APRIL visiting NYC

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  1. April

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    Thanks...Still working on the Brasilain site.

    Eu falo un poco portuguese! I'm taking classes! (Going in Dec)

    might see us with our brazilian shirts on....company logo lol
  2. bigdaddyjim

    bigdaddyjim banned

    Pretty nice site. Though on a personal note, would be nice to see a picture of you and Adriana mixed in with the other pics :)
  3. April

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    lol yup that sounds like us, well the subdomain part. Yeah my step son is a pro....he just needed some backing and someone who is good at numbers and schedules lol

    Thats why when you call my old number you get a lawn and landscaping service/ cleaning service lol

    The other day a guy called and asked for adriana. I asked where he'd heard about us...he says the internet. I say um...er....what services are you looking for?

    Hr says "....well...you know" I pay "personal services" .
    He says welll...um...yeah.

    I said sorry I"m legit now and unless you live in florida and need landscaping or house cleaning i cant help ya.

    Then I directed him to kellywynters website.

    So ........what did ya think of the site? Not bad for an old pro huh? lol
  4. bigdaddyjim

    bigdaddyjim banned

    Assuming I found the right web site, and I think I did, gotta say your guys do a good lawn. I saw the numbers and saw the "ask for ****** or Adriana" line and actually thought about calling, but figured, I probably shouldn't. Good luck in the future April.
  5. April

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    Sorry no more proteges.

    I have focused my talents (managerial and marketing) into legitimate business'.

    Have had a "Brazilian Cleaning Service" for almost 2 years and just opened up a landscaping business 2 months ago.

    All family owned and opperated...in fact Adriana is now my "step-daughter-in-law". (We now have the same last name lol)

    I'd show ya the websites...which of course I created and did myself (HTML is a BITCH)....but I have a feeling too many of you buggers would be calling my office to talk dirty. Not that I'd mind....just can't have you guys tying up my phone lines lol

    Funny thing I used to advertise on CL for p4p........Now I use it for advertising
    my legit biz's. If this was more of a southeast board we'd be in business! lol

    Love you all,(well almost...but no hate here)
  6. fumpton


    Autumn Rayne is a porn star.

    May I suggest Autumn Breeze for your next protege? If you decide to use it, do I get a discount in exchange for my copyright/licensing fee for the use of the name?
  7. joe207041


    MILF or or not I'm not prejudiced.

    A propos of earlier comments, I once knew a Stormy Friday who was definitely not in the business..

    What about Autunm Storm?
  8. Kelly Wynters

    Kelly Wynters UG Advertiser

    As was I, and am in my 30's as well, and I think a lot of us look damn good for having a kid, or being in our 30's -- or BOTH!! (I work really hard to stay in good shape.)

    Most whores lie about their age??? (posted by someone else, not April)

    As for lying about the age thing, those who do make it look bad for the rest of us who really tell the truth about our age (like me, April, and many others of us). It almost makes me want to say I'm a few years younger (like 30), since guys tend to think you're lying anyway and you're really 40 if you claim to be 35. Some of us really are honest.
  9. MikitheMilf


  10. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    totally dissapointed. totally.
  11. April

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    Sorry she's coming to Florida to see me, then back to NY to work on her skills (not the skills you boys are looking for)

    Actually she is what they are calling the next 50cents, or the next white eminem, J. Henchmen took a meeting with her and wants to bring her to the studio, she really IS that good.

    So it is in her best interest to stay out of this biz, because it will most definitely come back to bite her in the future.

    She's blond hair blue eyes with a baby voice and she can "spit" and freestyle with the best of them.

    It almost looks funny watching this little white girl with her Dominican ass, cutting up the boys when it comes to lyrics/words/rhymes/and disses.

    And the other friend was a friend of hers that while she was gorgeous, I really don't want the drama. AND she's a full fledged lesbian (the friend not MY friend)

    My managerial skills may be moving in a different direction

    Sorry Charlie to get your hopes ...um...er up?
  12. ChuckUFarlie


    Wait wait wait...... Does this mean there will not be a young, attractive, April-trained provider in NY soon? You can still send her over, can't ya? At least point her in this direction?
  13. April

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    Well now we can tell the world our secret.

    We're in bed with each other.

    oh right......they were saying that 4 years ago.

    Slinky thank you for being there for me in Feb. Seriously!

    And if any of these biotches give you shit....I still got connections in NY! lol
  14. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    It's almost not worth going on anymore.
  15. April

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    Wow and I thought you had mad skills before!
  16. Kimmie


    Well, thats it

    I have no choice..... you have forced me to fly out to Florida.
  17. robnotbob


    :(..bummer... Glad to hear you are doing well. Visit over the summer.
  18. April

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    RNB.....ah regrets!
  19. robnotbob



    Not to even know what that irony is, here's what I think.

    You're really NOT that hard to please.
  20. April

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    The time has come

    I've been tormenting myself these past few weeks.

    The Angel:
    You have a wonderful life! You have a beautiful new house and a husband that were coming up on our one year anniversary. I LOVE this man. I now have what I consider 7 children (his/mine/and a few I've picked up along the way) who I have to be accountable for. It's not all about what April wants anymore...it's whats for the best of April's family.

    The Devil:
    Yeah but just think a few weeks and boom the pool is paid for.
    Sex? At home? yeah right! Remember the itch you had in February and no one could stop you?

    The Angel:
    Screw an in ground pool, I visit Adriana everyday and go in her Jacuzzi and her pool. Sex? Sometimes intimacy is much more important, as is security and knowing that when the chips are down someones got your back.
    I scratched my itch very well in February. I think I'm good for a while...if not there is always my sharper image "neck massager"

    Who won?

    The Angel.

    I've learned along time ago to never say never or else you wind up with egg on your face. I'm 37 years old, (not hooker years either) my priorities are very different than they used to be. I NEVER EVER thought I would have returned last Feb for a month of fun had you asked me in Jan.

    Sooooo I'm sorry to say that neither I or Adriana will be returning in May.

    I owe a lot to UG, I've made many friends and probably met in one form or another a good percentage of people here. Be good to each other.

    When I say that I care about certain people here, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    I'll be around, just not available. You guys know me.... I can only keep quiet for so long ;)