are all men liars?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by badz, Oct 21, 2001.

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  1. April

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    Let me go on record to say that

    LG has never sent me an e-mail asking me (1)to sing the sound of music (2) yodel (3) if asparagus was a deal #(4) your on your own with LG.

  2. ?????


    "Sorry, LG, just kidding"

    No you're not, that’s really Littleguy.
  3. JC: F'in hilarious. Gotta write these questions down. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new set of screening criteria!
  4. littleguy

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    VERY funny. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

    No offense taken but actually I've been to CLP and seen April and Kelly so I don't NEED to ask all those questions. I already KNOW the answers. (grin)


    Why on earth would *I* be mad at YOU ? MAybe I could see you tonight ?
  5. Slinky Bender

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    "All men are liars"

    So are you saying LG eats the Asparagus anyway ??? That bastard !!!!! ;).
  6. Geezy Muldoon

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    Looks like LG asked his standard set of questions again: (1) Will you sing the Sound of Music while I cornhole you?; (2) Will you lick my poopchute while yodeling?; (3) Can I come in your mouth if I don't eat asparagus for at least three days before our session? (4) Will you do all this for under $300.

    Sorry, LG, just kidding.


    All men are liars. It's true. But so are all women in this business. No hard feelings, though, should arise. We all have our usefulness outside of this industry.

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  7. April

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    j/k...........your not mad at me are ya?
  8. April

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    why oh why would I EVER be mad at you? Answer your e-mail? I thought those all were retorical mean you really wanna know if I'll do all those things?????????????

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  9. littleguy

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    April. OMG, do you know any WITHOUT something hanging between their legs ? Hahahahahahahaha.

    P.S. You mad at me again ? You didn't answer my e-mail.
  10. April

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  11. The arc (k?)

    PS: Sorry about the Saville Road thing, and thanks. I can always use a tip on how to appear like a sophisticate without having to spend the dollars.

    SB: Nitpick away. You're right in both cases, though in the case cited above none of those circumstances existed.

    JC: I must get meself an arc. Do they sell them at Religious Sex?

    I never said there were no objective truths. There are -- i.e., rocks are hard, hurt when hit head, sky is blue, gravity brings us down. I just said the truth was a very subjective thing. Slight distinction.

    For example, I define beauty as women who are 5'4" and under, measure somewhere in the vicinity of 34C, 23, 34, 105-115 lbs with brown hair, brown eyes, firm buttocks and shapely legs. Yum.

    There are gents on this board and in other places who prefer tall women. Or shorter women. Blond women. Big and beautiful women. Or downright fat women. Or men. Or Transsexuals. They find them "beautiful." I do not, though I can appreciate the fact that others do.

    Beauty, therefore, is a subjective truth. (Eye of the beholder, so to speak.)

    Does this mean my tastes and preferences are fixed? That I won't evolve? That I someday won't change my mind? No. But it does mean that two people can look at the same thing. (i.e., a hottie walking down the street) and see two different truths.

    Another example: A man is riding the subway with four children. The children are unruly, shouting and pushing each other. Quite rambunctious. I am annoyed.

    I say to the man, "Can't you control your kids?" He turns to me and says, "Sorry. I didn't notice. We just came from the hospital. Their mother just died."

    Truth #1: This guy is a bad father who can't control his kids. Truth #2: He's dealing with the toughest hand a guy can be dealt. Which is more accurate?

    So I quite disagree with your fatwa. Acknowledging that one's own view of the truth is very often subjective is the best step into an arc that I can recommend. Better put a bounty on my head. Ah, I'm an itinerant churchgoer anyway, so what have I to fear?

    By the way, I didn't create this tangent just to be philosophical and esoteric (although that certainly was an added bonus). This thread was started by a gent who said he'd been wrongly accused of lying. This kind of misunderstanding is central to the idea of subjective truth. If people (i.e., the person who accused him of lying) figured out that their first reaction (leveling the accusation) to a given action is often so rooted in their subjectivity as to be wrong, and then dug beneath that to find out what really happened (objective truth), well we would never have gotten into this mess in the first place.
  12. Geezy Muldoon

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    As a minor theologian of the First Holy Apostolic Church of the Fungible Women* (the "Church"), I am given the power to issue fatwas and opine on issues of truth and other such drivel. Fatwa of the day: For those who deny that there is "objective" truth, they are condemned to be themselves for all eternity with no hope of change; thus becoming fixed characters in cyber-space without any further possibility of intellectual, spiritual, physical, moral, financial, sexual or emotional development. In short, characters without an "arc*."

