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  1. betty_snj



    to all of you....all VERY sweet and tasty I might say :)
  2. pete422


    Joined the Club

    Guys, it was some of your reviews that made me want to see Betty. She is every thing you described and more.

    Thanks for the heads up (pun intended)!
  3. Kayfabe



    they were weak alright... freakin' amazing.
  4. rollin


    Kayfabe, were knees weak when you walked to the elevator................... :)

    Got another one, Ms. Kirby :p

    Hey... Now..........
  5. Kayfabe


    Review of Betty

    On my drive back home after meeting with Betty for the first time, I gave a lot of thought to the review I would write. What more can be said that hasn't already been? She's out of this world. Her technique and oral skills are, if not unparalleled, they do not take a back seat to anyone.

    As a newbie, I feel almost obligated to thank all the'ers who have recommended her. Being only a part time hobbiest (aka a poor and broke hobbiest), I normally just go the cheap thrills route and don't set up incalls, but I just has to see if Betty was as good as many of you say...and w/o question, she's all that and more.

    As for details, I won't give a blow-by-blow (pun intended) account of what happened, but the one thing I do want to make mention of is how talented Betty is...not just at the physical stuff, but she really sets a wonderful mood and truly gives the ultimate GFE. The feeling I got from her, is that her biggest skill other than her great BBBJ, is being able to determine what kind of session that the guy is looking for, and she then can tailor the session to fit the need of the person who is being serviced. While I was looking for a great GFE, and got it, I have little doubt that if you just wanted a wild time with less sensual interaction, she would be able to provide that, and do it extremely well too.

    I truly recommend seeing Betty at least once. I agree with those who have said that Betty may not be for everyone, especially if your ideal is a fantasy model type...but even so, I'd still say give her a look, because what she provides is a real that I think a lot of guys are looking for; and that fantasy is, a real woman who makes it her top priority to serve you, no matter what attention you may be looking for. And no, she may not be 5'7 115lbs...but she's an attractive, mature woman who will LITERALLY blow your mind (again...pun intended), and in my book, that makes for a great provider.
  6. rollin


    Two more converts!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well........ You got two more Ms. Kirby.

    Sounds like pete422 and Boywonder got the royal treatment....... not that anybody doesn't get the royal treatment from Betty.

    Glad you guys both enjoyed yourselves, Betty's a sweetheart and always makes you feel that your the only one.

    Betty and Karla together............... Heaven............ I want to die now................................. :)

  7. BoyWonder


    Pete good and accurate review of Betty....I am way ahead of you as I already offered to be the "test cock" for Betty to offer training sessions from all that want to learn from the master.
  8. pete422


    Review of the Oral Goddess

    When you are going to see somebody for the first time, there is always some nervousness and apprehension. Are you going to enjoy, is the lady going to be enthusiastic, will you get a good bang for your buck ;-) , etc.

    The other day, I had an opportunity to meet Betty of NJ at a nice hotel where
    she does incalls. I knocked on Betty's door and she summoned me inside. She quickly made me feel comfortable and I sensed that I was going to have a lot of fun.

    As she says at her website
    (,"if you're looking for a model or a Barbie type I'm not for you...I'm full and voluptuous, extremely sensual
    with 38DD's." Indeed, if you are looking for a 24 year old prom queen, you shouldn't see Betty. If, however, you are looking for a great time
    with an accommodating, sensual and very nice lady, you can't do any better than Betty.

    Some reviews have described Betty as "heavy". In my opinion, that is not accurate. She is certainly not a model
    type, but she is far from some of the BBW types. I also think she is a pretty woman and I'm sure I'll see her again (and, hopefully, again and again).

    I appreciate it when people do little things in life that show concern for others. Betty had a laptop PC to play CDs, candles around the room, an assortment of lubricants and toys and, after we were done, offered me a shower. The bathroom was stocked with name brand shampoos and soaps that Betty had brought. She works
    hard at making her guests feel comfortable.

    However, that isn't the only thing that will have me going back to Betty. At her web site she has pictures and
    video clips that are a good indication of what your meeting will be like. Some of her reviews mention that she has the best orals skills that various
    hobbyists had ever seen. That certainly peaked my interest and it proved to be very accurate.

    After we kissed and cuddled for a bit, I got to see and play with those impressive 38DD's. After that, I got
    to try my oral skills on Betty for a while. She seemed to enjoy it and then she played with herself with an impressive dildo while I watched, caressed and
    encouraged her. I really enjoy watching women touching themselves.

