Anyone located any action from AOL?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by surfdude, Aug 7, 2001.

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  1. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    I first met the girl that goes by the handle Imsizzlinhot on AOL. It shows that you can find more than Asshole On Line.
  2. nytoad


    U guys r brutal!

    I have just spent some time with the LuvlyVanessa. The Pic u get is accurate and her face is cute. Nice personality very pleasing time. Very clean girl and I called her on very short notice(20 minutes and I was there!).

    I actually mentioned that I saw her name on UG which may have prompted her to take a looksy! I had covered BJ and FS and DATY for all u guys whom need the alphabet to feel complete .BBJ may have been on the menu.

    She's a partimer making her way through school so I doubt she will go for the ad slink! I don't think she's trying to get rich off this temporary occupation
  3. jasonbuju


    LuvlyVanessa made one post and thats it? I guess we will see her in 2005
  4. buddyyy



    ... and the rest is history.
  5. Casper


    Do non-providers count?
    Good thing I was out tonight having fun or else I could have been banned ;)

    It's tought being me.

    Peace Out
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  6. jasonbuju


    don't have the patience. thats the problem
  7. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    something I know about-Aol chat rooms...used to be my favorites...I just saw this thread yesterday...someone brought it to life i guess.
    I used to IM every woman in (or those that claimed to be women) in the married and looking or married and cheating rooms.
    Used to spend incredible amount of time on,,I spend it here........I met 4 women thru aol....all of them typical LI housewives........I had sex with 2 of them..both were only 5s, one was very overweight, and the other one was 50. There are alot of desperate women out there. And Im one horny MOfo so Ill fuck anything with a pulse and a pussy. As long as she bathes and she has some knowledge on how to suck dick. Btw- the other 2 I met were just too plain fucking ugly for me....and that means they had to be really ugly. REally ugly. I went into a movie theater to see a movie Ive already seen with one just so I would get her out of the light of day and in someplace dark where noone would have to look at her...most of all
    If one has patience, Id bet hed score. But you are not talking models here. You are talking about other women that arent that attractive to their own husbands anymore, so they crave sex.
    Try it patient....
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  8. justlooking


    She probably spent all that time figuring out when you are and when you aren't allowed to post someone's ***** address.
  9. Jarhead


    Mega Lurk????......

    I am even more confused since she registered in 2001 with ONE post??? Thats a lonnnnnnnnngggggggggg lurk.
  10. Kimmie



    Dan I mean this with no malice at all, but every girl you mention on UG seems to turn into a nut job, or fake.. ie: Vee, Marianne...
    Lets hope Vanessa isnt one of them..

    ( great name Vanessa, one of the sexiest names had by many sexy girls) ;)
  11. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Vanessa, get out while you can. Duck & cover. Run for the hills.

    Or not...
  12. Daniel_NYC


    I have had correspondence with Vanessa, she always was upfront and friendly. We e - mailed back and forth but could never hook up, fwiw I believe she is in Staten Island.

  13. Casper


    Vanessa Welcome to UG. We're a nice bunch. Nice bunch or horny mo fo's. Jason is correct but it's good to see you concerned enough to post and try to set the record straight.

    Good luck and consider taking out an ad on UG. It'll so wonders to increase your biz.

    Peace Out
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  14. jasonbuju


    Hey Vanessa,

    great name.

    in case you did not notice this thread is dated a year and half ago. Its taking you a while to respond don't you think.

    and CarlM is no longer hanging by a thread. He is banned. gone. well at least under the CarlM handle.

  15. LuvlyVanessa


    Must be a misunderstanding---

    I cant believe what i just read posted here about me- cause it is 100% off the mark. My rate is $$25 incall and $$75 outcall, and I don't do that thing where the rate changes for various services. I do certain things, I have my limits, and thats that. Carl, you said you spoke to me- did you actually talk to me on the phone? im betting you didn't. Charging $600 for just about anything is ridiculous never-mind for GFE. I've been doing this for a little while now, and I've never had any complaints. I don't watch the clock at all.
    And tommynj, think this over. If you were to get like 60 *****s a day, would you actually want a picture from each one of these guys. The truth is the opposite- I never want pictures. Other things are more important to me than looks. If either of you were talking to the real me online I would have immediately gave you my phone number.
    Anyway, i cant see why u guys would lie but i do think- cause it happened in the past, someone is using my name and pictures. Ive gotten numerous reports of this. Which is driving me mad!
    Sorry everyone, just had to vent...
  16. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest

    Fatal Distractions

    DannyNJ said: " I've had the shit scared out of me more than once by AOL flings who threatened..."

    Next thing ya know, you find a dead bunny in a pot!!
  17. zach

    zach Bronze

    Re: You guys are all crazy...

    Don't say that..She's a fine woman and we had a GREAT time..
  18. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    You have it exactly.

    Bob, I think you have stated the core issue perfectly. This of course applies to any casual sex outside the hobby. Whether it's that hot receptionist at work, the checkout girl at the Shop n Save, the powerful female client (the absolute worst situation), the hardbody at the gym or the chat room hottie that wants it bad, it all comes with strings attached. The only way I believe I can have my cake and it eat too (sex in and out of my marriage) is with providers.

    And that's just how I like it!

    Thanks go out to all our fine NYC area providers.
  19. BobbaLu


    No, Miss Hill, I can not see you duping anyone. (I think you know who I am) However, for every "Fanny Hill" we might find there are 100 (I am being generous here) flakes out there. It is just too easy to go to one of the websites with pics to find someone legit.

    On the other hand, I have found a few non pro ladies on AOL. Get laid? Sure. Get problems and ladies emailing constantly? Damn right. It is not worth the money saved for the head ache it caused.


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  20. Thorn


    Of AOL and ...

    I don't know exactly how much I want to go into this... I guess I'll figure it out as I go along.

    I have been involved with AOL on multiple levels since before it was AOL. I pretty much know the ins and outs of it from top to bottom.

    I have had much success in meeting, dating, and bedding women that I have met in that venue.

    When I "settled" down the dating, persay, stopped. Though I have met commerical providers though this source that were very good.

    I say the dating stopped "persay" though because my current longterm paramour I met originally though AOL. She is a lovely, intelligent, glorious Lady, and to be honest had I met her before my girlfriend I would have probably asked her to leave her husband and take off with me. :) Still, its probably for the best that it worked out the other way round.

    We are very compatible sexually as we are both rather daring. We go to swingers clubs together on occassion and she shares a female lover with me from time to time. All of this from a primary discourse over AOL, so I shant knock it as a place to meet like minded individuals who want the same things you want.

    You just have to be real careful about who you choose to meet in person.