Any one been to Peaches n Cream?

Discussion in 'New York' started by nashman, Jul 16, 2001.

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  1. jaypgee


    Hey Nash,

    I've been to Peaches and Cream two times. The first time I went I saw this Japanese girl, I believe her name was Jade or Jane or something. She was alright, about 5'6", very thin, they way I like them, but a little lacking in the backside (unfortunately this is asymptomatic of Asian women in general, with the exception of Filipina girls), but pretty enough. This was back in mid March, BTW. She was nice, a little talkative. Started off with a covered BJ, and this only lasted about two minutes (another thing most Asian women don't want to do). Eventually, we got to the main course, doggy, missionary, spooning, for about 15 minutes. My stamina is pretty good, but unfortunately she wasn't my real girlfriend, who would've probably appreciated the staying power, and she asked me if I had come already. I was so into it and didn't even hear her the first time (only because she stopped me and asked me again), and I quickly lost interest because she clearly wanted me to cross the finish line.

    Well, I lost my legs, and she walked me to the finish line, reluctantly of course. We still had about half an hour, so I started asking her about her life, plans, etc. Meanwhile, I stayed on the bed naked, tryign to make it clear that I wanted another lap around the course. Well, about 20 minutes had passed, talking about nothing, when I made a not-so-subtle hint that I wanted another go. She told me no, only one race per day. I asked her, what about a handicap special? So she took matters in hand, reluctantly, and with her assistance, finished yet another race. I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and made my way out.

    (By the way, I went to the Red Room a few weeks later, and guess who I see there. She definitely was surprised. I guess she used her out-clause)

    The next time I went to Peaches, probably late April or early May, I saw another Japanes girl. I forget her name. There was a very nice woman of color that the door guy was trying to suggest to me, but I'm more into lighter skinned women. The guy told me that I would regret it. Yes, he was right. This girl asked for money up front, and started a covered BJ that quickly became, "How you want fuck?" Very eloquent, I'm thinking. So we do the usual, and this time, after 10 minutes, she quickly became tired and implied that there was something wrong with my equipment. I wanted to tell her, yeah, I needed to get my head checked, and I'm not talking about the little one, because I was feeling like a big "Richard" for choosing her. So after I lost my school spirit, I tried to pep rally myself onto her pom-poms, and she seemed to like that. I had about 35 minutes left at this point, and she started to get dressed. I told her that an hour was still 60 minutes, and she momentarily pouted, then laid down on the bed. We started chatting, and I hoped that I would then get her to at least do a closing speech into the mike, but alas, she would only do sign language. I was then forced to speak for her, using my own hand signals, and I terminated the speech the same way I did for the pep rally. All in all, it was not worth the $$1/2. And she wanted a tip on top of that, to which I responded, a tip is for service either well-done or done beyond the expected course of events.

    Blank expression.

    I figured as much, so I told her I would give it to her next time. She asked me when. I told her tomorrow, winked, gave her a smooch on the cheek, and went merrily on my way.

    So, as the saying goes, YMMV, but in my opinion, with these imports, unlike their automobiles, they don't go far.

    Hope this helps...

  2. nashman


    Looking for a review of Bridgette. They have display ad's in the Village Voice weekly. $220 for 1 hr incall.
    Feel free to post or email any experiences.