Are you a cop?

Discussion in 'Cheap Thrills' started by John Y. Doe, Jan 28, 2003.

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  1. littleguy

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    FWIW, I believe it's extremely unlikely a female officer will get in the car with you in the first place. IF she does and wants to talk, calmly drive a few blocks away before discussing anything.

    I do not believe any female LE will do this. Of course, even then I would want the lady to make the sex for money statements first. It's also extremely unlikely the female decoy would NOT be wired. If she is, your conversation will be on tape. If it is it should be pretty easy to figure out who said what to whom.
  2. Dear all: Cops break the law too.
  3. hot4chicks


    1. A chick asking you if you want a bj, does not imply she expects to be paid.

    2. LE can give you the opportunity to commit a crime, so arguing entrapment is gonna be a tough one.

    But then again, what the hell do I know?
  4. mackolicious2000


    Boy, this thread has made me happy that I decided to forgo the SW scene and chose the provider route instead. It’s more expensive, but can you really put a price on public humiliation, arrest, and losing your family?
  5. John Y. Doe

    John Y. Doe

    I should have added personal experience with my earlier thread. It is a true story. I had been seeing a very, very nice woman in N. Newark for some time. We had a genuine like for one another. It was as much as a BFE for her as it was a GFE experience for me.

    I knew she had planned to get out of the business, go to a rehab and rejoin her earlier life as a white, middle class woman. I ran into her during her final street days and pulled the car over the curb to pick her up and share parting farewells.

    Anyway, she made it as (unobtrusively) clear as possible for me to drive away ASAP. I found out later, from another person, the girl had to strike a deal with the local law enforcement agents. She was to have some johns pick her up in exchange for her NOT getting arrested. In that way she could get on with her life dreams. I was lucky because we were friends.

    Had we not been friends, and had I had merely relied on my "SUPERIOR street smarts", I would have wound up in jail to help with her recovery.
  6. daro

    daro in loco CM

    I know you can have all the laws on your side and be 100%
    right. But if it's a slow night and the pickings are slim, they
    may arrest you for pulling up to the curb and waving to her.
    Even if the arrest gets tossed out, you still get your name in the paper, and you're fucked for life. Unless you're single and don't
    give a shit. Even if they don't arrest you, they can fuck with you,
    and embarrass you, and then let you off, with a warning.
    Anythings possible, they're the law. Do you really need all that
    for a bj. Better to do your homework and know in advance, who the actual sw contenders are, instead of picking up a LE pretender. Just a thought.
  7. footy3


    fwiw my understanding of entrapment means that le has to do something that overcomes the will of an ordinary person to committ an illegal act they would otherwise not have committed.
  8. Cloud Nine

    Cloud Nine I had to open my big mouth.......

    Sometimes no matter what you do you're gonna get screwed..

    Not so long ago I saw an episode of "Cops". It was a sting for johns trawling SW's.
    They nabbbed quite a few.
    One guy, however, pulled his dick out to prove he wasnt a cop before anything was said. Since the undercover woman cop freaked, he did not get arrested for solicitation, but rather a "lewd act".
  9. Fargo


    Re: Tell me if I made any mistakes this afternoon...

    • She could have pulled a weapon, and attempted to rob you.
    • The police could have witnessed you picking her up and followed you, waiting until you were “occupied” before busting you for... whatever.
    • If she gave you a BBJ, I suppose there was risk of disease transmittal.

    The best bit of risk management you performed was having her in the car with you. It’s my understanding that decoys will not get in the car with you.
  10. genius


    Re: Re: Once again

    Periodically I think the same thing, stop for a year but always am drawn back. If you can do it I wish you good luck.
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  11. John Y. Doe

    John Y. Doe

    Re: Once again

    Lately, I seem to be doing more posts on Cheap Thrills than almost anyone else. It confirms my suspicion, I am in the hobby as a thrill seeker When I step back and look, what is clear is a path to self-destruction.

    It's time to take all the advise I get here and apply it to my life.

    Thank you all,


    Re: Re: Are you a cop?

    I concur!

