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Discussion in 'New York' started by EEL, Apr 26, 2001.

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  1. mowogman


    I haven't been to as many as most of you guys, but I vote for Jillian Bradleys. I've seen a few nice ones there of which my favorite is Adrianne.

    I was at another place about two and a half years ago. I didn't make it back and have since lost the address and phone number. To make things worse, I don't even remember where the hell I was. I saw Suzette there. There was also another small blonde with a large rack who looked pretty good. All I remember about the place (other than Suzette) is I went up to it in an elevator, the elevator door opened to the lobby of the place, and the receptionist was sitting right there. I used the room right behind her on the left of the hallway. The bed had a Zebra skin covering and there was a very large window with the receptionist behind it (thankfully there were drapes or something). I've always wondered what the name of that place was. Anyone ?

  2. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Julie's for me!

    I've been to a few different incall agencies, but Julie's is the best. I've also been to Nina's (former phonegirl from the old Tiffany's) a few times and the good thing about her place is that you get to wash up before the time starts. Alas, I've lost contact with Nina, she's like a Mom who wants to help her sons get laid! I've also been to a place which may now be called Intimate Indulgence, also a winner.
  3. RoosterC74


    Best In-Call

    I like Nicole Rio's Place. It is friendly and up-beat, and Nicole and Lauren always make good recommendations. Of course for me, Cecilia is a fine treat at Nicole's Place.
  4. jmcurry

    jmcurry The Insider

    Halle at Kama Sutra. She is wonderful
  5. EEL


    What do people think the best incall place is? and best person at that place.