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    Oh, yeah, could have a legitimate dating service, as long as no money and no sex is transferred or involved.
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    Probably not a violation of the Mann Act.

    My reading of the Mann Act is that it is the transporting by one individual of another accross state lines for the purpose of prostitution or other immoral sex act. That would include the direct transportation or the arrangement for travel of an individual for immoral purposes. E.G, If a pimp put his girl on a path train in manhattan (but did not accompany her) so she could meet a client in Jersey City, that would be a Mann Act violation.

    If a person travels on her or his own, then it is not a Mann Act violation. The girls that travel around the country and stay in various cities for brief periods, usually do so by making their own travel arrangements. They are usually travellng on their own and not being transported by another and their travel is not a Mann Act violation.
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    Not a lawyer, it is a violation of the Mann Act.

    Mann Act

    $140 -$300, huh? Well, inflation.

    Back 10 years ago, you coulda had me all night, and I would even cook you breakfast for $40.

    Yeah, memories.
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    Is the a lawyer in the house?

    No answer?'s like asking a thirsty masculine guy if he'd like a beer on a hot sweaty day after he mowed his lawn.

    Now will one of the thousand of you step forward and answer? Forget the shit statement.........sheeesh.
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    Crossing state line is a big no-no. Especially if they can prove it was for the purpose of prostitution (which it sounds like they have)

    Doen't this make it a fed case or they probably just won't pick it up because of the lack of severity?

    Is there a lawyer in the house? (like asking if shit attracts flies lol)
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    We must really go deeper underground to stay alive! Pigs need to do something useful like tracking down Osma's and his ass posse down and keep people's FREEDOM alive instead of taking it away.

    4 Arrested in Online Prostitution Sting
    By Associated Press
    Wed Aug 9, 11:55 AM

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Police have arrested four women in an investigation into prostitution ads that were posted on a popular Internet classifieds site.

    The women were arrested over the last three weeks at hotels near Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, police said. They were charged with illegally soliciting sex.

    Anne Arundel County authorities began the investigation after reading ads posted on that offered sex services for $140 to $300.

    Police said Tuesday the women allegedly arranged several weeks' worth of appointments in advance, then flew into a city to meet with clients. They then traveled to their next destination.

    Experts said Craigslist has become a favorite way for prostitutes to find clients and set up operations in cities where they don't have a network. Classified ads in a variety of categories are free on Craigslist.

    "The Internet facilitates the mobility and the outreach to clients, and there are a number of Web sites, including Craigslist, that these workers use to announce their presence in a particular city during a particular day," said Ronald Weitzer, a sociology professor at George Washington University.

    Police said two of the four women are from California and Illinois and the others live in Washington, D.C. and Laurel. Trials are pending.