Asia's View of the Western Phallus,

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  1. SlickWilly


    All in all, I'm sure most Asian women would rather have a "soft" American penis fucking their brains out rather than a small Asian one.
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    I guess they had to come up with something to dispell rumors of the small asian phallus.
  3. redleg609


    Is this what accounts for the fake orgasm epidemic in the West?
  4. Smoke&Mirrors

    Smoke&Mirrors banned

    by Francis Londono

    Kunteary Sok, a 27-year-old Cambodian-American female who has lived a promiscuous lifestyle with men of different nationalities explains,"I will never sleep with a white man again. They are too soft. I couldn't feel anything."

    What Kunteary Sok refers to as being to "too soft," of course, refers to the Western phallus. In Asia, there is a popular perception that the Western penis is seriously lacking in rigidity.

    Matak Solom, a 22-year-old prostitute in Thailand, said,"I prefer Western men over native Thai men. Western men are softer, so I won't feel anything, and I won't get tired. Western men are also more polite than Thai men. Western men will finish quicker, so I can move on to the next customer."

    In 1980, German researchers, in a study, found a significant difference in measured penile rigidity strength between Western and Asian men.

    "In sex, women require a very rigid penis in order for there to be stimulation," said Dr. Mary Katewood, a gynecologist in New York. "Some Caucasian men lack the proper blood flow needed to produce a hard erection. They may be at maximum arousal, but there is just not enough blood flowing to the genitals to develop enough rigidity. The clitoris and the nerves in the vagina need a very hard surface in order to be properly stimulated, so there will be pleasure. Men with this problem have no diagnosable illness. Rather, it is a genetic disorder."

    The West has come up with several unique inventions to tackle the problem of the soft Western penis. The most popular is Viagra. The main purpose of the prescription drug is to increase blood flow to the penis and is used by men with impotence or a weak maximum erection. Also on the Western market, are thousands of herbal supplements that can be bought over the counter. Like Viagra, the main purpose of these supplements is to produce blood flow to the genitals by using herbal stimulants.

    The Western invention that shocked people in Asia before it was introduced there from the West is the penile pump. The pump consists of a transparent cylinder with a hand pump attached to it. The cylinder is placed over the penis, and the pump is used to suck out air, creating a vaccuum inside. The vaccuum forces blood into the penis, creating a false erection. Once there is enough blood in the penis, a uncomforable ring is placed at the base of the penis to prevent blood from escaping. Doctors don't recommend the use of the penile pump, since it is likely to cause bruising of the penis, and women have stated that the false erection created by the pump still feels different and softer than a natural hard erection.

    People in Asia have come up with some rather unflattering descriptions to illustrate the Western phallus like soft tofu sticks, wilted bamboo chutes, or cranes with broken necks that are always looking down and can never look up.

    Two Asian countries, Hong Kong and Japan, have capitalized on this perception of the softer Western phallus. In Hong Kong, a popular children's toy was introduced which was similar to Silly Putty. The toy was a soft, pliable, white color clay which came in a tube. The children were rumored to have noticed the incredibly soft, gooey consistency of the clay and conveniently nicknamed it "Mae Gok Jui-Jui" which meant "American penis." In Japan, a similar trend started, when children named the same toy, "Gai- Jin Chinbo" or "foreign phallus."

    A Japanese novelty company based in Tokyo has developed a new product based on the nickname. The toy is similar to the clay toy but is marketed toward adults and claims to have improved moisture-locking ingredients. Unlike Silly Putty and other similar toys which dries and gets hard after extended use, the company claims that their product will never get hard. The tube-shaped clay is geared toward adults as a stress reliever in which the clay is squeezed to relieve tension. In May of 2003, the toy began appearing on shelves in Japanese novelty stores. On the box is a picture of a Caucasian man with the word bubble, "Gai-Jin Chinbo (Western penis)- Soft, Spongy, and Never Gets Hard." The company reported huge sales the first year.