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  1. AmberSuedeNYC



    I will follow-up on that lead. Thanks again, for your support.
  2. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Howard Sterns Email!

    Just say you know Kimberly Taylor for a quick response! Boy Gary will get back to you!
  3. AmberSuedeNYC



    I appreciate VERY MUCH all the commentary that has been made on behalf of my new business venture -- both positive and negative. Any ideas that you may have in regard to how we may benefit from each other ... BY ALL MEANS PLEASE SEND ME AN E-MAIL AT: Bikini Bikers so we can talk further -- possibly even meet. BY THE WAY ... I AM FEELING ABSOLUTELY FABLOUS.
  4. DannyNJ


    Ambersuede - if you really want this business to take off, get on the phone right now to the Howard Stern show and tell them about it. Chances are he'd let you and a few of the bikini girls come on the show to give a "demonstration". The publicity you'd receive from being on there would almost guarantee the success of the business. (Don't waste your time calling Opie & Anthony. They're minor league compared to Howard. You want TV exposure!)
  5. Allen

    Allen Webmaster?


    This is done in London as well as a few other cities, I think you have a good shot of being successfull. Shoot me an email sometime and let's work out some way for UtopiaGuide to help.
  6. OCharley


    Bikini // Accidents

    I am intrigued by the whole idea. And the safety issues abound, not only for those on the bikes, but those fortunate motorists using the public thoroughfares of our fair metropolis. Imagine riding behind a biker babe, talk about grid lock, and slow downs.....

    What about a sponsor?
    Being an attorney who does personnal injury accidents, I could post my # in an appropriate place guaranteed to gain attention, and then reap the benefits when the motorists collide. Its bad enough when a beautiful woman is walking on the street, imagine a HOT BABE IN a BIKINI on a BIKE..... wow..

    Count me in......

    Now the only question is, When can I get into the city?
    And, Can we get these babes to head out to Long Island? I know its a long ride!
  7. pswope

    pswope One out of three


    While I don't know the economics of delivery services in the age of email and faxes, have no doubt that your new biz will garner much free publicity and resultant biz.
    May I suggest that you avoid feminazi lashback and act P.C. by having male models deliver as well.

    I bet alot of female execs would pay to have the APM,clad in only a speedo,deliver contracts.
  8. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Jasmine's Towing

    What Up, Slinkster
    Jasmine is out of the business for now focusing on School. I saw her at her house in Jersey about 4 months ago.... She was a gem and the best BJ money could buy....Would only charge me 30 bucks and would get completely naked..... Those were the days,,,,,
  9. Slinky Bender

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    I remember in the early 80's there was an indy who advertised that exact service in Screw. She would come to your office, home, whatever. She charged $48 - how she came up with that number, I'll never know.

    Is Jasmine/Jasmine's Towing Service still around ? She had that van with the Misouri plates. I wish I still had the phone number so I could find out.

    I think fishfry was only concerned over the "Biking" aspect and the safety involved. Perhaps he thinks you were planning on having your ladies running around in bikinis on motorcycles, with no protection. I do have to agree that if you had ladies on motorcycles wearing only bikinis, it wouldn't be a great idea. Somehow I think that's not what is going to happen.
  10. Tankcommander


    What about blowjob deliveries...

    Something relatively inexpensive...
    Call, a girl comes over, gives you a blowjob, and leaves.
    maybe 70 to a hundred bucks.

    The girl dresses conservatively, maybe with a little lingerie underneath. No one in the office suspects anything.

    Want some happy?

    Hell Ya
  11. AmberSuedeNYC



    Thank you baby so much. I appreciate your support, and ability to conceive new ideas. Hey when the winter breaks we'll come out with some sexy new look. Don't think we have not thought about this already. Thanks for having an open mind.
  12. Woolf

    Woolf Guest

    Go for it!!!

    Too many people think inside the box, a little bit of innovation is a good thing! It's a great idea.

    Maybe could sponsor the bikinis.
    Would be kinda fun seeing our URL on the ass of a girl going down 5th Avenue :)

    I hope it's roaring success and you can tell all those doubters to go fuck themselves!
  13. Ozzy


    we can assume your business will only be during the late spring and summer months only?

    :cool:Ozzy................. who'll pay to see bikini clad girls ride motorcycles down 5th ave in mid febuary anytime.

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  14. AmberSuedeNYC


    Reply to: Fish Fry

    C'mon baby why do u think that this biz does not have the potential for great success. The idea of this biz is sexually oriented, and realistically there will be stripper type women, models, actresses all extremely beautiful that this company will employ. Why be negative, when you can expand and open your mind to a greater possibility of sucess. There are always going to be those who do not belive, and there will always exist those who feel as if the idea of a particular biz is not really such a good idea. However, please give me a break and PLEASE allow me at least to feel a positive vibe, and support rather than trying to knock it down immediately. Why dont you contact us for a deliver when we open, and I will give you a free trial run. Then once you have tried, and we have proved our ability you can comment either in a negative or positive way based upon your experience with us. I had to respond because I must defend my ideas and creativity, and all that I believe in. This new biz is groundbreaking because for one, it has never been done before, two because sex above all sells, and three because I don't know any man since working in the adult entertainment biz that does not appreciate a sexy body babe clad in a bikini. Interestingly enough, I have had quite a bit of interest from MANY of the boys on Wall Street, quite a few CEO's and CFO's of major financial corporations. So please baby ... allow your mind to expand a bit here, ok. I would certainly appreciate this. When CNN breaks the story in regard to this new biz I am not going to write here that I told you so. I am only going to remember in my mind that I did prove you wrong. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG ... this biz is going to be a GREAT success. At least give me the benefit of the doubt ok
  15. fishfry


    Skin burns

    Not that I want to take all the fun out of the idea, but as a member of the motorcycle riding public I need to point out that riding a bike in a bikini would be a really bad idea. Long pants and longsleeved shirts are highly recommended at the very minimum.

    Now "hookers on wheels" -- that would be a better idea. A bikini'd biker babe comes over, delivers a singing telegram, and then fucks you silly for a couple hundred bucks.

    THAT would be a winning business idea.
  16. AmberSuedeNYC


    Coming Soon (mid May 2001) BIKINI BKIER BABES Messenger Delivery Service. Help support my new biz, as it is designed to bring you the ultimate eye pleasure. I've got a new biz that employs GORGEOUS young woman who will be clad in a bikini riding through the streets of Manhattan en route to either pick up or deliver your packages to you. Yes, they will arrive in a BIKINI. These girls are actual models, actresses, artists that work for some of the most famous Modeling and Commercial Agencies in New York City. While this is purely a Messenger Delivery Service, we wanted to make this summer HOT and SIZZLING by creating an outrageous, fun delivery service that caters to the man with discriminating taste, and can appreciate the statue of a beautiful woman clad in a bikini standing before him. We are accepting corporate accounts, small biz and invidivual accounts. For further info, please send me an e-mail at: Bikini Bikers @, or THANKS in advance, and I am looking forward to your SUPPORT.