Any ladies recieved this scam?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by April, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. FlipMo


    I bought a Rolex from a Nigerian on 42nd St. once for $2.00. Funny story... I was walking down 42nd street and spotted one of those Nigerian's selling fake Rolex's. I asked him how much, he said $50. Told him I only had $40 which I showed him two TWENTIES. As I put back the two $20's in my pocket he said OK, $40.00! I reached into my OTHER pocket and pulled two $1.00 bills and handed it to him like you would do when you hand over a tip someone.. all folded and all secretively like. He took it and put it in his pocket without even looking. It was fun scamming a scammer for once!
  2. jp1064


    BTW, any of you guys ever fuck a Nigerian??? :D
  3. jp1064


    You guys need this site...

    a couple of *****s I thought were very legit in the past, fortunately showed up in here and I was able to convince people not to act on them. There are a LOT of honest sounding pleas for donations that are just outright scams. Never trust an ***** from someone you don't know mentioning money.

    I can't believe you providers actually got that far into it with them??!!
  4. Toreador


    Talk about being politically correct. The russians don't steal half of what your ficha whores do.
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  6. fumpton


    look through the fts's website and they will tell you where to forward them
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  7. lamont5123


    That's an unkind statement. Not all Nigerians are thieves or con men.

    And on a nationwide scale, Mexico is just as corrupt.

    There are so many Russian criminals who have emigrated to the U.S.

    Not only are many adept at White Collar crime, others are some of the most vicious thugs on the planet.

    And the amount of money they steal, the amount of government programs defrauded and the corruption of social services dwarfs anything the Nigerians get away with.

    Bearing that in mind, would anyone call Russia a waste of good dirt?
  8. mysteri



    Federal Trade Commision...any monger, how about an e address for them ??
  9. fumpton


    You can forward these *****s to the Federal Trade Commision.

    Also check out this link, One man's own account of how he had fun with these assholes.
  10. April

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    I mess with telemarketers like that.

    I had one dude that used to call EVERY morning at 8:30 am.

    Aftet one week of screaming at them how it is illegal to not only call me from an unblocked line, but to also call me at this time in the AM. I'd usually just yell "take me off your list".

    This went on for 2 more weeks, the last time he called I stayed on the phone with the guy for an hour and a half and lead his ass on, when he thought he had the deal sealed I explained I have in interest and have been wasting they're time the way they have mine.

    I also told them I ran his numer and will be reporting him to the better business beauro...He never called again.
  11. badguyy


    Wowie69 Where?

    QUOTE"Finally when they get really exasperated (because they haven't got their payment that you insisted you have sent), I let them know I have been messing with them and I have alerted the appropriate authorities to their scam."

    I too, get these all the time and would like to report them but don't know where. What about an electronic mail address to report these scammers?
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  12. Wowie69


    I receive these scams all the time at my day job. The best thing you can do is mess with them by pretending you are going to go through with their offer.

    String them out as long as you can - waste as much of their time as you can.

    Finally when they get really exasperated (because they haven't got their payment that you insisted you have sent), I let them know I have been messing with them and I have alerted the appropriate authorities to their scam.

    I always close by wishing them to enjoy their ass getting reamed in jail.
  13. genius


    It's rampant throughout the country including the government.

    I have an acquaintance in the book business who got an order for $50K worth of books. The order was secured by a letter of credit drawn on a Nigerian bank (a real bank). The books were shipped and received but the bank simply denied his letter of credit. He pissed away a few more $K with a lawyer in Nigeria trying to collect.

    The whole country is just a waste of good dirt
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  14. lamont5123


    Nigerians are the best con artists in the world. It is part of the culture of sophisticated thieves in their capital Lagos.

    I worked with a guy who spent a lot of time in Africa.

    And he told me that some Nigerian con men would spend eight hours bamboozling a foreigner just to scam under $50.

    Nigerians are so adept at organization and control that during the 1990s, they actually controlled drug smuggling into western Europe.

    I got this from the DEA's No. 2 man on the way to a Manhattan West Side bar.

    We had met when I was sent to cover an air cargo seminar at JFK airport.

    He told me some other things that also panned out, like how heroin would make a comeback in Europe after the millennium.

    Which has happened.

    I admire the Nigerians. They rival the Russians when it comes to white collar fraud.
  15. rob load

    rob load

    ANYTHING from Nigeria is a scam.Was renting out a room and had them ******ing me left and right." Will send you over payment for room, so just western union me the remainder of my overpayment what they say.....The check is bogus...takes weeks to clear a foreign bank........
  16. gern777


    Actually, it's an extremely common internet scam.

    I got the same kind of thing when I was trying to sell a motorcycle
    over the net.

    ***** went something like - "I'm from Quatar and I want to buy your bike for my kid. I'll send you a check for $5000 and you send me a money order for the change (the bike was $2500).

    But the scam is real common - it's the bastard stepchild of the "you won some foreign country's lottery send $1000 to collect the million dollar prize."

    or the

    "my rich father who was king of Amalangoola left 10 million in his bank. I'll send it to you but first you must send me $5000 so I can pay the bank fees"

    interesting to see they're targeting providers though!

  17. betty_snj


    those damned nigerians :)

    I got a similar "appointment"....the "guy" even have a nice business website, with the name of a company and all...number is listed on Yellow Pages as well.

    Businessman from middle west US (aka nigerian who never set his foot in our country).

    He made a full day/night appointment with me in NYC...we corresponded for 2 weeks and all was confirmed.

    I never call anyone until I need the confirmation, so when I did call his cell, his voice mail was full and not accepting calls....same with his business office, I kept getting the voice mail but could not leave any message. the morning of the appointment, his "secretary" mailed me saying he was deeply sorry but his son had a terrible car accident the night before and he could not make it...AND she asked me for my name, address and bank account so he could send me the money to pay for my inconvenience, plus 2 thousand dollars tip for being understanding and kind.

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL pure scam and once I got all the voice mails full, well, I just booked other people and my day/evening was not shot.

    The nigerians scams are so believable...I feel sorry for the ones who actually falls for it.
  18. April

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    I recieved this in an ****** after responding to availabilty dates. It's a scam. You have to send the $500 up front and the guy tells you he will cover it when he arrives. Since he seems so business like and the rate is a good one alot of pros might not think twice about it. Needless to say after you send the 500 you never here from him again. This scams been going on for several years now.

    "Hi Love,

    Thanks honey for your feedback. Arrangements have been completed for my
    arrival on the 16th of February. My stay in Hartford will be for 2
    weeks or more depending on my business meetings. Like I have told you
    earlier, financial obligations on my side would not be a problem. what
    matters is your assurance that your stay with me will be memorable.

    I want you to be by my side all through; weekends shall be outings
    while weekdays shall be business meetings. I have made enquiry for hotel
    accomodation at "Holiday Inn Express" Hartford and executive suites are
    still available for 16th February, the date of my arrival . I have
    instructed my business associate in the US to make available some funds to
    you. The hotel demands that we pay for a night booking before
    checking-in. You will use $500 to secure the booking, $2,500 for your corporate
    and evening wears shopping. At my arrival you can make further shopping.
    The balance will be sent to my operations manager for provision of
    other logistics for my trip.

    Please forward to me your contact (name & address) and cell phone# so
    that I will instruct my associate in the US to make available the funds
    to you. Also bear in mind that I am doing this on trust, believing that
    you are worth your salt.

    I await your immediate response. You may also call me on the number

    Hope to have the best of time with you my Angel."

    Sounds too good to be true huh? well it is.