Biggest Threat to World Peace???

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by danger-us, Feb 11, 2003.

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  1. justme

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    Was it Rushdie that wrote that it was very sad to watch an American in a foriegn land completetly unaware of the reasons that he was hated?

    Well, Rushdie would have said it better.

    (I really hope that this isn't misinterperated by some jingoistic idiot to imply that I dislike American culture.)
  2. cst


    On Capital Hill today the CIA director says that information is "de-classified", meaning they've known about it for quite some time and it's now OK to let the rest of US know it. This has to give you pause to what the government does know of these hot spots and is not telling us. Maybe they're on to something afterall.
  3. BigMadM

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    The news just said that N Korea has long range missiles capable of reaching western United States.
  4. Kimba


    whirled peas??

    -I think it's really called world complacency complicated by fear of retribution
  5. redleg609


    Most people would rather try appeasment - having forgotten the lessons of history from it's earliest recording.

    People or countries that stand up to aggression are often labeled the as the warmonger/aggressor. That is what is happening now. Those foolish enough to think that if the problem is ignored, it will go away are labeling those who want to solve the problem as a "threat to peace."
  6. trickstud


    that is b/c the only people voting on that are the treehugging bastards from the west coast and the french that dont work!!
  7. danger-us

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    I just voted in an internet poll (CNN, or netscape, I'm not quite sure).
    It asked: Which country is the biggest threat to world peace? The choices were Iraq, North Korea and United States. You don't get the results until after you vote. I voted and expected it to be something like Iraq 50%, North Korea 40% United States 10% (even thinking that would be too high). I guesssed wrong and it is quite upsetting to me.

    Here were the actual results as of this afternooon.

    Iraq 33%
    North Korea 29%
    United States 37%

    What the hell is going on with our image in the world and especially within our own country? I am shocked.
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