Benvenuto, Signorina TaTas!

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by guy catelli, Mar 22, 2001.

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  1. Tankcommander


    Just remember....

    Nasty Patty... she called herself that...
    was reviewed to have given amazing service for only 60 dollars complete..
  2. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    it depends. i have never met Signorina TaTas, and, because a cruel fate separates us by the span of a continent, i have no expectation that i ever will.

    but, it's pretty 'ostensible' to me that Signorina TaTas provides RCE.
  3. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Nice post, Talisa, with the exception of:

    Its pretty obvious that you get more for $350 an hour than for $180.

    which, if true, would preclude the obstencible necessity for any of these boards, no?
  4. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    Re: To The LittleGuy

    cara Signorina TaTas,

    i try not to overly concern myself with littleguy's persistent and unprovoked rudeness toward many posters, both escort and client alike.

    for one thing, he is much less belligerent in comparison with many who lack his general life experience. and, i try to make generous allowance for that fact that tartness is one of the consolations (along with alcohol {cough}) of a lonely old sheep in wolf's clothing.

    and, haven't we all seen enough of people who are all 'sweetness and light' in public, but vicious and malicious backstabbers when they imagine that no one is 'looking'.

    if someone is a public grouch, he or she will be no worse behind one's back. and, at best, he or she might turn out to be a very pleasant surprise when the chips are down -- or behind closed doors.

    and, littleguy, in his various guises, is an inveterate enemy of pretension -- to which charge i have no viable alternative plea other than nolo contendere.

    however, by the same token, i have asked him in the past to refrain from presuming to give legal advice -- especially since it seems to invariably be that we should exercise less caution than we already do.

    in closing, thank you, signorina, for your brilliant and concise explication of the current state of the relevant laws in california.
  5. jester


    You know, I'll bet no one else has thought about the federal aspects of this. I would love to see the expression on the face of the clerk who gets a tax form that lists "Escort" on the occupation line.

    Talisa, this is a good post, although with police and DA's I think our hobby's expression of YMMV also applies in many cases.

    Is there anyone here in NY with similar (and accurate) information?

  6. Talisa


    To The LittleGuy

    I will ignore your rude comments and focus on your actual questions.

    A very close friend of mine is a criminal-defense attorney of high reputation. What I mean by this is that he not only practices but he is often invited to speak at Bar Association meetings and is well-respected among his peers.

    Below I am repeating what he has taught me;

    In California, he has represented both clients and providers who have been arrested. It is not only quite common but necessary for the police (in California-- I cannot comment on other states) to get a verbalization of a willingness to exchange sex and money. This must be followed by "an act of furtherance". So a common example is when the cops work from an ad, (like what happened recently here when Avery was busted and her ad used to arrest clients) The client calls and asks "Is it fullservice?" (lingo) and the cop is able to answer "yes" because it is not considered entrapment in CA. Entrapment is getting someone to commit a crime who did not have a predisposition to do it. So he asks is it FS then he shows up for the appointment...the showing-up for the appointment part is the "act of furtherance" in this example. That is enough to show intent and he IS arrested.

    Flip-side--- the cop calls the ad (LA cops do it ALL the time and I know several girls who have been arrested answering their questions over the phone) and the cop asks "What do I get for my money?", "Is it Body To Body", or "Is it fullservice?" and they record this conversation and if the girl answers in a way which incriminates herself then she gets arrested. We have strict laws in CA governing massage and the massuese is not allowed to touch the buttocks, breasts or genitals of a client. To do so is an act of prostitution in CA.

    Oh and btw, I have a couple of clients who are cops who have told me the same story of how Vice bust girls. And yes, Littleguy, they do it ongoing. This is HOW they bust people.

    As far as the client not knowing what he will get, I only see intelligent men who have figured it out or read a review. Its pretty obvious that you get more for $350 an hour than for $180. But hey, that is what the reviews are for. And believe me, before the reviews plenty of men figured it out for themselves without me spelling it out.

