Bad News/Good News: A Tale of the Hobby

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Hotpuppy, Feb 15, 2003.

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  1. candie


    Ahhh good to hear! :)
  2. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    All's Well That Ends Well

    To complete the "bad news, good news" thread- my ATF braved less than ideal weather conditions to drive up here and spend a wonderful weekend. Many happy endings.
    take care,
  3. LoonyTunes


    I find most large cities to be ugly. I have travelled in the past and was unimpressed by any city I have been to. Granted most of travel was back in the 80's when the notion of the "trickle down effect economy" of Ronnie Raygun and the first Bushleaguer.

    I'm still waiting for trickle down to reach the middle classes.
  4. justme

    justme homo economicus

    I had this theory once that Los Angeles had to be one of the most consistantly beautiful places in the country, because if it wasn't, no one would be able to take all the people that live there.

    I have a similar (but somewhat opposite) opinion of New York (Manhattan).

    Houston strikes me as a decent way to split the difference.

    San Francisco would probably be better, but who can afford the Bay?
  5. justlooking


    OTOH, when you wake up in the morning you're in Houston.
  6. justme

    justme homo economicus

    HP - Good to see you posting. And I know what you mean... just this weekend I was really irritated because Saturday afternoon it was like in the lower 60's and so I put on a pair of shorts, but then it got kind of cold at night and so I had to come all the way home to change into pants. Plus I had left the windows open to air out my apartment, and so it was kinda cold inside when I got home.
  7. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I dont even know you hotpuppy, but Im feeling for you right now.
  8. mercydancer


    While we're on the subject of freezing.....
    got back wednesday from a funeral in PA to find that I had forgotten to give my oldset the key to the car just to warm it up daily. SOOOOO,
    radiator froze,popped a few holes,beyond repair,now I need a new radiator. To top it off its now -5 and its only 5:30pm. Can't get any work done on the car. It just started to snow again in Westbubblefuck,USA.

    Is there any thaw in sight for us?
    Then people wonder why people drink so much out here!!
  9. SpaMonger


    HP, Valentines day for you can be summed up like this:

    VD = Very Disappointing
  10. One Eyed Trouser Trout

    One Eyed Trouser Trout #1 Cowboys Fan

    Duct Tape and Plastic Sheeting

    Another use:

    1) Keeping your house from biological contamination during Terrorist Attacks
    2) Keeping the howling wind from freezing your pipes
    3) Keeps the flooding waters from cracked toilets from dripping into the rooms below
  11. Houston


    Hotpuppy maybe I should fly over to you and keep you warm. Sounds like this bitter winter is getting the best of you. Look on the bright side it will get warm again. look forward to hearing from you. You always ceer me up with your ecards. It is so cold here in New York that things are really slow and you know how much I hate slow.........
  12. buddyyy


    Another part of the beauty of a site like Utopiaguide is the extent to which you can develop "relationships" with a lot of interesting people.

    The bad news is that you never really know what happened when one drops out of site.

    The good news is when they stop by and say hi.
  13. mercydancer


    Congrats on the Dom experience. It's really a good combo of sensual,mental and spiritual unconsciousness that can only be described as the ultimate orgasm.
    Theres just something too enticing about having a naked man on your lap getting spanked.

    Oh boy,there we go. I got all wet.
  14. candie


    Frankly Mercydancer, I mastrbated after reading what you wrote. I would love to be on that kind of a mission. I am gaining Dominatrix experience each and everyday and OhMyGawd would I love to tie HP up and torture him only to release the ties with you after hmm say 5 bells..
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2003
  15. Fit Bastard

    Fit Bastard

    easy way to avoid disaster

    Have you ever heard stories about people going away on vacation only to return to a house that had been flooded due to a broken pipe. I have and let me tell you it is not a pleasant experience. Thus I offer UGers a tip. Before you leave for vacation you should turn off the valve for the water. If you have a basement it will probably be a pipe that comes through the basement wall. There should be a on/off handle or a round handle; turn it completely off. On a slab, the water line will usually be in the utility room. You can experience a frozen pipe even when the heat does not shut off. If temperatures are in the single digits and there is wind, a not fully protected pipe may freeze and burst. The wind can enter through a soffit or through an eave or a vent, etc. and it doesn't take long for the pipe to freeze. Another trick is to allow the water to trickle in a couple of sinks. Not a lot of water, just enough to keep water moving through the pipe. As long as the water moves through the pipe it will not freeze. Of course, the house temperature should be constant, at least 55 degrees (I like 60) while on vacation.
  16. betty_snj


    Puppy, you should continue driving down the interstate and come to my place.
    I was having my annual "Be My Oral
    Nice hotel suite, fireplace and candles...and a full hour of non stop uplifting oral.
    :) I have this new technique I've been trying on some ATFs of mine.
    One said he cannot wait for Valentines next year, because he thinks I will be able to include levitation in my sessions.
    LOL I had to mention it, I know he's reading this (hello M....thanks for the bracelet, is really beautiful, I didn't notice it till this morning when I opened all the gifts I got from my favorite Valentine guys).
  17. RoosterC74



    Good to see you posting again.
  18. mercydancer


    My SO is a plumber so I understand completely what it would have been like. Defrosting pipes with a blowtorch in -12 was not my idea of a fun date. I don't know how the temp is back in the city but, we're freezing our assets off out here in Westbubblefuck.
    It was -14 last night and only 8 right now.

    That's it, Candie girl we have got to go on a rescue mission to all these poor abandoned frozen men. I'll bring the cocoa,and the Jack and the skimpy underwear, you bring the massage oil and the condoms.Deal? LOL
  19. candie


    Thats it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am coming in March!
  20. pswope

    pswope One out of three

    When people from outside urban areas ask why I continue to pay the premium for living in NYC,I'll refer them to your post.

    (3 hours drive for commercial sex...... Yipes)

    good to see you're ok

    Take Care