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Discussion in 'New York' started by Carl M, Jun 18, 2001.

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  1. Ishmael


    Jodie of Dallas

    I've seen Jodie and she is wonderful.
    Total GFE. Gorgeous body. Very pretty--about 35 ish.
    Check out the Dallas boards--dozens of reviews, every one a rave.
    Highly recommended.
  2. zoulou


    Jodie is great I try to see her every time she visits town.
    I have posted a detailed review on ***. She is genuinely sweet, hot body and as close to GFE as you get.
  3. Carl M

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    Thanks for the info!

    Also got some references from a few guys in TX. Sounds very good with those GFE intangible qualities I look for!
  4. Ezrlove


    Sorry about the links

    reviews from

    Description: 5-7 or so, very nice compact body, and nice enhanced breasts
    Attitude: Excellent, fun, funny
    Jodie like Terri Brice needs no introduction although I am going to give one. I met Jodie back in the fall of last year. We had been corresponding back and forth and my anticipation level was blowing the meter. Since that time she and I have been missing each other primarily due to her touring or our schedules just not meshing when I hit the Big D. She has the most wonderful personality and I rank her at the top with two other of my ATF's.

    What can I say that hasn't been said many times before by all the guys, not very much other than the fact when you see her it's like a reunion with a long lost lover and very dear friend. Jodie greeted me at the door with a huge hug and kiss to die for. We sat and ranted about some of the funnier things we had seen on the boards and some of our personal happenings since our last visit. Soon after our conversation, she said lets get comfortable. Let me say this guys, this lady has a truly lovely body. As with all my reviews details are never revealed. I'm one that believes what goes on behind closed doors with two consenting adults should remain there. However, I will add that if you can't have fun with Jodie you can't have fun at all. She is one fantastic provider and a very wonderful and classy lady. Creme da le creme.

    She left me speechless after our other encounters, and today was no different. I had to really concentrate on driving, it was a long hard ride home only 1.5 hours but many visions of this lovely lady remained dancing in my head.

    There are always certain things associated with an upcoming visit that runs through one's mind. I'm no different than any others, the anticipation is to me foreplay lol, then the actual encounter OMG, nothing but pure bliss and a dream come true. Guys I hate to share this information because I know it's going to lessen my chances of seeing more of Jodie. Is she a GFE, to me far beyond that, indescribable and again one of my ATF's from Dallas. Jodie never change a thing gal, you are one very special lady and total package of love and friendship that I will cherish for life.
    Thanks once again for putting a smile on my face that will remain there forever and/or until the next time we meet so that we can renew our pleasures and laughter once again. I definitely recommend this lady only because I know Jodie will put a smile on your face and a special soft spot in your heart.

    Guys treat her like the classy lady she is, be sober, clean and have fun.

    Recommend: Absolutely Very Highly

    Another review

    Description: Jodie is gorgeous. She has a great body and her face is so fresh and pretty. She is enhanced but it is done nicely and not overdone. Her smile is very captivating and makes you feel good just to see her smile.

    Attitude: Very Upbeat. Total GFE. Great mood

    Comments: I had always planned on seeing Jodie. I had lunch with CCC on Friday and he asked me if I had seen her new pictures on her website (which I had not). I took one look at them on Friday and emailed her right away. By the way, she looks MUCH better in person than her pics.

    Jodie emailed me back within 10 minutes of emailing her. We were going to set something up for during the week but we both happened to be free today so we decided we'd meet at her incall location in Las Colinas.

    She asked for a reference and luckily I have been fortunate enough to already have seen Terri (who she is friends with). She verified and emailed me detailed directions which were great.

    I arrived at her location and the place was very nice and clean. (This is a nice change. Some of the last places I have been have been kind of messy. It's not the most important thing but it starts things off nicely). We talked for a few minutes and got to know eachother. We hit it off right away and were laughing and talking about everything you can think of. We went to the other room and all I can say is WOW! Jodie is a definite GFE! I didn't think I'd find another girl after Terri that was as good of a GFE. Well....Jodie is! Of course, YMMV, as with any girl but I had a wonderful experience.

    Afterwards, we spent a while talking, laughing and just cuddling. This is exactly how it should be. Easy to set up, good directions, nice location and GREAT experience. Doesn't get any better than this. I will definitely be back to see Jodie.

    If you do see her, treat her right guys.

    Recommended: Yes
  5. Hotpuppy

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    ...check your email.
  6. Ozzy


    she's no terri brice......

    too bad, that because of someone whom i won't name (but you can guess???).......terri brice no longer comes to NY.

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  7. Hotpuppy

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    Plenty of reviews on TBD Dallas board.
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    EZR -- the URL does not work.
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