Arrests in Queens

Discussion in 'New York' started by daengman, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. JaxHammer


    "The lights never went out," said one neighbor who did not want to be
    identified. "People would be stopping by at all hours of the night from 8
    p.m. to 4 a.m. They would drop off girls in the night."

    Too bad more spas don't keep these hours of operation.
  2. clicker2659


    what u expect..

    all the asians in queens.. doing tons of bizness and sending the mooolah back home to china and korea... and livin the high life there... 200?? it takes them 2 months in factory to make that in casey said. "you could look it up!"
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  3. neilz


    The cops took the K-Y jelly to use on each other in the locker room.
  4. JaxHammer


    The damn shame about this place was that all the ladies were not too old.
  5. JaxHammer


    Dave, that's always the way. Well, I'm sure some other Korean will open soon to handle the pent up demand.
  6. DaveNJ


    I love to lick it before we kick it

    Finally, providers I can afford on a daily basis and they get busted.
  7. Jack_Maehoffer


    Those were the days:

    It seems like yesterday, when I patrolled FLU-Shing looking for a side street stable of asian fortune cookies to eat. One of my ex's shared a place with other working girls that had a nice set up. It was in an area that was primarily asian, so it was never looked down upon, the way roundeye does nowdays in his own neighborhoods.

    Funny thing was, being hawked at by the Korean neighbors when I stopped in and out. Sometimes I would sleep over, and head out to work in the am after plowing her all night. Yes, like Archie and Edith would sing, "THOSE WERE THE DAYS" They are gone for now, but will happen again, I have a good feeling about that ;)
  8. mumsamumsa


    res vs comm

    LE is a risk that these operations need to deal with whether they are in a commerical or a residential area. Nosy neighbors are an issue for both res and comm spaces. It seems that LE has lower tolerance for these operations in residential areas.

    1) I think the reason for setting up in a residential areas is just that the rents are less expensive than commercial.
    2) Commercial spaces need investment to setup rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. for these women to live. If you rent a residential space you dont need to setup bedrooms, kitchens, bath rooms etc.
  9. SubmissiveAngel


    the women were getting paid in cunnilingus?
  10. Spitzer's the anti-amp candidate? And John Faso is on record stating his support of prostitution? The Republican platform includes a pro-amp plank?

    Ruff Toy's above observation is spot-on, imo.
  11. goldman2


    Fuck spitzer
  12. sunraider7


    You ain't seen nothing yet!

    Wait until Spitzer becomes governor.
  13. daengman


    Current issue of the QT there is the front page headlines "Walk of Shame" printed over the picture of 3 asian females exiting a brick house with the street # 151-04 next to the door.

    The story is on page three and is accompanied by a smaller picture of perhaps the same three females sitting on a sofa in the house. The pic also shows the back of a guy wearing a NYPD jacket.

    I'll put the text below for those that don't or can't access the article.

    What makes this so amusing is that this is the same QT that has 2 1/2 pages of incall and outcall services (over half of which are asian services) in the back of the paper and the house that was raided very well could have been an advertizer in the QT.

    ....June 8, 3:03 PM

    Trafficking Tie Eyed To Brothel Bust

    Alleged prostitutes are lined up after cops raided this
    Bayside Ave. home.


    It came as a shock to many residents that a house of ill repute
    could ever exist amongst the tree-lined streets and spacious
    one-family homes on Bayside Avenue in Flushing, but last week’s
    arrest of five alleged prostitutes could turn out to be more than
    just a brothel – but a case of human trafficking.

    According to sources in the Queens’ Vice Detective Squad, the corner
    house located at 151-04 Bayside Ave. had been rented and used by a
    prostitution ring for the past month, where Korean women with little
    or no English proficiency were selling their bodies for sexual

    The owners of the property have not been charged and could not be
    reached for comment.

    Among those who were arrested are, Soonhu Park, 57, who is believed
    to be the madam, along with and Yinsi Pial, 27, Sunwoo Lee, 27,
    Jenny Lee, 31, and Sunhee Choi, 36, who were all charged with

    Sources said federal investigators are still trying to determine if
    the women were being used as sex slaves.

    According to neighbors, the house had been a regular evening
    destination for male patrons, who could be seen parking their cars
    nearby and walking in through a side entrance. Scantily clad Korean
    women could also be found exiting cabs and walking into the home
    from the front entrance.

    One neighbor, who asked not to be identified, didn’t believe that
    prostitution could exist just across the street from where he was
    tending his garden days before the arrests were made.

    On June 7, the neighbor kept watch outside his window after a
    Tribune reporter asked him if he noticed any abnormal activity.

    “When the ballgame is on, I don’t usually look out the window,” said
    the neighbor. “But this time I did and said, ‘(The Tribune) was
    right, that’s a whore house.’”
    Days earlier, the Tribune received the tip from a neighbor who would
    only be identified as Dorothy.

    “Once these people moved in, they started business immediately,”
    said Dorothy.

    Sources said there were three “fully operational floors,” with rows
    of beds lined throughout the house. From front entrance photographs,
    what could be seen inside was a living room with a cloth draped
    couch, candles set on a coffee table and at least two surveillance
    cameras, with one aimed at the home’s front entrance. A separate
    table showed boxes of cigarettes and packages of KY Personal
    Lubricant. Two of the women arrested wore aprons with Korean

    “It was set up like a spa,” said a police source.
    From the outside, there were drape-covered windows, a fenced-in side
    yard surrounded by patio furniture and a second story deck. Grounds
    throughout the property appeared neatly manicured.

    “If something like that snuck in, I’m surprised,” said Thomas Feeks,
    a 50-year nearby resident.
    Trafficking Tie Eyed To Brothel Bust
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  14. Smoke&Mirrors

    Smoke&Mirrors banned

    Where have these A-holes been?? This quote is total BS.
  15. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    Why don't these lousy Democrats mind their own business?
  16. CarmineS


    What's really bad is that they are asking civilians to report any forms of prostitution by calling a toll free number.
  17. nabbeun


    only prob is mama would comp the house fee, but what girl will take that offer? they are like water and will just run to another place.
  18. pervert7


    omg im gonna raise you one. Why don't I just go to brothels and say Hey, I am your neighbor, gimmie a free one or I speak!
  19. goldman2


    dayammmm....if that was my ask for free service for my silence. ;)
  20. RuffToy


    The biggest mistake was operating in a residential neighborhood. Contrary to what they may have thought, eyes were on them from the get-go. It was only a matter of time until some neighbor dropped a dime on them.