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Discussion in 'New York' started by OpheliaDixon, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Wandering Bull

    Wandering Bull

    12 years of speech therapy -- voice lessons - 6 + years on radio -- 20+ years script / marketing plans / storyboard writing / film and video direction, editing, production...

    And *THIS* has become my shining moment...LOL

    Thanks. TZ.
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  2. thezoos


    the review was very nice and I think your narrative voice is very well developed!

    (that's the kind of compliment you have to expect from a graduate student such as myself lols)

  3. RoosterC74


    Great Review-BULL.
  4. Wandering Bull

    Wandering Bull

    and did I mention I had a great time with these two lovely, attractive ladies?
  5. Wandering Bull

    Wandering Bull

    Forbidden Fruit and Hidden Jewels

    Thought it was about time to take the plunge and go for a double. Been a thought in my mind since 1980 -- my last Two classmates in college. Met them at a bar -- hung out all night - went back to their place and showed them how to make lasgana..that's not code...they were Irish and Jewish...needed a sicilian to show them the family secrets. Then...

    I digress.

    Checked with Ophelia regarding the availablity of doubles...great location - close proximity to work in NYC. The ride took 5 minutes by train..but no AC and this was yesterday in the heat soup. On top of that -- the AC in the office has been only working half the day.Needless to say - got there soaked and about ready to jump into a pool of ice.

    Got a nice warm hello from Ophelia...Sindee and Solana..despite the drenched cat look. A tall cold glass of water and a shower and I was feeling a little better.

    Stepped into the nice cool bedroom and started to feel even better.

    Sat down on the bed - still a towel on...which Solana quickly dispensed with as Sindee began a very graceful striptease. We were all talking and the conversation flowed did the time.

    The tricky thing about a double is figuring out where start...the rest of my life should be this challenging! they ladies started with some LFK ( I abhor acronyms..but when in Rome...) that just got better and better. We all leaned back on the bed and the games begin. First Solona paying major attention to the netherworld...mouth - hands..all over. Sindee -- moving closer up the bed until she flipped off the thong and streched her legs way out across the bed..and this is when you start to lose Wonderful DATY while Solan is still using her hands and mouth...up - down..around. No rush - attentive..but definitely necessary to keep focused on the matter at hand (Sindee) to keep from losing it in the first 5 minutes. After a little bit longer...I hear Salona say something like..."you stay there while I molest him" I would laughed out loud if I could. That's the easy going , friendly style that made it what it was. She slips on the cover..which is really interesting when you can't see what's going on..almost an out of body sensation. When she slid down slow -- I was definetly wondering how long I could last. She has moves that just hit the right spot...and with the "lights out" have no idea what's happening...but you know you like it! Focused on Sindee...not a problem...smoooth...sweet. There's something amazing about the female body ( well a lot ) -- you start off..clean and fresh...then after a few minutes you get that first hint of "woman" as I call it. That's the point that you don't want to stop. You thought you had hit the center of sweet..but no...there's another.
    Solana called the next move...and switched with Sindee. Another attentive lady...took her time with her mouth and hands before taking *me* for a ride.
    Situation is reversed now and just a good...Sindee slipping up high and down...Solana...obstructing my view of the action but no complaints from me as she placed one thigh on each side and nestled down nicely...not too close..but that occasional little push that makes you want to ravage those lips.
    Little while later...flipped to missionary with Sindee ( another tough decision...change again?...go a while like this and then change?...damn! ) This was good...two women below..side by side...breasts ..mouths all available...laughter even when after a while I lost it with shudders and shakes.."did you come?" Cleaned up after...had a little massage...(.laying there getting a 4 hand massage...I still get restless..have to work on that) We chatted - no...talked. There was nothing pro forma about the conversation. It was a fine finish to an otherwise horrific day. Sat inside for a little while and chatted with our host...had a splendid scotch..and then made my way back to my car. Walked the 20 blocks in the humidty...watched the rush hour go by..thinking...all these people rushing home angry and anxious...not me. Stopped at one of the bars off the best burger and an ice cold beer. ( this was my second treat...I'm on South Beach)....screw it... I was starving.
  6. OpheliaDixon

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    Lets give a great UG welcome to Solana from the City of Brotherly Love...Solana is available Monday -Wednesday this week
    Dont forget to give some love to our local gals....Sindee,Marylin,Alana and Ophelia ...Check out the website for the schedule....
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