Belize - Recent Trip Report

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  1. paperpusher


    Ask any taxi driver in the Belize City and they can direct you to the nearest Brothel. I coincidentally met up with a taxi Driver from Queens and spoke flawless English (the local English dialect is unrecognizalbe). Most speak Spanish.

    The driver (whose number I will post if interested) named himself Cobra and everyone including LE called him such. He was happy to drive me out to a place just outside the city. It was 12:00 and all the women were sleeping. I literally got to pick a women while she was still asleep. There seemed to be a mix of Domicans, Hondurans and local Belizians that are very dark skinned girls.

    I picked a Domican that was thick (the first one and felt embarraed not to take her after she woke up) with Double DD tits. The price was $50. At that price I told her to get another thinner girl. In comes one of the best looking woman from Hondorus about 22 and hot. Short hair (small Bs that were implants- could not imagine how small she would be without them), hourglass figure and the cutest face I have seen on a provider in a long time.

    Ok this was going to be my first manage. I started with the bigger Domican with a covered BJ that was skilled with the cute one stuck her breasts in my face and kept pushing my head in to them. Lots of fake silly noises abound. The Domican mounted me with great skill CG and kind of did something like she was body surfing on me. The cute one was rubbing her body all over me.

    I had them switch and the switched condoms. The Honduran was soo tight and I am not big. It felt great. The Domican shoved her DDs in my face but I wanted to get a glimpse of the other girl but could not. I was literally getting smothered.

    The girls had limited stamina. There was a fan on and it was 90. I dont blame them. They clearly wanted to be done in 20 minutes. The Domican was more skilled but the Hondoran was tighter (but that soon gave way as we went it for 15 minutes and the lube kicked in).

    At one point, I was doing missionary and her head kept banging against the wall. I kept trying to move her. She had this goofy expression and non stop questions hoping that i came. That they knew in English. Eventually The Domican switched again and got me off.

    The avoided any kind of kissing or BBJs. The Mexicans the next day did do BBJs but not well. Both asked for tips for extra condom expense as they put it. I used four. It was $120 total and got to live out a fanatasy. Thirty dollars for the taxi driver who waited the whole time. The Mexicans were double that for point of comparison but got one to do greek.

    You do need a taxi driver. You can wander off it to some very nasty areas very easily.
  2. JohnnyDS


    I along with a buddy found ourselves in San Pedro, Belize just this past February, 2007. We stayed at a friends place at the Royal Palms which is just south of San Pedro. We were only there for three nights but made every effort to make the most of our time there.

    Day 1: After a morning of snorkeling at Mexican Rocks (great trip) we found ourselves at a bar on the beach called Crazy Canuck's. There we met a bunch of Canadian ex pat's who directed us to a bar called Black and White where they guaranteed a hook up even at 2:00 in the afternoon. So oft we went and yes those fella's new what they were talking about. Although this is a pretty scary place (even in the mid afternoon) we found what we were looking for. This bar is about 300 yards down a dirt road that is off of the main dirt road, yes even the main road is dirt. Inside we found about six chica's and another 8 local men. Guy's were cool and new why we were there. The gals were shooting pool, tending bar, and just basically hanging out. We made the requisite eye contacts, followed by small talk, followed by getting the economics out of the way, followed by about four hours of frolick back at the Royal Palms. Cost $.5 each for the three hours. Gal's were about a 6.5 in looks and 8.0 in attitude.

    Day 2: Spent most of the day drinking, shopping (like to get that out of the way early in any trip), and drinking. At around 10:00 PM we went to the Jaguar Temple. This was a little early, but we got ourselves situated and watched the parade come in. This is a club with both pro's and non pro's. Selection is tremendous, just be careful with your rap as you try to determine the pro's from non pro's. I apparently insulted a gal or two at the outset, but even they became my friends as the evening wore on and the drinks were flowing. Here I made eye contact with a gal that rocked my scale at a solid 8.5. She appeared though to be with another group of guys, but we kept swapping looks. (I love the hunt). This gal however turned out to be paid for as she eventually made her way over to me and let me know that she wanted to quietly exit the "scene" and get on with making additional dinero. I know I was probably breaking a mongering code or two, but I left with her anyway. Sensational ........ two hours $.0 plus cab fare back to town (about $6 US).

    Last Day: Walking down the road to find a place for breakfast around 10:00 AM. My buddy and I saw a gal that we thought for certain was a 100 footer (you know the kind of gal that looks good from 100 feet away). Well she kept looking good as we walked past each other and we both took a gander at each other. I looked back and she was still looking. Back to the Royal Palms just me and my new found 7.0. My buddy was not feeling as chipper after the previous long day. Neither was but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. She was a local, non pro, but was interested in the $50.00 I offered her for a morning date. I probably overpaid, but she was as good as any of my previous encounters.

    All of the gals I met on the trip were very enthusiastic, with a high fun quotient.

    Hopefully, the DR will be the same. Unfortunately though this is a golf trip with about 8 guys and it looks like I'm staying on the wrong part of the island as we are staying at Casa de Campo which is by La Romana. I'd appreciate any mongering thoughts for the area.

    PS ........ Good local place for dinner in Belize.... "Georges" right down the road from Krazy Kanucks.