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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by handi76, Jul 24, 2006.

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  1. cocklossal


    Based on the positive reply by handi76 I decided to check this place out on route to the NYC. Being from North Bergen and not from the area I found this place very difficult to find at least from the directions on mapquest.

    I too visited the place on a very hot day and when I rang the bell (Lena at least I think thats what she told me her name was since I don't speak broken English) answered the door. She was about 5'4, probably 110lbs, 34B and had a very tight body. Not that she was ugly but her face looked like it had a few miles on it. Later in the massage I found out she was 45 and was sort of shocked.

    I was immediately escorted to the table shower, where I have to say she cleaned me very well I would say like how a mother cleans a new born infant. Every part of my body was scrubbed from the bottom of my feet to behind my ears and I mean every part so I gave her an A+ for the ts.

    As we entered the room I asked her is she can walk on my back being that I saw the pole attached from the ceiliing. She declined and said she does not do that. Being a bit disappointed and seeing she had my .60 already I layed down on the table and she covered me with a sheet and began to point hot baby oil on my back. I not really into the oil stuff but I did decided to stick it out. I must say for a small lady she did have pretty strong hands and used some elbows on my back and legs. I will give her an A for effort since she did try hard by for the massage I would probably have to giver her B-.

    As we were approaching the end of the hour she began with the light touch and tingle massage and the blowing which did feel good. I had the feeling she was going to end it right there but I flipped over and she was a bit taken back at my endowment. She than began rubbing my chest but would not go to the southern area. Any and all attempts from me to touch her was knocked down. Finally after about 10 minutes I moved her hand and she got some oil and took care of the rest of the massage. That ending was very disappointing. I giver her a D- for effort. She cleaned the oil off my back and the rest of my body with hot towels and I threw her a $25 tip.

    If your into getting a fair to good massage than Lena is okay otherwise I would have to rate this place as a thumbs down, since I will not be going back.

    Good luck to the rest of you mongers if you decide to check it out
  2. j2000


    good review man. thanks. and for those looking...check the bergen record online classifieds...
  3. handi76


    I called this place up this weekend. It's the phone number ending in 3551.
    This place is next to some chiropractor's office, and there is parking on the side. If I remember correctly, this place was called "SUN SPA."
    I guess there was a change in ownership. I rang the bell, and this attractive Korean lady opened the door. I guess she was the mama-san. She was very petite in size, no more than 5 feet tall with no figure.
    Anyways, I got in, and paid the house fee .60.
    I was escorted to a different room and undress.
    I believe there was only one girl working at that time.
    I didn't get the ts, just a regular shower.
    My massause was about 7; early to mid 30's, long hair, 5'5, about b~c cup, korean, little english. I must say it was one of the best massages I've gotten. During the massage part, it was getting very hot in the room. Even with the AC on, it was pretty hot. She was sweating profusely, so I recommended to take her top off to cool off, and she say ok. She took off her top along with her bra, and you know that, she even took off her hotpants without any hesitation. She was moving around with her panties on. Her puppies was nice looking as hell. Even though they were not that big, it looked perfect on her tight frame.
    The time came for me to flip, and she did the deed.
    I gave her .3 for her trouble and left the premises.
    All in all, I will return to see if there is any more talents.