymore...that was the old location ...and when I made that post...they were already moving to their NEW location...

    Damn..i should have went to law school..i would have made a fortune off of idiots like bari, husila, and any other dipshits who i know will comment in the future...
  18. tommytai


    oh yeah...since u guys perused that archive..maybe u should read the rest of it also....

    fuck i forgot...u both cant read!!! :)
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  19. tommytai


    that was the OLD location....they got busted in the "NEW" location

    maybe u should learn how to read...

    u just got hustled husila....

    that goes for u 2 bari....

    READING IS FUNDAMENTAL...apparently not for you two...
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  20. husila


    hahahahah lemme see tommytai defend himself on that one.