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Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by nyytflyyr, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. dee413


    Hey Nyytflyyr, Try Out Sun Span, Ask For April. Good Ts And Fs Is Reasonable. She's About A 8 Bodywise Face Is Ok. Multiple Pos, Overall Good Exp.
  2. Ganbei


    nyytflyyr, try Ginza, it has everything your looking for. The girls aren't the most beautiful (5-6 in my opinion), but the service is fine.
    I'm not a fan of street action, you can usually find working girls in the casino bar area, or strolling through (they dress the type) usually between 12am and 2am. Good Luck!
  3. nyytflyyr



    1.Yes I have read them all and most of them several times but they do not answer my question which was for support in picking a couple of spa's to try.
    I stated that my spa experience in AC was not current and the talent and service can change in these places weekly so I was trying to avoid taking 1 for the team.

    2.If you look at my past posts you will see that I only monger in AC with a couple of trips a year. I have posted on what I know and made recommendations to others. The search brings up very little current info.

    3.I have read the rules and have been a member much longer than you but I only try to trade real information and not fill the space with worthless self serving BS. I can only report on what "I" know and respond to others who ask for help. If you don't care to help then please ignore my question.

    I'm not asking for specifics only a name of a spa where I might enjoy myself or a place to avoid and then I will try it and report back to all in this forum. Treating "newbies" like mushrooms can backfire with their inexperience screwing it up for everybody. Ever hear the story's about the newbie who paid $200 for a BJ to a SW and now she thinks she is worth it all the time.

    I mean no disrespect toward you and hope you meant none toward me but with my limited mongering it could be many many years before I make silver.
  4. Rokin


    I have a splitting headache so I am sorry if I don't sound all nice and fuzzy but

    1. There are a few Atlantic City threads already started. Did you bother to read them
    2. Did you do a search with the search button.
    3. Did you read the rules. You must giveth info before thou taketh.
  5. nyytflyyr


    I will visit there again soon and this time intend to test a couple of the asian spa's, but which one? I used to visit them quite often but backed off after the busts in the last few years so any info I had is way out of date. I'm looking for TS,FS and the full asian treatment with a good massage too. What's the best place for action now? Any recommendations or info will help.
    Also with the cold how has the street action been.