    Call me foolish but I do pay taxes on all my money because I am saving to buy a condo. Every dollar of income tax will count towards helping me get a loan. I claim "Entertainer" on my income tax. It is not a federal crime to be a prostitute though and IRS does not care how we make our money. Without my income tax returns I never would have gotten the lease on my car.

    It sounds like you wish to be a provider yourself. Have you thought of running an ad? Exotics has a category for men to advertise. You should try it.

    Good Luck,

  7. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    Why don't you two kiss each other's ass via e-mail and quit subjecting the rest of us to this TBD, mutual admiration society horseshit.

    "a preferred client NEVER loses sight that this IS a business"

    Keep in mind Talisa that few businesses charge the rate you ladies do without the client knowing what he's getting for his money.

    When did the 2 of you become lawyers, or are you already ?

    When was the last time you saw anybody prosecuted for asking, or answering for that matter, questions via e-mail, of via phone ?

    Nobody's saying you must answer if you don't want to, but don't blame anybody for asking.

    Boy, I sure wish I could charge $300 or more an hour, not have to pay taxes if I didn't want to, and didn't even have to disclose what you got for your money.

    Isn't that the way the cash-and-dash operations in Arizona work ?

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  8. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    Re: Preferred Clients

    ah, this seems to be such a perfect summation.
    yes; this is probably the single most clearcut distinction between the emotionally mature and the immature client. in fairness, can we also say that civilian women have a part to play in keeping hidden from men as long as possible the universality in life of 'quid-pro-quo'?
    of course ... this is a matter of common sense ... a gentleman should never pry into the personal life of any lady.
    flattery is a fine art. it is much easier to make things worse with a compliment that clashes instead of complements. personally, i try to flatter a lady with deeds. for example, showering and shaving twice before going out on a date.
    interestingly, the one thing even the men on the client's-only boards seem to all realize is that escorts are the least expensive route to adult companionship. what is amazing is that they nevertheless reverse their sentiments -- in the direction of increasing, rather than decreasing, cost.
    perfetta, signorina.

    you mentioned on another thread, " ... a client whom I just adored." would it be indiscreet of me to ask of you what it was that made this type of client so special?
  9. Talisa


    Preferred Clients

    Clients who are more desirous are those who have a "Mature Gentleness" about them. They do not have issues with paying us nor do they judge us harshly for our work. Instead they understand how the world works and that every relationship has its terms and conditions.

    They don't pry into your personal lives and they don't flatter us with insincere compliments. They don't try to become our boyfriends in order to get us for free and they NEVER try to take advantage of us by attempting to get more for less. They don't pretend to want to marry us or otherwise "save us" from the business. They don't gossip to us about other girls nor do they gossip about us to them. They don't even discuss other providers.

    They show up clean or they use our shower during the preleminaries. They don't push our boundaries by trying to get us to give them something we don't offer (kissing, anal, unprotected sex). They don't freak out afterwards and insult us by asking "You don't have a disease, do you? You would tell me if you did, right?"

    If they cannot make an appointment the preferred client gives sufficient notice but in a situation where he is only able to give a last minute notice just before the appointment, he makes it up to the next time by giving something extra for our time and trouble and potential loss of business. You see, a preferred client NEVER loses sight that this IS a business.

    Being a preferred client is more about what they DON'T do it seems. But it is about kindness and gentleness and treating the provider with the same respect afforded another human being.
  10. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    qualities of preferred clients?

    cara Signorina TaTas,

    so much has been written about bad clients and bad escorts, and also about good escorts. but, very little has been written about good clients.

    yet, surely there must be some clients that an escort looks forward to seeing, because of certain qualities or characteristics these clients possess.

    and, there are many clients whose postings indicate that they would very much like to better understand how to be the type of client that escorts prefer to share time and companionship with.

    could you describe for us what are some of the qualities you find increase your enjoyment of time spent with a client?