    When she was done, she had me
    lay back while she caressed me. Shortly thereafter, she started rubbing those great boobs all over my body, stopping finally at my cock. It didn't
    take long for me to give it up all over her chest. Betty seemed quite pleased with the results but also made it clear that the day was far from done.

    After letting me recover for a few minutes, she asked "Are you ready?" She then started to display her unique oral talents on my eager dick. When she took me completely in her mouth, it was my first deep throat experience and it was spectacular.

    Betty did me like mine was going to be the last cock she ever saw. She stopped for a minute to tell me how
    much she likes a vibrator in her while she's giving head so she rearranged things to accomplish that. I certainly wasn't going to argue about that. She then went back to her prime task with
    renewed energy and I was in heaven. She sucked, licked, kissed and caressed my cock like nothing I have experienced before. She took me almost to a peak several times but would then back off a little so I
    wouldn't cum. After repeating this for what seemed like an hour, all the time writhing because of the vibrator in her pussy, I had a great release while
    Betty was sucking like her life depended on it.

    After that, I enjoyed going down on her again, but Betty was not done with me. She started sucking me again as
    though she needed my cum to live. After several minutes of exquisite pleasure, I felt it wasn't going to happen. I told Betty she could stop and she said she loved what she was doing and went right back to it. The third event didn't happen, but it was
    certainly not for Betty's lack of effort.

    When I looked at the clock and realized I was well past the time I was supposed to be there, I told Betty I should go. She asked if I really had to because I could stay longer if I wanted. Because of my schedule, I really did have to go.

    The whole time I was there, Betty made me feel like I was the most important person in her life. I really had a good time and would highly
    recommend her to anybody. Well, except for those of you who don't like incredible oral sex.

    I think Betty should use her skills to run classes for young women on how to give head. Because of my devotion to this cause, I would unselfishly offer to be the person on whom Betty would demonstrate and on whom the young
    ladies would practice. Kind of my way of making the world a kinder, gentler place.

    Thanks, Betty, for a great time.
  9. rollin


    What a Time.................

    What a great time I had on Saturday. My first time with Betty and Karla these are two women that can make you beg to stop (or is it don't stop)......... anyway I needed a wheelchair just to get out of the hotel.... another servere case of whobbly knees....after over 2 hours of pure sucking pleasure...
    One of the highlights of the afternoon, I had made some fresh split pea soup and taken some HOT for them to enjoy, was watching and chatting with Betty as she enjoyed her soup while Karla played and then chatting with Karla as she enjoyed her soup as Betty played...........then they went back to playing together.
    I told them as they performed their magic on me, that if this is what Heaven was like I wanted to die now.............. :)

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  10. john8746


    Three some

    Well just called and reserved my spot for saterday
  11. pav60



    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. extremesex


    Finally something to make up for this miserable weather.
    I hope I can clear at least on saturday for this wonderful offer!
  13. SkellyChamp


    There is only one thing missing.

  14. vegasjim


    Betty nice to see spring specials. In previous years many girls ran spring and march madness specials.
  15. BoyWonder


    Betty finishing quick with you is hard to avoid....your just too good !
  16. betty_snj


    Finishing quick sometimes is hard to avoid, specially with guys with premature ejaculation.
    But, if he's a multiple cummer, he can cum quick the first and IF he has an experienced woman with him she will be able to delay his orgasm and prolong his pleasure.
    If a guy books me because he wants to break his record, I can do that, I can make a guy cum as many times he's able (or unable) to.
    But if he wants to FEEL a pleasure he never had before, I can do that to....I can delay his cum for hours, and just keep teasing and teasing until he cannot take anymore.
    :) It's his choice....
  17. betty_snj


    mmmmmmmmmm Carver Carver that's IT.

    When a guy j/o prior meeting me, there is not much build up, and if he wants "the best" bbbjtcnqns not touching himself will definitely increase his sensitivity leading to the vulcanic eruption guys wants to have with me.

    I can tell when a man don't follow my requests.

    I had a client yesterday and after his second orgasm I said...mmmmm you didn't listen to me huh? You had sex couple days ago.
    He looked at me with bugged eyes and asked: HOW do you know THAT?

    lol...I just know.
  18. carver420


    fair enough.
    I haven't had any...cough. cough. release in about 4-5 days. Betty???
  19. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Betty just wants to swallow alot of cum.
  20. carver420


    if I don't j/o or if I am not with someone who does it for me, then I usually "finish" rather quickly the next time? I usually bang one out right before I go out to avoid things finishing quickly?

    Betty: why do you suggest (demand ;) that your boys wait a few days?
    fill me in on some secrets if I don't know it yet....