Aruba and Curacao

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    I am headed to Curacao ( Campo Allegre) for a few days on Feb 15 to meet up with Sandra. She just wrote to me.
    She has been rated #1 BBBJCIMNQSW on ISG for years and many other great attributes.
    For those of you =who have not been to campo. It is a Huge brothel. each chica having a seperate cabana. usually about 120-150 chicas Colombianas and dominicanas. open 24/7
    Walled in all night bar and restaurant.

    From there I will head off to Aruba to St Nicolas the red light district for a chica (Cecelia) who has been quoted as having more knowledge of the male anatomy than my monger friend has ever met, and he is a heavy duty Monger. there are also many bars and other chicas .
    St Nicolas is 30-35$ campo is about 40. Prostitution is legal on both Islands.

    I am not suggesting a meeting , you can just ask for the chica. It is well worth the trip.
    It is a hell of a lot cheaper than NY and you can get laid all day and night for a few hundred dollars.