  11. Talisa


    Yes It Was Expensive

    but I believe in hiring the best and paying top dollar for their abilities. You won't see me at "Glamour Shots". LOL!
  12. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    why fools behave foolishly ...

    cara Signorina TaTas,

    my guess is that most of the writers of crude posts and letters are merely emotionally underdeveloped people who find it somehow 'stimulating' to be rude to a beautiful woman.

    i was 'channel-surfing' one night, and happened to see David Letterman doing this with his guest that evening -- Sophia Loren -- of all people! i wanted to take him by the lapels and have a nice, friendly 'chat' with him -- but, of course, that is just the kind of attention such immature people want.

    of course, in a competitive marketplace, there will always be those who 'push the envelope' just a little bit further than the competition. this then is 'topped' by yet another player in the marketplace. thus, we have all read on countless occasions, "time and companionship only", and yet, viewed countless 'galleries' where the reasonable person on a jury could find that this was a very specific sort of 'time and companionship', indeed.

    actually, it was more a sweet kind of 'ache', than unalloyed 'enjoyment'. i fear that our, respective, destinies may prevent us from ever meeting.

    so, my interest in your site is more aesthetic and cultural, than it is pragmatic.

    specifically, the 'splash' photo on your home page is of museum-art quality. as they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. it is not necessary to state, ~i am [this]; i am [that]~. the photograph itself is most eloquent in revealing that you provide an experience of the highest quality, even to someone who is just a viewer of your site.

    it looks like the kind of photograph that takes a long time to set up. there was probably an overheard frame for mounting a 6x7 camera; and high stands for strobe lights and umbrella light-difusers.

    and then, the suds in the water had to be 'just right'; that is, not too much and not too little (sort of like the subject matter ;)).

    it must have taken all day to get this shot. that, in itself, speaks volumes about the care you take to make 'everything just right'.

    di ella sempre,

  13. Talisa


    My Darling Gaetano...

    Just today I received an email asking what he got for his $$$. I wonder if he is LE or just a mentally-challenged individual who is an arrest waiting to happen.

    Fortunately most men are intelligent enough to "get it" and I consider this a way to screen out the dummies...

    However I do blame a lot of the girls for teaching the guys to use lingo in the first place. Some people just don't care about whether they get into trouble.

    Thank you for the compliments and glad to know you enjoyed viewing my more obvious charms.

    Talisa TaTas
  14. guy catelli

    guy catelli

    cara Signorina TaTas,

    please allow me to welcome you to UG, and to thank you for gracing us with your lovely and charming presence. i have taken the liberty of responding to your California board post here on the General board, because of my vanity -- i wanted a wider audience for my post. i hope you do not mind.

    Guy, The Educated-Client?

    another poster has put it thus:

    Guy is it true what I hear about you? That you were a "regular" of Anne Marie's, and now you have hired her just for yourself -- because you didn't want to share her with the world? (LOL)

    although it would be stretching things to refer to myself as a 'gentleman', nevertheless, it is my standing policy never to 'kiss and tell'. and so, please forgive me if i do not confirm or deny this rumor.

    thank you for posting the url to your site,

    would it be too impertinent of me to comment that the 'splash' photo on your home page amply demonstrates that your professional surname, "TaTas", is certainly well deserved?.

    personally, i think that your "Etiquette for Clients" section should be required reading for everyone -- including escorts. i thought the most essential advice was: "Talking about sex or even using euphemisms or street lingo when money is involved is cause enough to be arrested for a sex offense -- so do not talk about sex."

    this is crucial. yet, unfortunately, it is too often overlooked, especially here on the internet. i think there is some sort of mental block with certain people -- and, for the sake of balance, i will include escorts in this comment. they will often say in defense of their discussing in public (with persons they know not) things that should be discussed, if at all, only with a trusted friend, ~but everyone knows what this is really all about!~

    it strikes me that that is all the more reason why they should keep their mouths shut about such matters, rather than allow their lips to flap in the breeze like wind chimes beckoning the religious right, the pc-left, cowardly corporations and politicians, ******** persons, LE, and, last, but not the least of concerns, certain twisted mentalities whose imagination is 'fired up' by such talk.

    and, might i add concerning your concluding remark, "This is why I think escorts are the best value in the world for adult companionship": no true words have ever been spoken, signorina.

    di ella sempre,