BMM offers free craps lessons, its a simple game

Discussion in 'Games of Chance' started by BigMadM, May 2, 2006.

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  1. BigMadM

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    money management-this is what makes a successful player.

    Its reallly hard, cause noone can tell what the next roll has for you.

    My aggressive money management is as follows, very simple.

    Lets say Do Not Disturb starts at a table with 300 bucks.

    Hes going for 5 dollar pass, 25 odds, and one come bet same amount.
    Thats 60 bucks on the table.

    You should never press your bets up to 10, with 50 odds, until at least you have enough money if you lose your entire table bettings, you still retain 50 % of what youre up.
    So if youre up 180 bucks, from the original 300, now you have 480, should you press? NO, because if you put down one 10 dollar pass line bet, and full 5 times odds, and one come bet, thats now 120 bucks in play, and you should be up at least 240 bucks so if you lose, you only lost half your winnings.
    Then go back to original bet again till you go up to 240 winnings.
    Never push too fast, or be scared when you start winning.
    You can go from 240 bucks up to 1000 bucks very quickly on a craps table, but ofcourse, you lose quicker.
    Stay alert, and pay attention to your money. Alot of assholes pick up your bets, whether they think they are slick, or just plain morons, it happens.
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    THANKS MIKE - I printed your help and will study prior to my next trip to LV next month.

    I know about the 'players cards' - I've been getting comp invitations on rooms from the RIO every week for the past 2 months. I guess they liked that I was on one table for 4 hours non-stop. It was some odd game card game I brought $300 to play with that night, won $1500 ( so I pocket $1200 ) and keep playing with the original $300 - which I 'lost' but who cares, I had the 12 blacks in my pocket :)
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    Mr. User Name

    I love the title of this thread as it appears on the menu;
    "BMM offers free craps..."
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    what I left out, lets say your point is 8, and the shooter hits it, you get paid, pick up all your money but leave another pass line bet. When you hit a few points in a row, press your pass line bet to 10 dollars, back it up with 50, steep, but you always play the bet, not the money.
    Odds are the best bet there is.
    The dice are handed to each player in turn at a table , as that player craps out(hits a 7 and loses)) If one keeps hitting his point, he keeps rolling till he or she loses.
    dice have no memory, dont think if someone hits 9 6's in a row, the next one has to be anything, it could 4 more sixes.
    Just play the same way, dont vary.
    You must be patient.
    Pressing(increasing) your bet too soon could deplete your bankroll very quickly in this game. Its fast, but once you catch on, youll be yelling at them to roll the dice already.
    The dealers know when youre a beginner, and most of the time, a good dealer will help you, or remind you to take odds if you forgot, hell just say, odds on that 9 sir?, his way of letting you know hes looking out for you, they all want you to win, for tips.
    Tip if you win, or lose if you like, but you can tip a small amount of your winnings when you leave the table. Just toss the tip over to the dealer and say, thankyou, for the dealer, Tipping in a place where you might play alot, is important. Staff remembers you, and they dont let you fuck up your bets if youre not paying attention, or if your wife or GF comes over to you during a hot roll and bust your balls, and you forget to take odds or something, they will remind you. Its good to be in good standing with the dealers and pit crew, even a dollar or 2 dollar tip is appreciated. It all adds up.

    If I hit for lets say 500 bucks, Id leave a 15 dollar tip or so, if I have an extra dollar chip or two, Id add it to the tip, so it would be 17 dollars.
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    as one can see, all the shitty bets are advertised right on the felt, in different colors, to entice you to bet them, never, ever bet anything but pass or come, or when you want, dont pass and dont come.
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    thanx man, wish I knew how to do that.
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    for better understanding....


    Usually a mirror image apears next to this so both sides of the table can bet.
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    something I want to mention, if you start to play craps, you have to make sure your play is being clocked, watched by the management, yes, you want them to watch. Dont worry, they dont report your winnings to the IRS at the table, and they are pretty smart in knowing how much you win, but you want them to know your play time so they send you comps, or take care of you when youre there. Dont say hey, its only 20 bucks to eat, I dont need them.
    You want them to treat you, its their pleasure to treat a player, so take advantage of it.
    There might be a day when all of your buddies are heading off to AC, and you cant get a room, but as a rated player, just call a casino host and boom, if you play, youre in.
    Take full advantage of everything the casino offers you for free.
    Im posting this for the people who dont know, I know most of you do.
    There was one point in my life, I was at ballys alot, had a full FX comp.
    That meant, anything I wanted except limo service to and from the casino.
    Id take friends with me, and order room service, 250 dollar bill for lunch, and the casino would pick it up. Hey, why not, they offer, take it.

