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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by handi76, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. coppertop


    Am American Indian...or whatever the preferred nomenclature us these days...and have never had problems in Chois.

    Granted...Im not black...and maybe they think I'm Asian or something(?)...
  2. farishta


    how is choi on non-asians? Like, I"m black, so is it extra fishy if I'm going into an asian barbershop, knowing damn well that they can't cut hair for shit?

    Just joking about the poor hair cuts, but seriously, how are they on non-asians?
  3. handi76


    thanks bally,
    that's the range I would give as well..
  4. ballys20



    In this place, unless you know the provider well, my experience is that they tease you so you come back for more. But if its 40/hr, and you can gain their "confidence," then 20-40 tip for a hj; 30-50 for bj; and 40-60 for fs is what I would pay. Then again it depends on the provider, is she young and loaded or is it the typical 30's or 40's (av. 3-5 rating) gal with too much mileage? Choi's is well known and not much is there. I would spend a little extra and go to a known AMP and have someone younger "work" on me.
  5. handi76


    I apologize for putting this same thread on Craig List Listings, what I meant to do was put it here...

    Hey fellas,
    I went over the Choi's Barbershop yesterday. I know Choi's BBS has a thread of its own and has been reviewed many times, but I felt that we should have a new thread based on general Barber shop experience.

    Anyways, it was my first time at this joint and there were several men getting their hair cut and I noticed there was a separate entrance to the massage rooms. I went in, and I was approached by a mid-40's korean woman. She was around 6 in my book, stood 5'2 and had about small B's.
    She had a dark auburn highlights on her hair, nothing fancy. She also happened to be my massuse.

    Her name I recall was Susy or Judy...something with a Y at the end. She collected .40 for the house, but there was no ts. I was told that there was a stand up shower stall but never got to use one. She took my money and told me to undress and lie on the table. She came back, and the first thing she did was wash my feet with a cloth, which i thought was unusual....

    He massaged me for about 35~40 min and tells me to flip. Before doing so, I was roaming around her clothes and she didn't mind at all... The finale came by hr. She pushed up her shirt so that I can play with her cans, so none of her clothes came off. I tipped .30 which i thought it was reasonable, but I could tell that she wasn't happy with the tip.

    My question is.... what is the standard tipping policy in Barbershop?
    Compared to AMP, most of these BBS charge .40/hr - house, where as AMP charges .60 with or without ts. This was my first time experimenting with BBS. I always thought since BBS has sub-par service and facility than that of AMP, it was OK to tip less.

    During the flip, I got a notion that they allow FS, at least my massuse hinted if I had a condom. If I went for FS, how much tip should I give. Is it the usual $ as in AMP? If I did, I would have given her .60. I heard from somewhere, people pay $ for fs at BBS (house & tip combined).

    I apologize if this topic seems pointless to you...., and I don't blame you guys, but any input will be appreciated... ciao