Anyone been to this lap dance party?

Discussion in 'New York' started by freewilly, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. conoworld


    Whoa it sounds as if these promoters need to find less educated women because this crop of college grads do not have what it takes. Maybe they should advertise HS drop outs. Oh by the way a womans hole is like a man's dick it has no memory of places it's been, that is up to the big head. So if these women can't stand or shall I say lay down and take the 1000 dicks a year and find some pleasure in it, thay might be better off taking up typing or learning that key phrase "you want fries with that shake"
  2. EHHa


    do you mean to say, the ACTUAL event's girls were no where near the pictures on the website??? you mean there's "actually gambling taking place...." sorry, but i have yet to see any event that remotely offers what's advertised, & after my 1st many yrs ago, have never attended another. its the same with providers - it takes way too much effort to find one that looks like her ads, acts like she's not bored, offers what she claims to be offering. quite frankly, we men are jokes! no wonder the providers think less of us than themselves. i, for one, can't understand (any longer) why this profession even exists. think about it - a "woman" engages in sex 3, 6, 10 times/day; 7 days a week; 52 wks/yr!!!sort of like going to a mcdonalds & wondering why the counter people are bored out-of-their-minds??? why do they do it - DUH!!! FOR THE MONEY - PERIOD!!! to think of it any other way is a grand delusion. so many have written here of the disgust felt afterwards, the guilt, the disease fear - are we so weak that we cannot resist???????

    vis-a-vis an earlier response as to why its better to visit a pro than waste all that time & effort on trolling in bars without any guarantees. my answer: simply because IF you are successful, the rewards more than make up for the disgust you feel after visiting a provider & being notch # ___ on HER belt!!

    still no response to questions above re: *** & EROS???????????
  3. donquixote04


    Yeah, but apart from that, how was it?
  4. westside



    I guess I saved 30 bucks...
  5. NoBiscuit


    If this place in on the west side in the 20's I think one of my co-workers have been there. Been trying to get me to come but I've been cautious. I'll prob pass on this one.
  6. theword


    Damnit, I hear "lap dance party" and get all excited, and then I read the reviews...
  7. justlooking


    I think that the problem here is that Martiny appears to go to these parties with the expectation that he's going to enjoy them.
  8. Aristotle

    Aristotle Just another girl on the IRT

    This was absolutely horrendous.

    First, the girls:

    There were about a dozen girls here. Half were from the various "foot parties" in this space, but none of was above the bottom quarter of that set of girls. Most of the girls were not well toned, nor tremendously nice in the face. most were bored out of their minds and it showed.

    Second, the crowd.

    the guy throwing the event is a customer of the various couples and fetish parties. He obviously invited everyone who he knew, and the crowd was a real mixed bag. A few couples showed who were clearly out of any element that they expected (and most left fairly quickly as a result), a few of the guys from the foot parties, and a bunch of extremely obnoxious frat boys. Oh, and one VERY ugly cross dresser who's dick was poking out in the middle of his skirt past his beer gut and grossing out absolutely everyone in the place.

    Third, the action:

    The action ranged from complete air dances to middle level contact that you could get at just about any mainstream club. There was a big show touted in the advertisements for this event, but it didn't occur in the end till a bunch of people complained that the event was almost over and no show had been given. So, as a result, two girls performed a totally lame girl/girl show on a couple of towels in the middle of the floor while the frat boys screamed and made everyone in the room want to hurl bottles at them.

    Fourth, the managment.

    I've been to a lot of stripclubs and underground events, and I've never been as disgusted with how out in the open any promoter has ever been in terms of abusing the girls. This guy is a real scumbag. Now, lots of guys who run these events are scumbags, but this guy wins some sort of prize.


    One girl asked me "So what do you think?" and I answered "I think there's no way I'm going to be able to eat enough of this crappy Italian food to make up for the $30 I wasted to get in here".


    DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. You can get better looking girls with the same or better mileage at just about any place you would choose to go, whether totally mainstream or "underground". Although, i'm sure the promoter was quite happy since he did seem to get quite a number of guys to fork over $30 to get into this waste of time and space.
  9. fumpton


    save the gym fees and go to Home depot for some plywood and one of those DIY instruction books.
  10. justlooking


    I view that as a plus. I pay some gym A LOT of money to do that.
  11. nychojin


    Don't forget about the five flights of stairs made of plywood just to get there...
  12. justlooking


    1. Chelsea my ass.

    2. The women there weren't as good as advertised (surprise!), but they weren't as bad as you might expect, either. OTOH, I couldn't quite bring myself to buy any lap dances (or whatever else might or might not have been on sale there -- I have no idea) from any of them.

    3. Despite the very negative reaction of a friend I ran into there, I'll probably go to another one of these some day.
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  13. dogstar


    looks like willy got free'd

    sorry couldnt resist
  14. flabbergasted


    The chicks/models at these underground parties are usually skanks or chucky chicks. This sounded too good to be true.
  15. misterxyz


    A couple should attend as singles and save $10.
  16. freewilly


    Did anyone attend last saturday nights lapdance party in Manhattan?

    They are now advertising after work Thursday parties.

    This was part of the invite regarding a lap-dance party in Midtown last saturday night:
    P--- E--- is having a private lap dance party in a newly renovated loft in Chelsea with plenty of comfortable sofas and chairs. We will have 30 to 40 of the most beautiful women in New York City. All of these women are from 19 to 25, and work as professional models and actresses, or are college or grad school students. We have all-American blondes, petite Asian cuties, sophisticated Europeans, and hot Brazilians. Enjoy a friendly and low pressure environment. Lap dances are 8 to 10 minutes and the suggested tip is $20

    This party is open to both couples and singles, and you do not need to be a member to attend. Minimum age to attend is 21. We reserve the right to refuse admission at the door. Admission will be $40 for a single male, $60 for a couple and $10 for a single female. There is also a Membership fee of $10 which we are waiving for any Members