    One little thing I do, is always divide my bankroll in parts.
    This way, when and if Im doing bad, I leave one table and cash in again, at another table, just to let them know Im a player, and cashing in money again.
    Believe me, they know, they know I only cashed in 300 here, or 500 there, but its good to let them know anyway. If a pit boss doesnt clock you in when you switch tables, you lose all that clocked time, and since youre risking your hard earned money, get anything you can in return.
    Preferential seats at shows for free, dinners, lunches, special events, like super bowl parties, all free, holiday parties, if youre going to be there, and gamble why not get whatever you can for free, I must say it again.
    Take full advantage when you play what they offer.
    Ive gotten my wife free health spa admissions, with facials, massages, etc, all comped. Hey, its a good deal.
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    thats why the felt is full of all those bets, the casino makes a killilng on all those shitting bets, thats why they have it all over the felt, to entice you with big odds, but believe me, they have ahuge edge over you on all those "advertised" bets on the felt.
    Stick with one pass line and one come bet, progress slowly to a second come bet only when you feel comfortable and are winning.
    Do not expect to win more than you lose, but expect when you do, to win quickly, and be prepared to leave.

    Money managment is tough to teach, with me, if I start with a 100, Id wait till my bankroll was 250, then Id walk.
  10. BigMadM

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    now watch the dice roll.

    A 7 kills it all, you lose it all.

    The shooter may roll 10 2's, or 3's, dont matter now, as long as he doesnt roll a 7, your money is safe.

    If he hits your orginal 8 passline or 9 come bet, you will make money.

    Odds-passline and come bet, original bet, or flat bet, sometimes called, wins even money. YOu bet 5, you win 5.
    Odds bets, you win the odds offered on that number.
    6 and 8- 6 to 5, so for the 25 you bet, you get back 30
    5 and 9-3-2 so for the 30 odds, you get back 45.
    4 and 10- you get 2-1 so for the 25 dollar odds, yo uget back 50.

    If the shooter hits your come bet, which here is a nine, the dealer will count out all your money, and push it back onto the come area in front of you, you must grabl you money, its yours, before the next roll. Pay attention, stop staring down the blouse of the big tittied lady rolling the dice, they are only tits, and your money is way more important.
    Pick up your money, and now you have no more come bet, so if youre comfortable again, put another 5 dollar chip back on the come area.
    You still have your original passlilne bet of 8 and the odds on it.

    Remember, if the shooter hits a 7, a craps, you lose all the bets, but if he keeps rolling numbers, and you keep up the routine, making one passline bet, one come bet you can win quickly.

    If the shooter hits your original bet of 8, you winthe pass line and the odds again, same as come odds, and then pick up your winnings, and put down another pass line bet before the next roll.
    You still have the money on the come number you made, so if the guy rolls and rolls, you are a winner.

    Just keep betting pasline and one come number, dont go further till you understand it completely, and know the odds and understand how much you should be gettin gpaid each roll if you win, dealers make mistakes, not often, but stay alert.

    dont press your bets the first few times at a craps table, even if you are winning, money management is key, and beginners should stay at 5 dollar bets, even if the table is hot, you can lose it just as quickly.

    Disregard allof the noise, the people yelling YO, gimme a 10 dollar YO,
    eventyually, youll understand the shouts and styles of betting, but you are sitting with the best bets. Just be patient, its alot slower than it looks.
    After each roll, everyone has to be paid or cleared off, so it takes time.

    Make sure you hand in your rating card, so you get clocked by the casiino.
    It cant hurt, free food is part of the deal, so you might as well eat for free if your playing in their house.

