Awesome time Guys thanks!!!!

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by eviesnow2002, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    like the last thing i needed to get that day was another black skirt

    especially at my old store i managed and not a discount anymore

    thanks seeked and thanks rollin for the choclates they were good and yes i ate them all

  2. seeked


    I'm still grining

    As always Jewels it was a great party although I think next time you should get your own room. The food, drink and company simply can't be better.
    Kimmie - I will fanatazise about licking up spilled whipped cream for a while. Could you condescend to see a Red Sox fan if he promises to do as you requested in aother thread?
    Greekgirl - You may not have needed another black skirt but that one sure looked good on you. You may turn me into a freak for women I couldn't beat arm wrestling.
  3. rollin


    WHAT FOR SHOWING ME A NIPPLE??? shit..........

    OH, BTW, "u got mail"

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  4. Kimmie


    Jewels thank you for having me at your party. It was so great to finally meet you after 2 years of AOL chats.

    The party was very well organized, the girls were gorgeous. The atmosphere was safe and comfortable. I was very impressed. Very professional, yet warm. The food was awesome( I am the one that ate all the strawberries) :)

    Rollin it was a pleasure to give you a lapdance, and I so enjoyed yours...But you make a horrible ho.. For my lapdance I got 20 bucks, yours you only got a dollar, and seemed happy with it.. :p

    But I think I earned my 20 bucks :)
  5. lordruvane


    thanks for a great time

    as always thisd party was great thinks went much smoother then any pary ive ever been to before. jewels has this down pat. the girls looked great dressed to kill. food was very good and abondent. bar was stocked and set up before the party started. even a bartender. this was first class all the way. maybe you should go into the party planning business. lol. personaly i got to see three girls that night i would of gone for a fourth but i just could not handle it. thanks jordan, annie and kat for a wonderfull time. all three girls really now how to give a great service. gfe all the way around. so this is what it is like to be Heffner. i think i can take it. lots of love girls.
  6. Magelon


    Yikes! Another great time Jewel!!! You run a classy operation!
  7. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD


    thanks for the invite..i had a good time and was great to meet your girls

    i loved having the front row seat to your phone sex call..

    i liked the atmosphere

    great suite in a great place..

    i definately see why these guys love your girls..they were all cordial and very sweet..and i was happy to see them eat everyone of them had flat tummys

    hey rollin good tips on the supplements thanks

    and spikeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 123 welcome to 20th post
  8. spanky123


    speaking of 20 posts.....that was my 20th! Woohoo spanky is slowly going thru process from lurker to poster!!! :)
  9. spanky123


    Thanks again Jewels for showing me a great time...All the girls looked very elegant and were dressed to thrill. Now I know what all the fuss is about!

    It was the first time for me to meet some UGers/hobbyists as well...I was very suprised to learn that most people recognized me with my less than 20 posts!

    So the next party is in April eh? (spanky scurries to his calendar to mark off and leave all friday nights for that month open...)
  10. Shoreguy

    Shoreguy Silver

    Glad fun was had by all


    I am sorry I missed the party. I am glad that everyone had a great time as always even without my help:) Would have loved to meet some of the guest stars but that's life.

    All was not lost. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Spent the evening dining with a lovely redhead. I love a good party but quality one on one time is hard to find.

    Back in NJ
  11. eviesnow2002


    I know she enjoyed it ...

    I know she enjoyed it and thanks for the compliment on my leopard print .. Undies and I know u were getting me hot under the collar with the lap dance.. Next time it is my turn.. Sorry Sam took up my time this time maybe i will leave home home next time so i can get a special dance

    Kisses, Jewels
  12. rollin


    Thank you Ms. Jewel. You, in your leapord print, Julie and all the jewels looked so lovely for the party. I had a wonderful time.

    I noticed that one of your Guests, enjoys lap dances, especially if that dancer is a male............ :p

  13. eviesnow2002


    Dear Friends:

    The Jewels wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you that attended the Jewel Party and i will tell you that an awesome time was had by all of us.. I wish to thank all the new faces for making our nite such a pleasure and old faces as well.. We had a great time and we look forward to seeing u in April for our annual:

    April Showers bring May flowers bash...

    Love u lots!!!!