Any review on Victoria of Amber & Friends?!

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by helter_skelter, Jul 12, 2001.

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  1. robnotbob


    I'd like to think I am a reputable poster, so here goes. I took one for the team while in NJ yesterday and called Amber & friends and spoke to Paul, who was VERY accomodating and helpful. I made an appointment to see Jesse, whose pix do NOT do her justice on the site. We met at a sweaty motel in Wayne. Jesse was an absolute doll, blonde, perky, 24 y/o just a sweetheart. All the acronyms apply (no DFK), and as always YMMV, but for the price, well worth it.

    Phone is 973-595-8150.
  2. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    From what I've seen, none of the reputable posters have given good reviews of the Amber girls. From the fake posts to the accusations of drug use and short sessions, you'd think they'd try to get their act together and try to get some loyal followers.
  3. nj_buck


    Bogus posts ...

    To be fair, I cant speak from experience with any of the girls at Ambers, many of whom are quite fetching. I have been debating for some time whether or not I should 'take one for the team' and do a review myself.

    However, I did catch someone the inside trying to post good reviews for the girls both here and on TBD. Now, I can understand someone trying to drum up business but it is certainly considered bad form here.

    I have only seen one real review and it was a negative one. If you have had good experiences with any of Amber's girls, please post.

    P.S. please dont post fake reviews, we can tell.
  4. perezj


    Sounds like par for this operation...

    From all of the reviews here (and other places) and my own two (!?*#) experiences, this is the place to go for a quick half-hour release session. Do not expect any components of the GFE experience. You've been warned...
  5. tracker_12345


    had a session with victoria.....don't waste your time or money on this one. She is not at all interested in giving you a good time....just a quickie and get out....not even close to GFE....lame CBJ and FS was just enough to get me off.

    Hope this helps.....
  6. maryjane



    I have never been fired from a job in my life let alone a badly run agency:)

    All I have been doing the past week is writing her emails asking her to remove me from the site. I have always worked indy outcall even when working with their service so I would consider myself more of an independent contractor so to speak:)

    I had my reasons-the place was horribly run and they do not screen clients. I read the reviews time and time again.

    I ended my services with a badly run agency and the girl is bitter. Every testimonial and review I ever recieved was real and not fake.

    Amber, we are adults here, why don't you act like one? Take it like the man you are, LOL.

    Oh, and if you don't believe me guys, call the number......don't you just love making an appointment with a gruff man on the other end of the telephone?
  7. Ambernj2001



    She was fired late last night for not showing up....My Web guy Epofnj has got the email to take her down
  8. dlb737


    Stupid question - but if MJ was fired, why is she still in view on your web site?
  9. Ambernj2001


    See what happens when you fire a girl

    To all the guys on here...MaryJane was fired for not showing up on her days that she said she wanted to work...This is her only way to fight back...So Please Try to understand She will say anything and agree with anybody thats post bad reviews about us......She Has threated me and girls that work here...I have all her IM's and E-mails saved.....
  10. maryjane


    Beware of fake reviews.......................

    I believe some of the reviews are bogus, so I would beware of anything that she sends your research you will come to the right answer....................

  11. Ambernj2001


    Victoria Reviews

    Hello...E-mail me at i have some links i can pass you....Victoria is a very sweet girl
  12. fishfry


    Why don't you take one for the team and give Amber a chance to prove me wrong? I'm as curious as anyone to find out if they ara capable of delivering on their promises.

  13. ADMAN


    According to Amber herself, Victoria is "good" but she tried to steer me to Rachel who is "more accomodating and gfe." Does this mean that Victoria is not gfe. The other girl she recommended doesn't have a pic on the site. As a rule, I will never see a girl without a pic. It's risky enough when you have a chance to evaluate a pic, but without one, you're really flying blind.

    Her pics are awesome and I recall Amber posting somewhere on this or some other board that Victoria is one of her best girls. She wrote this in response to Fishfry's rant which sounds justified.

    So I'm on the fence about Victoria who looks great. Too bad.
  14. helter_skelter


    I wonder if one of you guys has ever tried your luck with this girl. Her photos are fucking inviting....