    They can tell you that they're a nun and no they're not in any way shape or form LE.
    Thats one of those old myths and it makes the girl more comfortable when you say you're not a cop.
    Does anyone really think an undercover cop is gonna come out and say "ok, you got me, I'm a cop, you win, you can go now"?
    Has anyone ever heard of a person who beat thier case in court because the cop denied being a cop?
    It's only entrapment when the cop makes an offer for sex for money. As long as they dont make an offer for a particular amount to perform a particular act, they're not out of pocket.
    You're guilty of this crime once YOU make the offer. So shut up and let the girl do all the talking.
    To entrap someone is to make somone commit a previously or otherwise uncontemplated illegal act. In other words, if you get yourself into the conversation of sex for money, you're not being entrapped.
    I'm not an attorney, but I sometimes play one on TV.
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  13. kilroywashere


    Re: Tell me if I made any mistakes this afternoon...

    1) you picked up a burger on market st
    2) you let an sw take you to a spot. this could have been a ripp off a you get to the spot and her friends take what ever.
    3) and if you had a bbbj you could have some strange things growing on your dick...
  14. frank735


    Once again

    All this thread proves is that is just isn't worth it.

    John Doe, has done his hoomework and found some interesting sw's. And he obviously knows his shit, but for the average guy to take this chance its crazy.

    Cars impounded, wives called.......for what usually amounts to a bad bj. Just aint worth it unless you get a thrill from the danger.
  15. Midnight Cowboy

    Midnight Cowboy

    Tell me if I made any mistakes this afternoon...

    Hey I haven't picked up a SW in years. This was not a totally planned pickup but while going to visit the Marcet bar this afternoon I got lost by not being on market st while heading down into that area. (I don't know Paterson that well).

    Before I headed into this area I picked up a burger on Market
    and headed south toward the bar. I was gonna check out the bar but when circling around toward Market St. I saw this older blond in black leather walking kind of fast (it was cold) like she was going somewhere. I figured I might as well see if this is a SW so I passed her and pulled my van over to the curb about 30 yards in front of where she was.

    When she got to my van she stopped (and though the closed window) looked at me. I lowered the window and said:

    SW: Hi,
    Me: You need a lift somewhere?
    SW: Yeah sure.
    (I unlock the door and she gets in)
    Me: It's cold out there. Where you wanna go?
    SW: You wanna do something?
    Me: Yeah.
    SW: OK.
    (I pull away from the curb and she directs me to the location where I should stop.)
    At the stopped location the conversation continued...

    Me: What's your name?
    SW: Valerie. Your's?
    Me: Phil.
    SW: You want a BJ?
    Me: Sure? How Much?
    SW: Twenty Five.
    ME: How about 20.
    SW: OK.

    (I finish and drop her off up and around the block).

    So was I at risk in the way this went down?

  16. daro

    daro in loco CM

    genius, I would think if you let it get to the point, where you and her are actually speaking through your open window, you could
    end up being fucked all ready. If you have to get that close to
    be sure, you shouldn't be out there. Like you said, you can
    watch and learn from a distance.
  17. genius


    I think you can safely rely on the decoy not showing you her tits and/or touching your cock(in fact the most she will do is talk to you through your open window). Besides not wanting to perjure themselves and risking their career for such a minor crime, it is just too easy to get all the arrests they need doing it the right way. BTW, in the two stings I watched it was obvious that the decoy was wearing a wire and I presume everything was being recorded.
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  18. daro

    daro in loco CM


    I hear what you're telling the other guys. These were things
    real sw's would ask you to do, to prove you were a real john.
    Before I even approached a SW, I was 101% sure she was
    a real sw. Guys who approach or pick up undercover SW's,
    just don't know what they're doing out there. They shouldn't be out on the street. Just my.02.
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  19. NoName2


    you guys are missing one major point: No matter what an undercover cop says, touches, shows you, etc., etc. - Its only your word against the cop's that it went down that way. Sure, if she shows you her tits that may constitute entrapment, but how are you gonna prove that she did show you her tits?? She's just gonna say she didn't and then its their word against yours. (And guess who the judge is gonna believe????)
  20. daro

    daro in loco CM

    John Y. Doe,

    Your post brought back flashbacks to the 80's zone.
    Back then all the sw's asked to see your cock, or ask you to
    touch their tits, to prove you weren't a cop. I guess that
    was their screening method back then.
    I was more concerned, they were legitimate female prostitutes.
    The other half was easy. I all ready knew I was a legitimate john. It said it on my license.
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