Anyone know this woman ????

Discussion in 'New York' started by Slinky Bender, Aug 6, 2001.

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  1. thelastone


    It might be true she went under the name of Nancy Chan, but I thought from the post article on her on some other thread, that Nancy Chan was the "character" she was writing about. It didn't mention that it was her working name.

    But wtf do I know...

  2. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    She's cute! Maybe she'll show up here.
  3. Slinky Bender

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    I don't know how many of you have followed the adventures of Tracy Quan, who's series of articles chornicalling her career as a manhattan call girl appear on, and soon to be published in an upcomoing book ( novel ?? ). Anyway, I'm curious, with the vast pool of knowledge around here, if anyone ever saw her "professionally".

    Here's her photo ( she apparently also goes under the name of Nancy Chan.

    Tracy Quan