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Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by Monty Burns, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. rough1


    Only if she doesn't like it.
  2. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    See, and that's what I thought about her when I first saw her. That she'd be nasty and take a facial. And sometimes, that's just what you want. Of course, with her bitchy attitude...shooting in her face....sorta feels like she deserves it.
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  3. tommynj



    I would have to say that this sounds sort of masculine!
  4. greyfox


    Shit,if agencies and indies ever realize johns think like that it could become a real problem.
  5. cocktyson


    I've seen her. The pics are waaaay old, and she's much heavier and older looking. Really quite a gut on her. She is real space cadet as well. Her apt. is nasty and filthy, cat hair and stench everywhere.

    On the plus side, the service was excellent. Sloppy BBBJ and she loves to lick asshole. We did it in many positions, and she asked me to bang her in the ass which I happily did. Then a sloppy mouth and facial cum shot.

    I wouldn't repeat. She was a good lay, but I was disappointed that she didn't look like her pics. I only stayed because I had made the trip and was horny.
  6. Thorn


    Better take all the stuff about her down, ASAP, because she'll close us down if you don't.

  7. Thorn



    You know, it is getting to the point that no matter who throws what up, someone is going to say this.
  8. curious


    Funny that it's the women who make the biggest noise about the person on the buying side of the transaction being 'cheapskates'; yet, when they're the buyers, some of them try to fob off worthless affinity scrip on the people they're dealing with, and it's perfectly okay.
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  9. UG Staff

    UG Staff Staff

    She's a cunt who has a low opinion of UG and it's members:

    From: UG
    Sent: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 9:36 PM
    Subject: RE: Utopia Ad

    Hi Jovanne,

    Thank you for submitting your ad to
    You requested to be put in 2 sections: NJ & NY. It's $100
    per section, and I don't think it's necessary: if you put up
    1 classified, you can make advertising oriented posts in the
    forum for either area. And that's what gets the real response:
    posting and flirting with the guys in the discussions, and then
    they will find your ad.

    We will place the ad up as soon as wee receive payment.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

    From: Crazy Stupid Self Absorbed Bitch
    Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2006 1:43 PM
    Subject: Re: Utopia Ad

    Someone had mentioned you were giving away a free advertising. I have no time to really flirt or post that often though. I want to exchange banners with you guys as well. Can you tell me more aboit that? My new site will be up shortly,after I return from Montreal. I have quite a following and can bring business to your site as wel. One thing I will not tolerate is mean spirited reviews and gossip. Ask the morons(domain name&pic thiefs) from craigslist reviews. I shut down their site for libel and copyright infringement. They put it back up the next day without my comments&pics(thank god)lol. I'm the coolest chick around but I certainly don't fuck around when it comes to business. I'm a straight forward and an honest person.That's what I see in you as well. You have your shit together. Good job! you have some really nice guys who frequent your site as well(except for you know who.. LOL)Thanks.

    From: UG
    Sent: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 12:08 PM
    Subject: RE: Utopia Ad

    Thanks, but we don't do banner exchanges. Our only source of revenue is from advertising, so if all we do is "trade", we don't eat.

    Besides, it doesn't sound like we are a good match, because UG is full of "mean spirited reviews and gossip"

    Thank you for your response, and good luck to you with your other advertising.

    From: CSSAB
    Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 4:57 PM
    Subject: Re: Utopia Ad

    That's why you only have 10(NYC)girls and (1)NJ girl. That means no traffic except for a bunch of gossiping old hen pecked hens. Time to replace you as moderator or rethink your business plan there Castro. No offense but that's why you're not that popular with the masses. I'll save my money and go to top notch site such as Epic Dreams or Eros. Please remove all comments of me from your site.

    Sent: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 5:03 PM
    Subject: RE: Utopia Ad

    Your attitude belies why you do no business. Good by and good luck. And please stay off of UG permanently.

    Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2006 8:41 PM
    Subject: Re: Utopia Ad

    I do great business and really don't need to advertise anywhere actually!! I'm already set up with enough regular clients. I actually need a couple of girls to help me out! Your the one who needs the business here bucko. I'm a smart ,clever,talented and exceptionally beautiful business woman and your an egotistical CHILDISH tyrant(HELLO WAKE UP). Who needs your collection of old fossils and tedious trolls anyway!!!LMAO


    Question: If she has more customers than she can deal with, why is she on CL 100 times a day, and wants to advertise on UG, but only if it is for free?
  10. scoochamenz1


    do a search. she's been reviewed here.
  11. koondog


    The face looks, be kind shall we say...'masculine'?
  12. Monty Burns

    Monty Burns

    This chick?

    I see her all the time on CL and her look does something too me. Like...kinda gives me a hard on. I'm thinking she'd be a totally nasty time and would be down with pretty much everything. But I've never heard anyone mention her here.