Any info on Kamasutranyc's New girls???

Discussion in 'New York' started by BigBucksNYC, Apr 11, 2001.

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  1. MJC185



    I call there to see who's working and she is NEVER there. If she had been even once I think I would have booked an appt.

  2. grenv



    I saw Sonya and Demi, they are both as sexy as the photos suggest. Sonya is better looking. Neither is GFE but still well worth the $$+. Am looking forward to Tantra, can anyone recommend?
  3. MJC185



    I just visited with Julie's again, and let me tell you guys...

    They moved to a new location and this place blows away the place they were in and is even better than KamaSutra I'd say. That's strictly environmental, and not a judgment on the quality of girls, as I would not judge either Julie's or KamaSutra as having bad girls.

    Today I spent some time with Adrienne at Julie's. She is not listed on the website because she is visiting from Canada.

    Adrienne has a face that looks much like Catherine Zeta Jones. I sh*t you not. Very pretty. Her body is nice, but the effects of having at least one child are evident on her lower torso. That is no way takes away from her in my opinion. She is a great conversationalist, has a nice firm touch and I was very comfortable.

    OK, that's all...
  4. jmcurry

    jmcurry The Insider

    KamaSutra is a wonderful experience. I have been there several times, seeing Halle on each visit. The ambiance is upscale. Brick walls, candles, large bed, music, etc. Halle is, at least in my case, a GFE. I do not want to get too personal because I know how much things can vary for each individual. Nonetheless, KamaSutra is definitely worth consideration. In fact, I am planning on a return trip next week. I cannot compare it to Julie's because I can't seem to gain access there.
  5. MJC185




    The $$+ is right on the mark.

    Unfortunately I didn't get more than a quickie glimpse of any other girls while I was there, but here's more on Demi...

    She has a nice touch and is very sensual. She loves to have her D's sucked on, has a nice, partially shaved Y, but I do not DATY so I do not know if she is open for that. I think she would have kissed on the mouth, but I am also not really into that. No BBBJ, but she does this great thing with her mouth to put the condom on that I liked. Overall I'd say she was worth the $. You might be slightly disappointed by her face when you see her, but her body is AWESOME.

    I too am interested in Sonya, so if anyone else has spent time with her or ANY kamasutra girl for that matter, info would be much appreciated.

    I think the girls at Julie's have been hand picked for their great personalities, if not their looks, so I'd guess the majority of their clients walk away very happy. Personally I might try KS again because as I said before, the room was a lot nicer than the ghetto room I had when I went to Julies. LOL
  6. mowogman


    Looks good to me too. I would also like to hear more about this place. If the girls are real, it'll be worth a trip. And did I hear $$1/2 ? Hmmmm.

  7. TuckernotSucker



    BB-- Komasutra is YMMV when it comes to the girls. Unlike independents that are reviewed here, you take your chances. I have been to Kamasutra twice and saw Halle both times. True GFE because we clicked. After the deed we were cuddling and talking and she said she normally did not kiss. But with me she made an exception because she liked me. Now, she may say that to all the guys, I dont know. Julies is different. Julie actually advises the girls to be gfe. Some do some dont. Yes Kamasutra is $$+
  8. BigBucksNYC


    Re: julies

    Thanks jjbond for the info but I thought it would be cool to try a new place for once. I've heard a lot of amazing things about Julies but, I must admit, the girls from Kamasutranyc look much better (at least on the websites).

    That is why I am inquiring about Kamasutra - I am just interested in hearing about people's experiences there and also some specifics.

    Do any of the girls speak greek, DATY, French??? I have it is is $$+ for an this true?

    Thank you also MJC for your review of you have any specifics you could tell me about her? Did you see any other girls while you were Sonya as hot as in her pics?

    I've searched both here and on TBD and didn't find much info...


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  9. jjbond



    I have been to julies over the course of years and have tried other places i find julies girls to be the most accomidating, the friendliest and best providers out there. They are all attractive damn sexy and fun. Check out katie, sarah bridgette domino gabrie, faye to name a few. The people who run julies are also nice.
  10. MJC185


    I have been there

    Hey BigBucks,

    I have visited both Julie's and Kamasutra one time. My one time at Kamasutra was spent with Demi (lucky you) and I will tell you her body is all it is cracked up to be in the pics. She has a great stomach, add and chest. Her face is plain but not unattractive. How was the experience? it was a touch robotic but still enjoyable. Conversation was brief and cool but she is likable. Overall, with my limited experience in the hobby, I'd say it was nice. Even the men who help run the place are nice.

    How does it compare to Julie's? Well for one, the PLACE is nicer than Julie's. At Julie's I had a mattress and a corner table. At Kama Sutra it was a nice bed, corner table, side chair, radio....etc. The experience with the girl at Julie's was better because of rapport, but she was not as attractive as Demi.

    Hope this helps!
  11. BigBucksNYC


    I was just doing my weekly surfing of the usual Escort sites and came across Kamasutranyc. I haven't heard too many things about it (and what I heard, if I remember, was that is doesn't really compare in any way to Julies) but I am always interested in new things.

    I just saw that they now have (in my opinion) 4 really hot women: Sonya, Tantra, and Demi. Does anyone have any info on these girls....especially for Demi (her body looks AMAZING!) and Sonya (WOW!). Anyone know how the service is, what they offer, and how about price? Any overall info?

    Thanks once again!