Anyone share this fear?

Discussion in 'New York' started by BigMadM, Feb 2, 2003.

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  1. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Embarrassed to admit I have a head cold?
    Rhinocort AQ and Zyrtec 10mg.
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  2. kromrider


    I know its a cold and now your embarassed. Whatever.
  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Dont worry krom, its seasonal allergies and I suffer year round.
    The symptoms just mimic a cold.(good sense of humor)

    And it aint nothing, not that anyone cares. Did my 3 hour gig this morning, felt so good after it, went and just got back from over an hour of smacking the tennis ball around. 53 degrees...what an afternoon!
  4. frank735


    Scene from Clerks

    Can this happen?

    The old guy is in the bathroom stroking it and dies of a heart attack with a boner. It stays that way and the "clerks" girlfriend takes it for a ride without knowing.

    Funny stuff.
  5. ExLS

    ExLS banned

  6. kromrider


    First if you got to a provider with a cold you are gonna give the cold to her and then half these guys from UG who bang the girls you review here will have a cold. I just think thats kind of gross. I guess a cold is better then a VD.

    Get that checked not that i really care that much about you, but guys who are over 40 die from heart attacks all the time especially overweight ones. I would hate to have you drop dead on top a provider and then have her swear off the business because of it. Also Viagra and heart problems do not mix.

    I think you should review her here so that she can put a link to the review on her web site and it can say " I'm the girl who almost killed BMM click her for the review"
  7. jack sprat

    jack sprat

    bmm - if this was a one time event, it was probably related to the head cold you mentioned. i'm just getting over a minor cold and, when i went to the gym this morning, i was sweating like a pig doing stuff that i had done easily just last week. these little illnesses can weaken us much more than we realize.

    anyhow, i want to go at 80 while in the midst of bonking some sweet young's better than most any other alternative.
  8. Hytek


    It's happened to me

    Every once in a while, the same heart pounding fearful thing comes over me during a very long and active session. I am 60, and think often of Nelson Rockefeller at times like that.

    Hey Kimmie-
    I hope you'd at least tell the hotel management or call 911 before you'd run out on me.
  9. Kimmie


    I had a client last week that complained of chest pains after he came. All I could think was dont die on me because I will just throw a sheet on you and leave!!!

    You older guys should be checked out regulary because I dont know about anyone else, but I wont be driving any naked half dead men to the hospital!!!
  10. danger-us

    danger-us BACKCHANNEL BOY

    Better safe than sorry

    Some women are into real kinky stuff, like having sex with guys hooked up to EKG machines.
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  11. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Looks like you're obsessed with the number 3.
  12. lurkey


    But this whole thread also makes you appreciate the providers who are able to not only do multiple sessions daily but days in a row. Imagine being able to perform cowgirl time and again during some tour? And I am not referring to the 21yo's.
  13. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    The only thing I consume on a regular basis is pussy.
    Could you imagine taking me taking one viagra for every session?
    I would have been dead a long time ago.
    I use it on occasion, but thats only when Im really going for a long stretch and maybe on my 5th or 6th girl in as many days.
    I think its just a lack of sleep thing, and an old age thing.
    Ill let you know later>21y/o
  14. kunny


    Did you use Viagra?

    BMM, are you popping the blue pill with any other medication? Events surronding men who passed away while stroking young honey's who had used the pill showed a couple of common things: overwieght, heart disease, high blood pressue, diabates. Doctors say when tests were being run for Viagra, young studs around 25 in great shape were tested, and showed no side effects. Then, all men, regardless of physical fitness took the pill and some died fucking. No one had thought to test them.

    Story that bought about some chuckles a few years ago--though I am sure these families didn't think it was funny--was older German men taking the National Vacation to go to Bangkok to see the young women in the brothels. A lot of phone calls went back to Bonn, Cologne, Helesinki, etc. stating that someone had to come pick up the dead patron. What did they have all in common: taking Viagra with some other form of medication.

    BMM, go get checked out and hire a young studette to be your personal trainer so you can get in tip-top shape. I want to continue reading your posts, especially with BL.
  15. Casper


    BMM try it again and see if the same thing happens. If so then maybe you need to scale back just a bit. Otherwise keep on keepin on.
  16. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    It was a bit like when I push myself on the tennis court. I know I should never do the third set, but once i start, I get winded and cant keep up. Gotta pace in every thing.Getting old is no fun.
    Ten years from now, I probably will only be getting it up a couple of times a week.
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  17. *********


    Possibly asthma or you need to cut back since seeing providers for 3 hour sessions at leat 4x a week might be taking it's toll.

    Good luck
  18. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    You probably just got a bit winded, but maybe you should get a check-up.
  19. sean960


    Not Suprised !

    Trying to keep up with a 22 year sexpot is hard enough for a 22 year old guy,muchless a 48 year
    old man.I think round 2 and 3 are safer spent laying on your back receiving the oral service you enjoy so much.(IMHO).Dont want to lose you BMM,I enjoy your threads too much !!
    Besides if anything happened to you,I could book our favorite duo much easier,which would
    either kill me also,or at least drive me broke !
  20. buddyyy


    Probably it was nothing but if you have not had one you might consider a stress cardiogram.

    Otherwise you might start talking to your lungs and heart in addtiton to your pecker during sex and the lady is going to feel left out.

    Plus you probably don't want to have someone else call your wife and tell her that all those jokes you used to make about spending all your time screwing young ladies were not really jokes.