Anyone tried Tiffany $3k?

Discussion in 'New York' started by fishfry, Aug 23, 2001.

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  1. jaydevice


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    irritates me on that american beauties site how they have a section where they list the girl's dream man... if I am spending 3k I better be her damn dream man!
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    Christie Brinkley.

  3. mr. wonderful

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    I would guess about ten to twelve years ago I started using the services of an Israeli woman named Nicki who used to import talent from around the U.S. I used her service ALOT in the beginning, initially rates were only $$, and I saw some drop dead gorgeous women. One was a Playboy material blonde, and another was a dead ringer for a famous supermodel (fuck I can't remember her name, she was married to Billy Joel). Someone help me out here.

    Anyway, for the first year or two all her imports were prime material, but then her woman and their services dropped off. Too bad. Ah, for the good old days.



    Wasn't American Beauties charging only $500/hour a short time ago?
  5. Longinus


    A few years back these high end places were somewhat more reasonably priced at around $$$$$/hr. But then somebody got greedy and prices skyrocketed. I've hobbied at up to $2K/hr and met some incredible looking women. A lot of them are over the hill models at 25. But Chernov is right, a great looking woman is only half the equation. Personality and skills were always a crap shoot. For the expenditure you would feel almost entitled to a good experience, but for $2K you could either have a great time or you could feel really burned. I would be really reluctant to spend that kind of dough nowadays without some serious reviews or recommendations. Did you know that agencies typically take a 50% commission? So the same girl as an independent would likely accept half that.
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    Never went to the 3K extreme, but when I first moved to the NYC area, did patronize a small boutique type service ran by a woman named Gina. Her gals rates were between 1K & 1.5K pr/hr. Guess what, she is still in biz, but has dropped entry level to $800 pr. I stay in touch with one of her semi-regular girls (hoping she will express mercy towards my current fiscal deficiencies), and she tells me that biz is o.k., and businessmen are still coming to NY looking for this percieved level of service. BTW I have only been able to negotiate my friend to $500, some kind of mercy, but may pay her a visit for old times sake.
    The difference with these operators are the fixed costs. They really serve as a booking service for a small coterie of physically attractive women, usually traveling to NY from other countries, or parts of the U.S. They do not have the overheads of the local incall services we all are familiar with.
    Reality for me is, although every one of these girls I met was drop dead gorgeous, their level of service was not any better than some $$, $$$ or $$$$ women I have met as a result of the board search/networking many of us undertake.
    Anyway, none of them are comparable to our own B2S.


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    You'd be surprised how many guys pay this much. However, there is in general little difference in the girl or session between "$1,000" ladies and "$3,000" ladies, except how many times a month they want to work. A lot of the girls at either of these levels are aspiring models/actresses, and need some extra $$ for the high cost of living in NYC while they are trying to "make it".

    Personally, I think we will see the biggest drop off in number of "participants" in the industry in this category soon. Firstly, a lot of the guys who had money falling out of their pockets and were patronizing this level don't have nearly the same level of income as they had just last year. Secondly, a lot of the girls are only in the business because of the extremely high pirce. While if prices drop for incalls which are now $250 to $175, I don't think a lot of the women who are employed in this end of the business will leave, I do think that if the rate falls for these girls from $1,000 to $500, they won't see that attraction to make th "quick score" anymore.

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