    post any questions, Ill answer them. but dont start with any other bets than I showed you, I wont discuss all the proposition bets, they are shit, not worth it.
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    so now youre sitting(standing) with 5 bucks on pass, 25 bucks backup odds bet, and the point is 8. If you are uncomfortable betting more, stop. This is good enough for a beginner to get a handle on the game. You have a good bet, no reason to bet more.
    If you want to bet a little more, get a little more action, place another 5 dollar chip on the come area. Big area middle of felt on both sides.
    The come bet is the same as the pass line bet, like a game within a game.
    If the shooter hits a 2,3 13, you lose the come bet, a 7. 11, you win the come bet. Ofcourse, if the shooter hits a 7, while you still have your original pass line bet, you lose the passline and the odds bet, but win the 5 dollar come bet.
    In this game, playing my way, you never ever want to see a 7.
    Now, lets say the next number is a 9.
    He willmove your come bet to the nine, and thats like the pass line bet now, you can take 5 times odds, so you hand the dealer 30 bucks, and say odds on the nine. (26 or 30 cause it pays 3-2, must use an even odds bet)
    Now you have 2 bets, and thats more than enough for a beginner. Ofcourse, you can take more come bets, but I dont recommend it for a beginner.
    I personally never go more than one pass line and 2 come bets. You have to manage your bankroll.
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    Place the first 5 dollar bet on the pass line.
    (find it on the pirture, it runs around the perimeter of the felt)
    If the shooter makes a 7 or 11, you win 5 bucks, a 2, 3, ort 12, they take your bet.
    Easy enough.
    Lets say a shooter hits an 8. Ok, he has established his point.
    So, the stickman yells eight, and the point is 8.
    Now, everyone will be yelling out and throwing money at the dealer, incredible chaos to a beginner, just sit back and watch the show, usually smart players go in turn from one side to the other.
    You take the odds bet, which is simply a bet the casino allows on your original pass line bet, But guess what, behind the pass line, there is no place for an odds bet, thats because the casino doesnt want to remind you there is an odds bet, cause its the only bet where they dont have the advantage over you.
    so, most casinos allow 5 times odds, this meaning ;you can take odds up to five times your original pass line bet. Always, and I mean always, take the full odds, its the best bet in the casino. I wont go into negative betting yet, but always take the full odds against also.
    Now you have 5 dollars on the pass line, and place 25 dollars right behind your pass line bet on the green felt, right behind you r original bet,
    If your not sure, just look at the guys next to you, they all put the odds down, and after the first time, youre an expert.
    If youre not sure how much odds your allowed, speak up, as the dealer, HOW Much odds can I put?, hell answer you. If not, ask again.
    Just make sure you get your bet down and your hands up before the shooter releases the dice, cause everyone hates a slow player who gets his hands in the way of the dice, everyone.
  13. BigMadM

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    now that you have a spot, yo uhave to cash in some dough for chips.
    Lets say you are at a 5 dollar table, there will be a sign on each side of the table stating the minimum bet. Lets also agree that your bankroll for a 5 dollar table will be 100 bucks.
    Place the hundred bucks in front of you on the felt on the table.
    Do not do it in the mddle of someones roll, wait till they toss the dice, then, place the money down. The dealer will take your money, and the boxman will count it out and announce, one hundred, then the dealer will give you your chips. Place them in the rack, or hold them, but pick them off of the table so they dont get in anyone elses way.

    You are ready, dont let the action and screaming bother you or intimidate you.
    Craps to most beginners is very intimidating.
    Nonsense, its a simple game.

    Im not going to talk about all the bets on the felt, forget it.
    You can opena craps book and learn what each one is, how much each one pays.

    Im going to give you basic play to keep the odds close, so if you manage cash, and hit even a rocky table, you can stay in it, and hopefully catch one decent or semi decent roll, make some quick money, and leave.
    Yes, if yo uhit nicely, you have to leave, the dice always take back the money eventually.

    Now, alot of people play negative, and its a great bet, betting against the shooter, but, if you want to feel the love at the table, (trying to be funny), and get in sync with the shooter and the majority when the dice are hot, I recommend betting positive. Once again, yo ucan play negative, but Ive been mostly sucessful for 25 years betting positive. Am I ahead of the game, I dbout it, but I still play, and my last 3-5 trips have all been good.
    Even breaking even is ok, since the play gets me free food, free rooms, free theater tickets, free gifts, and its a lost weekend for me and the woman, and if I break even, I get to stay in a 5 start hotel, sometimes a free upgrade to a suite, and its all free(comped), so its not a bad deal.

    Now, lets break the ice and get your feet wet. Remember, its simple.
  14. BigMadM

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    right here, I can teach anyone that wants to know, how to keep yourself in the money, or at least give the casino the smallest odds against you.
    The game looks scary to an outsider, everyone throwning money in every direction. Forget about all of that, its only about you and the dice.
    Forget about the asshole standing next to you with 5 grand making all the wrong bets, in the long run, he is a loser.
    STick to the bets I show you, never vary.
    Once you are winning, and want to feel a bit cocky with a few dollars, you can try some stupid bets for fun.

    so, get a picture of a typical craps table in vegas or AC.
    Print it out on a sheet of paper, so you can look at it.

    firts thing you have to do, is find a table to play.
    Most tables in AC are 10 bucks, but if you search, youll find a 5 dollar table in trop, during the day usually, and Im sure other casinos.
    Never worry that the table you choose is dead, no noise, everyone looking like they are in the witness protection program, and the 3 other tables, they are hooting and screaming. Usually the guys who win the least, make the most noise, dont worry about any of that. Craps is a very vocal game, alot of people love to scream, curse, whatever, remember, you and your bet, and the dice, nothing else matters.