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Discussion in 'New York' started by mr. wonderful, Sep 22, 2001.

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  1. pitman_nyc


    Thanks for the feedback. Actually, I must say that the "nice guy" strategy sucks. In my example, I was aggressive, taunting, even challenging the other party to put up or shut up and stop wasting my time. That strategy will weed out the fakes and save a lot of time. I would use a lot of strong language. Let's face it, everyone wants to be a *nice guy*. Save that for your public life. You can be much more bold in your private life(just don't get arrested). Besides, the nice guys *do* finish last. I never had any success in addition to the encounter described above. I stopped doing this because it was just too much effort for too little reward. It's really much easier to just spend money in return for service. In my case, it's the same old "Time vs. Money" debate.
  2. theladiesman


    Hey Pitman....

    ...if that was the biggest mistake of your life, you're havin' a damn good life, my friend!!! Wish that was the biggest mistake of MY life! Keep up the good work, posting and otherwise....
  3. Lemurrush


    Re: Update...

    Boy...who would've seen that coming ;)

  4. mr. wonderful

    mr. wonderful


    sent out a number of "form letter" e-mails and have gotten some responses. So far, corresponding with a married British young lady(works for me) based in NYC, but not much else of substance. Guess my charade as trying to come across as a nice guy was transparent.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  5. mcheck57


    There is also a phone service called telepersonals. Its for pay. There are alot of married women and semipros on the system. It has actually worked for me. If you want info email me.
  6. youngsd


    Out of boredom I have used both aff and a site called lavalife. Similar results with both - with a little work it can pay off. A few tips from my experience:

    First, the number of men using these sites dwarfs the number of women. Thus, the men do all the emailing and the women just respond. You may get a response on one out of every 5 emails you send.

    To get a women to respond you almost have to have a picture posted. I don't b/c I'm married so it makes it that much more difficult. If no pic make your email interesting.

    You need to come across as professional and polite - sending them a pic of your cock or telling them what you would do to them in bed is not going to work - they get that shit all day long.

    From my experience you have to be patient - most of the non-pro's are real women looking for at least a form of a relationship. So it is a bit like dating - you have to work to get them in bed. The true GFE.

    Finally, it appears alot of people on the sites are full of shit. A lot of ads are fakes - people looking for you to send porn, erotic letters, etc. these ads are obvious - pics of girls that are way to attractive, etc.
  7. pitman_nyc


    A long time ago I placed some sort of ad and never got an inkling of a response. This was on One day out of the blue, I get an email. This chick was into being dominated and humiliated. Never having even ventured into something like this I quickly hit various S&M sites and educated myself. Seeing this was a longshot, I purposefully challenged my new email friend and tried to call her bluff if there was one. So, there actually was a meeting for lunch which had gone reasonably well (despite my extreme nervousness) until I disclosed that I was, ahem, married. Go figure, this girl wanted to be abused, disgraced and humiliated but wouldn't get involved with a married man. Biggest mistake of my life and it has not been made again, nor will it be. A fun experience nonetheless. She wasn't bad looking either. Pity.

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  8. daengman


    Re: AFF

    as with most things in this hobby persistance pays same is true with aff
    if you keep up long enough you'll manage to connect with a few locals.
    I find it useful for when i travel both domestic and foreign. i look up my destination, drop as many lines in the water as possible and wait to see who bites.
    I usually get a few responses and go from there.
    Whether in or out of the states some are pros some are not . On a trip to equador i had 5 responses, 3 were pros. the responders in poor countries are looking for a ticket to NYC and the USA. as long as i get pussy i dont care. i get some good companionship and pussy in a foreign country then i forget them until my next trip.
    also i find girls who can or do visit NYC. Everyone wants to visit NYC and will continue even after the WTC event.
    i have let them stay at my place to avoid the hotel bill and get good pussy in exchange.
    once made contact with a girl in Shanghi (oriental pussy is the best by far) was in her thirties and decent looking.
    she came to USA on business. after stops in several cities, came to NYC. stayed several months. needless to say during that i was eating a lot of chinese (in more ways than one).
    she's returning soon and i looking forward to chinese dumplings and hair pie.

    hope it helps
  9. nj george

    nj george

    i was with adult friendfinder and it's sister site about 3 yr ago. reached out to about a dozen girls and got nowhere. there seemed to be several pro's with ads there as well whom i did not contact. however, the chat rooms were smokin' !!
  10. mr. wonderful

    mr. wonderful

    In order to assist this fine site by visiting their advertisers, I signed on to Adult Friend Finder in the never ending quest to find sex as cheaply as possible. Anyone have any experience with this site, positive or negative, that they would care to share? Looks like a lot of lonely woman are out there.