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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by frank735, Jan 27, 2003.

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  1. Jarhead


    Daro & Shorty

    No Problem, but FYI: 0311/9940 = Scout Snipers.

    A cook wasn't bad duty Shorty. Besides, I like to eat anything that wiggles and has fur on it. Gimme a break Daro; Korea? I'd need a splint to hobby if I had been in Korea. Platoon was a better characterization of the events in VN than Heartbreak Ridge, although it was entertaining. And yep, them flatfoots make me jumpy. It' not the flatfoots; its appearing on the front page of the of the Star Ledger that gives me the shakes. Somebody keep reminding me how much fun were having. Have a good day guys; I got to get back to trying to earn a living here. I had my morning break.

  2. sakatz


    This is just my opinion, but I think there was a time when a massage leading to fs was a kind of standard at a lot of places. My favorite places offered both and there were quite a few of such places.

    Then, after Guiliani closed the strip clubs, there were a lot of women who slipped through the safety net that stripping represented to some people--and now the net has been lowered so to speak to the massage w/hr but no fs. Certainly there's been an explosion, post-Guiliani, of massage/hr ads in the local free papers that seem to confirm this.
  3. shorty


    He was the supply officer.....jk jarhead.

    I loved that Movie. Heartbreak ridge:

    General: What do we have here?
    Gunnie: A clusterfuck sir!
    General: A What?
    Gunnie: A clusterfuck SIR!
    General: Who's in charge?
    Colonel: I am sir!
    General: Where did you come from?
    Colonel: Supply sir!
    General: I think you better go back to supply....
  4. daro

    daro in loco CM

    Jarhead, suck it up marine. Remember Heartbreak Ridge. LOL.
    Don't be going soft on me soldier. What obstacles.
    Remember Semper Fi. You're worried about a couple of
    donut eating flat feet coming through the door.
    You made it through Guadal Canal. You made it through the
    rice patties of Vietnam. You're an american hero.
    Nothing wrong with being a little nervous. Keeps you on
    your toes and alert. Nothing knew for you. You been there,
    and done that. That's right. We want you on that wall.
    As americans, we need you on that wall. Thanks again.
    P.S. I hope you weren't just a cook, and I wasted this whole
    post. LMAO.
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  5. Jarhead


    Teeduke: The worst part...........

    I just got back from a morning visit. Breakfast! Came back to work so I can relax.

  6. teeduke


    You guys sound stressed out.

    What you need is an AMP visit!
  7. Jarhead


    Biggod: Your right.

    It has reached a point where it's hard to have fun. I feel like its an obstacle course everytime I go somewhere. PS is the only time I feel relaxed and secure. Looking over your shoulder, listening to whats going on outside the room with male voices, a bump on a wall feels like the doors going to come crashing in, etc. Getting to feel like your in the pits. I dodged two bullets in 10 years with busts and they weren't tits. This is supposed to be fun. The alternative isn't much fun either. Quitting.

  8. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman


    That's not a bad track record. Back in the day I would get FS most of the time maybe because I was more aggressive and I don't look like LE. Also back then LE couldn't careless about AMP. This heat started with the bust of ultima and then the WTC. now this biz is really hard to have fun.
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  9. frank735


    Used to be a 40% shot at FS first time you went to a place. The other 50% gave you a nice massage with lots of contact. Only 10% of the time did you get ripped off or some lame self manipulation while the girl watched.

    I was busy at least once a week finding a new spot. Almost never dissappointed.

    Not the case now. 50-50 chance you won't even get the girl naked if you get in at all. Maybe you'll get robbed or worse the cops will bust the place before you've finished your meal.

    I've slowed down. maybe its age, maybe its the money, maybe its a scheduling issue, but most of all I think its the lack of exictment and adventure.

    Anyone remember Gerri? Indie massage women in Bergen county. Last seen in the Paramus area on Farview Ave, next to the mall....