Any Members with Conneticut Info?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by forbin, Aug 4, 2001.

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  1. Used to live there..

    But I moved to NYC, so I can offer tips but exchanging info won't do me much good.

    Best AMP in CT and perhaps the western civilized world is Fantasy Modeling in Bridgeport. Excellent staff. Great table showers. I mean great. Magic Health in Waterbury is also pretty good.

    Outcall: Stacey's and Kimberly's, were generally pretty good. Numbers in the classifieds of the Advocate newspapers (New Haven or Hartford, or Had good luck with Best Escort's and Debs, but only once each.

    Indies: You can also find a few indies in there. Time was JAG had a good accounting of quality, but that info slacked off. Expect lots of rendezvous at hotels on the Berlin Turnpike and in the Milford area.

    Strip clubs: the best places are in Bridgeport. Lots of fun to be had at Keystone's, Bishop's Corner, Ruby II's and Dangerous Curves. High mileage laps and extras are possible at all. There's a skanky place on the Berlin Turnpike (actually two, but one that used to be called Appeteasers is the skankiest of them all.) BBBJ, f/s, whatever you like if you like taking a chance. Another good place for a grind with no extras is the Cat Walk Club in New Haven. Most other strip clubs, including those on the Berlin Tpke, are "no-touchy", "no-feely" places. Oh, except Anthony's and the Gold Club in Hartford. They allow touching, but there are limits and no extras, at least in my experience.

    Incall: There was a place called Tubs for Two in Meriden that was right on my way home from work. Only tried it once. Pretty blond was one of four choices, and the other three choices were pretty bad. And she was nothing special. Also, I've been to the Alpha in Hartford, and the view was excellent, but I never indulged. My thing at the time was street action, which was plentiful in the early to mid-1990s, but declined markedly before I left last year. Another f/s massage joint is American Spa in Bridgeport.

    Good luck out there.
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    Any members out there have any CT info they'd like
    to share with me, my experience is varied from
    independents, massage, stripclubs, etc, from
    Stamford, B'Port, Danbury, etc would like
    to see more CT chatter if its out there or wanted???