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  1. michael kirk

    michael kirk

    more info please....Thanks
    is this the place on 5th floor 32 st btween 5/bwy? number ends 333...
  2. ChuckUFarlie


    This is why I spring for the high end $200 massage. I don't have to worry about walking out of there oily, angry and still hard.
  3. Josephm


    I agree, first time is last time if you waste my dime. customer is always right.
  4. flabbergasted


    Nest time the girl ask me if this is my first time there, I'm going to tell them depending on her service, this might be my last time there.
  5. asnHobby


    took one for the team today.

    i called up, and was told they are located in ktown. when i got there the place wasnt so bad, seemed like they have 3 rooms, with doors and locks but the walls do not go to the ceiling. no TS, just straight massage and tug. From my room i could hear other mongers trying to sweet talk their way to more goodies.

    price is 60 for the hour, 40 for half. I got Anna who seemed to be in her mid to late 30s- seemed nice BUT read on.

    they immediately collected the money and asked if it was my first time there. i said yes. then i disrobed, and waited. and waited. and waited. 10 mins later, but believe me it felt like a whole lot longer, Anna comes in. she would be a 5 in my book, and her breath smelled like spoiled kimchi- wait, that is redundant... she smelled like kimchi.

    the massage sucked so bad. It was 45 minutes of non-sensual, ultramechanical, boring and light touching. I was chastized for trying to roam at all- at this point i was already getting irritated.

    around 40 mins into it, she starts this super light touching- this gave me a flicker of hope since not a single time did it feel like there were any extras possible. the problem was that she did not, even slightly nudge of bump the most important areas. a minute into this she said turn over. i did.

    this is where is really starts to suck soooo bad. after a long wait she starts to haggle about the tip. she said how much you pay me, etc etc. i told her who much the usual rate is, and she said no, too little. i stood up and asked for the manager- for one, asking for tip at the start of the service jst does not fly with me, PLUS, if no roaming is allowed then what will the tip be for? the really bad massage?

    i asked for a hot towel to just wipe off the oil she used on my back. she goes out, and there was a small heater thing with the towels in it. she grabs one, and hands it to me. i start wiping myself down. then after i was done with it, i asked for another since she used an enourmous amount of oil and i felt really sticky. she took my used towel, folded it and put it back into the towel heater. WTF!

    at this point i just got too pissed. i got dressed, and while doing so, she was hovering for a tip. i asked for the manager. she said 'manager not here'. i asked louder, and still she said manager not here. so there was really no one to complain to. i figured screw it. im just gonna bail. i left pissed and 60 bucks lighter.

    i called the number posted on CL and asked for a manager. and i got the same reply. there is no manager there at the time and that the girl i spoke to was the only one who spoke english.

    she asked why i was asking for her manager and i said because i want to complain. then i gave her my story and all she said was "next time you try new girl ok?" WTF!

    this place has only been open for a month according to one on the phone and i hope that this place closes down soon. LACK of Service and attitude like that should not be allowed since we as mongers go there for a service, which we PAY for, expecting certain things to happen.

    i'll never go back here, and suggest that you guys dont either- complete waste of time and money.