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    Second New Orleans officer arrested in massage parlor robbery
    The Associated Press

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A police officer already on suspension for neglect of duty during Hurricane Katrina was arrested Monday on an armed robbery charge, police chief Warren Riley said.

    Quincy Shelling, 28 and a six-year veteran of the police department, is one of two NOPD officers identified, along with another man, in the robbery of a downtown massage parlor.

    Shelling surrendered to Public Integrity Bureau investigators early Monday. He was booked on charges of armed robbery and malfeasance in office.

    Upon arrest, Shelling resigned from the department. He was already serving a 45-day suspension for neglect of duty during Hurricane Katrina.

    Shelling and Joshua Burns, 29, an eight-year police veteran, and Lamar R. Dersone, 28, a resident of Jefferson Parish, were identified from a surveillance camera during an armed robbery at a French Quarter massage parlor, on Thursday, police said.

    Burns, arrested on June 9, was booked and charged with armed robbery and malfeasance. He resigned immediately thereafter. Dersone was arrested on June 10, and booked with one count of armed robbery.