Anyone read the news?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Woolf, Jan 15, 2001.

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    There was a guy like that that would advertise his site in a chatroom in aol called female companions.
  2. ryan


    From UPN 9 News today (paraphrasing)

    Man arrested for paying gamblers with prostitutes.

    He was running an online gambling operation, but he had a tantalizing way to deliver the goods for winners on the internet.

    The winners would click on the girl they wanted to deliver their winning cash to their homes, and that girl would show up at their house. The sports gamblers then had the choice of sex or money, according to Chief Don Ingrasselino of the Elmwood Park Police.

    The man lived in a rented home in Elmwood Park, NJ with his girlfriend and two children. Police say this is where he ran an elaborate gambling and prostitution ring which included customers from four states.

    A woman who babysits for them said they were devastated and embarrased.

    Photos of some of the women were shown in the segment but with their faces blurred. While these women are over 18, many others who the man allegedly lured into his scheme were not. Undercover cops say he was shrewd and knew how to make people do things they really didn't want to do.

    The 46 year old bookie also tied up and tortured one of the informants in the investigation, almost killing him. He therefore faces not only gambling and prostitution charges, but also kidnapping.
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    sounds like someone wants to get a silver membership

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    Sorry woolf, didn't mean to ignore you. Yes, I've read those headlines once or twice.
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