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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Slinky Bender, Feb 16, 2001.

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  1. Ozzy


    so did you have to create a new thread for this?

    isn't there already a tech thread someplace......

    unless you lost it!
  2. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Yeah, that "New Thread" button. The one new to the "Reply" button. yeah, that one.

    The board is starting to get very active ( a good thing; thank all of you very much ) so we need to be careful not to have duplicate threads started all over the place. Please try to se id there is an existing thread on a subject before starting a new one. This will not only make my job easier ( you guys want that, right ? ), but will make the discussions better, clearer and less fragmented.

    If you are not sure, you can do a "search" and see.