Baco Professional Massage - Review.

Discussion in 'DC & Baltimore / Maryland / Virginia / Delaware' started by pitman_nyc, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. tits$ass


    That place has old used korean's, I called ahead of time and asked if they had a young one, they said 22! In Korean that must be 44. I almost gagged when I saw them come out. Had to leave. No chance of getting anything up for that one.
  2. pitman_nyc


    So two nights ago when I walked out of Jade because of not being able to see the masseuse, I'm in Baco. This time I'm asking for a half hour. So it's $0.5. Still can't see the masseuse and for good reason. An older woman. At least the mamasan kind of guaranteed me a happy ending. So, I went with it. Hopefully I won't do that again, but never say never. I did get a good enough massage and she did end up walking on my back and legs, so it wasn't all bad. Had a decent session and even BBBJ almost to completion. Glad it was only a 1/2 hour. Damage was $0.80. I guess the rule for the 'burbs is older orientall women, so beware. Total damage was $1.3. I've done much, much better at home...just getting used to a new city.