    SInce things can get pretty nasty, pretty damm quick without an "arc," I recommend to all the gentle and not so gentle readers out there that they go and get an "arc" today. Don't want to be caught without an "arc;" especially after dark. Bad things can happen to you. You won't stand a Chinaman's chance.

    Running a sale later today. Got all sorts of "arcs" in stock. Can make you a custom "arc" for the right price. Got used "arcs" and can lease you an "arc." Will not be undersold. Financing available.

    *The Holy Trinity being played in this case by Hugh Hefner, Little Richard and Michael Jackson, the putative son of Little Richard by Martha Stewart. Hugh was never really quite up to it - which is why he needs so many pictures and could not successfully impregnate Martha. For that matter, Little Richard was not quite up to it either. Hence, the debatable parentage of dear Michael and the central theological crisis facing the Church today.

    **Although modern literature is replete with works in which characters are employed by their authors as mere cyphers, traditional forms of the storyteller's art have relied upon characters who go from Point A to Point B in the course of the tale as they wrestle with one or more competing values and motivations.

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  13. hot4chicks


    It's not really lying if it could have happened.
  14. pswope

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    Saville Road is a label for suits sold by Marks & Spencer. It appeals to cheap pretentious dudes(like me) trying to get in to upscale brothels,without revealing their true identities ;-).

    Re Truth,ommissions, and and disparate bargaining skills.

    My point was that assuming a moral relativism to the ostensibly nefarious world of commercial sex(hey just read this weekend's posts if you disagree),is there still room for some compassion?


    I understand all too well the symbolic significance of the car in American culture and ones entitlement to have a phat ride. But see the point in the last graph. And,if you take me for a spin in your ride,I'll show the the problematic cash flow of the singlemother in WH ,charging $250/hr.

    Thanks for the bitch slap. I deserved and needed it. By way of explanation,but not excuse, in '69,got a cramp at an inopportune time in the backseat of a TransAm. Been neurotic about wheels/sex ever since.
  15. justme

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    My ultimate measure is this (and I think it takes into account all that subjective reality, half truth, and witholding truth stuff): I am lying if in communicating something to another I have the intention of creating in them an understanding that is incongruous with what I believe to be reality.

    I try not to lie, because as I said in another thread, it devalues the truth. Also I generally believe Kant.
  16. Slinky Bender

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    Just to nitpick/clarify; using your example, the homeowner is woried, and thinks there is a problem, and that not everything which should be being done, is, and there is some danger, while the "other side" ( honestly ) thinks it's an over-reaction, and that the danger is minimal, and that they are doing everything which could reasonably be expected of them. I have no argument that these are their veiwpoints, but there is still a "lying" issue when:

    a) the homeowner either overstates illnesses, events, etc. to gain more sympathy from the public, or turns around to his family and says "don't worry, it's really nothing" in order to calm them down. In both these cases, he may be doing what he believes is "best", but it doesn't mean it's not a lie.

    b) the company is providing some cleanup. However, there is an extremely time consuming and expensive measure, which is very cost innefficient, which would do a better job. They say, however, that this method isn't any better than the method they are using, but it's really because they don't see the added benefit vs the added cost. They may honestly believe that there isn't much difference between the method they are using, and the added cost wouldn't be justified, but again, it doesn't mean they aren't lying.
  17. jras


    are you still lying? Isn't lying part of the thrill?

    Where's that lying Judge Crater when we need him to translate HP?

  18. Troutman

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    Legalization and social acceptance will certainly remove many of the needs to lie for those that practice the hobby, but until that happens, Lying will always play a part in what we do.
  19. Hotpuppy

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    Agreed that two people looking at the same situation may have different "truths" regarding it. I just happen to believe that there is one truth, one that hopefully a true "judge" would be able to discern.
  20. Subjective truth

    HP: It's not a rationalization, and it wasn't meant to be an entre to the kind of example you cited, which definitely is a rationalization.

    What I meant is that two people viewing the same events often interpret them completely differently due to context, personal experiences, insights, experience. I've run into this hundreds of times as a writer, and I've developed a very clear sense that the "facts" that someone recites to me when recounting something they've been an eyewitness to are completely subjective.

    An example: A resident of a housing complex is asked about the red tape his condo board has encountered in dealing with an environmental remediation issue. He's harried and frantic, worried about his family and neighbors. Ask a lawyer for the state, or one for the company involved, and they're doing everything that can be done. Who's telling the truth? I used to think the lawyers were lying, but after a while I realized they were simply telling the truth from their perspective, which involves constantly dealing with red tape, delays, bureaucracy, etc. Doesn't make anyone's "truth" less valid, just makes it subjective.

    That said, I do agree that lies of omission and half-truths and untold truths all can add up to lies. Has everything to do with intent, I think.