Any suggestions for Israel , neal telaviv

Discussion in 'New York' started by kingofnj, Nov 13, 2001.

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    Re: More info...

    Umm, just in case you're serious, yiddish is not a common language at all in Israel, save in a couple of neighborhoods where you're unlikely to find either 1.) a provider or 2.) a woman over the age of 17 with hair.
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    My suspicion is that neither of the two above have ever been to Israel. There are a number of houses in Tel Aviv, but I know of no online resources (although I think that there was something in the World Sex Guide a long time ago). I'm normally with my family when I'm over there, so I've not gone in a number of years. I did pick up a walker on Dizengoff, once, though. She wasn't really a pro, just right out of the army, and wanted money for her ticket to Goa.

    Ask around in your hotel, unless you're staying in a big one. Taxi drivers will know. Do not ask an Arab taxi driver. Do not let a taxi driver take you out of the city.

    Expect the girls to be Russian, and reputedly mobbed up. The Sabra's got out of the business years ago, and stay out because of the reputed mobsters running the business. The girls are not volunteers, but, generally, in theory, working off their ticket to Israel. That is, apparently an expensive ticket. I'd bet that prices are comparable to houses in NYC (Julies, KS, et al)
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    israeli hobby scene very distasteful

    I did a lot of research before my trip in the summer of 2000. I have no reason to think things are fundamentally different today. The scene was dominated by the Russian mafia. Most of the providers were virtual slaves -- or heavily indentured servants at best. Their personal freedom and safety were highly questionable. Some have been literally kidnapped from their homes. Others have been deceived into thinking they were going to be waitresses, etc.

    Nearly 100% of the scene was either agency or brothel, split probably 80-20 in favor of brothel. Providers typically lived in the brothel, even when it is closed. Many are fire traps. This makes the news when there is a fire which kills several providers and neighboring families.

    Owners of one brothel have been known to make armed raids on other brothels (especially when they are closed) and kidnap providers. This also makes the scandel news.

    This scene is so exploitive that I decided I was unlikely to find a provider who was in the business of her own free will. I therefore passed, which is my recommendation to others.
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    for isreal

    Make sure you bring your own protection.

    For example......bullet proof vest, hard hat, paid to date life insurance policy, anthrax and smallpox vaccine, have to be safe
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    A Tel Aviv business trip?

    What company sends their employees to Tel Aviv right now? Are you an arms dealer?
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    I will be out there on Bus., and I was wondering if any member has any experience/success in Israel. Near Telaviv, looking for any & all info rates etc.