Anybody ever discover "she" was a "he"?

Discussion in 'New York' started by teeduke, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. Mxaah


    Gee, that's a good one
  2. Lucrob


    Daniel: Thanks for the heads up on Lea...had been thinking about seeing her(?) for some time since seeing a Voice ad...but something just didn't seem right...funny that the picture's not her but I still got that vibe...never been surprised in that way but there was one "lady" on the upper east side, who I haven't seen advertising lately...big blonde, amazon-like, lots of tatts...breasts were very real feeling which lead me to continue and have a good session but something about "her" made me think she might have been a he, previously...the tell-tale sign is the noses...can't remember the lady's name but wonder if anyone else knows who I'm talking about...
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  3. Slinky Bender

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    Speaking of Janelle and TS's.........
  4. Ozzy


    Re: Big Fucking Deal

    I told you the one about how Janelle had her/him... paint a self portrait on her apt wall didn't I. The first words out of my mouth were…..

    Oz….. “my friend banged her”

    Janelle… “She’s 6’1 with hands as big as my head… didn’t your friend notice that she’s a guy”
  5. Slinky Bender

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    A guy walks into a bar and orders 13 shots of tequila.

    The bartender goes "13 shots of tequila? What's up with that?".

    The guys answers "Just had my first blowjob"

    Bartender answers "Congratulations! If you finish the first 13 shots, the next 13 are on me!"

    The guy retorts "Thanks, but if the first 13 don't get the taste out of my mouth, nothing's going to help".
  6. kromrider


    About three years ago I am in a bar in Mexico and I have this attractive spanish chick sitting on my lap DFKing with my letting me suck on her very nice enchansed breasts. So I made her the offer and we went across the street to the hotel and upon closer examination I realized that she was a pre-op transexual. Since we are all being honest here and I did spend some time kissing her/him, I did consider letting her blow me anyway but desided to pass. There were so many other girls there that I just did a shot of tequila to get his/her spit out of my mouth and found another girl to go with.
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    Pswope, thanks for your honesty. It would seem that these incidents happen on a regular basis.

    It would also seem that only you and I are confident enough in our sexuality to post our real life travails for all the worlds to see.
  8. pswope

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    Big Fucking Deal

    I saw a working girl d/b/a Antonella and had an excellent session. After posting a review, there was a consenus that she was a post-op.

    Though my own prejudices precluded me from seeing her again ( I suddenly saw her each time in a soccer uniform),I still had an excellent session.
  9. Daniel_NYC


    I'll be honest

    I discovered that one person that I had received covered oral from was in fact a post-op. I found that out days after the session.

    I have had the misfortune of meeting two other "ladies" but upon "on-site" examination declined the session. They are post-op's as well. I posted their info here:

    Why am I so unlucky?
    I like to hobby often and at the spur of the moment, and I like to save money. With the volume and length of my hobbying it was only a matter of time before I ran into a few. These "women" are the right price at the right time at the right location. Fortunately, as you become more intimately familiar with this hobby you are able to catch yourself when you meet them in person. Others here on UG have not been as fortunate.

    Always remain vigilant!
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    a little off topic, but important tip....when you go to the doctor to get your prostate checked:

    make sure that when you are bent over, and the doc is exploring your asshole, that he doesn't have both hands on your shoulders.

    heyyy, now!
  11. Casper


    Care to rephrase ?

    No never happened to me. Well there was this one time in NYC 30th? between Park and Lex. Many many years ago picked up a s.w. got a decent cbj in my car but as my hands roamed around her butt I just got this feeling, call it a john's intuition. Anyway I finished seconds thereafter and left. Hey I was drunk, it was a long time ago, no one else was there so as far as I'm concerned it never happened.

    Peace Out
    C (i'll never know if her name was Lola)
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  13. teeduke


    I'm sure it may have happened to someone here. With all the diversity in this city it can't be that remote a possibility. I remember there was some doubt a while back about a rather large-looking "woman" named Sophia or something. In Jersey.

    If it ever happened to me I'd go nuts ... and take off like a shot. Would probably curb my hobbying for at least a month, too. Okay, three weeks. No, two. One, for sure.