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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by kardshark, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. f4phantom


    Their open was their today everyting is on the table.The girl I had only does CBJ $60 table shower $80 CBJ
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  3. teps


    I wouldn't be surprised if they closed up shop and moved to a new location since a new western store opened up in that strip mall. The store is pretty popular and will generate a lot of foot traffic so the once quit location will now be busy.
  4. brownyhound


    Looks like this place has been shut down again. Went there twice last week. First time, didn't have as much cash on me as I thought I did, so I just got a very enthusiastic HE. She gave junior a few kisses and told me "next time." So I went back a few days later, took the hour for $60 and gave her $100 for a brief bbbj and cfs. Went back yesterday and there was a "Space for Rent" sign up in the strip mall. Rang the doorbell just in case, but no answer and the camera next to the door is gone. What a shame. I really liked this place. From the sound of this thread though, hopefully they'll pop back up soon.
  5. popeye363


    One way to shut him up

    This has worked for me: I ask my lady to have the other lady quiet him down. The women are accustomed to communicating sotto voce in Chinese or Korean, and he won't know that another man was complaining about him. Thick-headed jerks might not quiet down if another guy hollers over the wall, but they'll listen to a woman who has (or soon will have) him by the balls.
  6. TenderVittles

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    Right there with ya photo....I agree on all accounts. Hard to stay hard when you hear another dudes voice while getting a rub down....And I whisper when I am in the massage room. I don't want to be this loud ogr messing up some other dudes massage....I don't want to hear his voice either...bad enough I can hear the lubrication friction sound of his HJ
  7. Photofinish61


    I KNOW!!!!!!!! What's with these guys? Even if they're not giving the girls a hard time, just hearing them outside the room standing there running their mouths is a huge distraction. Sorry guys, I like to BS as much as the next guy, but the sound of a man's voice while I'm getting serviced is enough to make me lose my wood and lose the mood very quickly. It's just not cool. I'm very respectful and don't speak above a whisper when I'm in a MP and try to keep myself quiet as much as I can, out of respect to my fellow mongers. I think others should follow suit.
  8. LISteve


    We need a set of rules for mongers. Many mongers are just complete animals and ruin other people's mongering. Perhaps someone can start a thread.
  9. levst02


    went here yesterday, late morning. 4109 Sunrise Highway, next to blind place and Eleanors Bar.

    The usual white doorbell, door opened before i could even ring it. They must have cameras somewhere inside. Potentially, that's a problem if they're using dvrs. Parking in the front, so if you're weird about people seeing you walking into places, yer gonna be weirded out.

    Several rooms with curtains. Walls do not go all the way up (see my PS at the bottom)

    Jessica (30 something, nice fit body, so so face, good bcups, sweet ass) walked me into a well lit room. I gave her 60 for the hour massage. I LIKE the massage part of this scene, and a good rub down is important to me prior to the extras.

    Anyway, 30 minutes into the so so massage, i get the ST, and then the flip with pillow. Asked what I want, I point to my mouth. She says 'you pay me'. I offer her 100, and its on. Just prior, she says another 20 and makes the shtupping motion. I'm too lazy, but for those reading, clearly FS is available. The BJ starts bareback, but quickly the cover comes on, all her clothing comes off, and you can touch anyway you prefer (not really my thing)...CBJ was awesome. She moved around to different positions, so the viewing was nice. Finished my business, and then got another 15 minutes of scalp, leg and foot massage. She put all my clothing back on....socks, panties (lol), shirt, pants, shoes, and my pink tutu. Offered water. Very friendly girl. 40 tip. total 200. yea yea...i know.

    Repeatable place IMHO.

    PS....Monger walked in while I was there and WOULD NOT STFU. Bla bla bla, just STFU and get your swerve on please.
  10. PanamaJackDaniel


    If you are that worried about STDs from minimal contact, then maybe mongering is not something you should be taking part in. There is always a risk, like anything in life. But as Rider said, just chill. You are OK.
  11. Rider


    I would chill. Unless she had an open, oozing sore on her lips or in her mouth you can rest easy tonight.
  12. LostSoulPatrol


    Please help me. Here is what happened.

    I need some advice from the experienced mongers here. Please give me honest answers.
    I had a provider lick my butt hole and penis. I am worried that I might get Herpes from this. Has anyone gotten anything from a Provider that has licked your butt hole and or penis ?

    This is what happened. Last night I needed to get out. I was feeling lonely, depressed and I needed a release. I haven't been out mongering in a long time. It was 8:30 pm so I searched BP for an AMP that is opened late. Found an AMP that is close by and closed at 10 pm. It is located at 4109 Sunrise Highway on the north service road, just before Connectquot State Park. There phone is 631 428 0831. This place is not secluded. Anyone driving by on the north service road of sunrise highway can see you until you are let in.

    The building did not have a sign and did not have the standard AMP open sign. There was the standard AMP bell outside. I called before I went and I arrived at 9:40 due to the heavy snow that was coming down. When you are buzzed in you walk into a waiting area that has a sofa. There is another locked door that was opened by a late 40 year old provider. She was a 6 or a 7 on AMP provider scale. She was wearing a sun dress. Sorry I did not get her name.

    She rushed me into a room that had a very long curtain for a door. I could hear another Monger pounding away on another provider in the room next to me. She requested 50 for the half. I tried to negotiate 40 for the half but she would not accept it. Since it was snowing, it was late and I did not know of another AMP that was near by and still open I decided to pay the 50.

    I undressed and she put a towel over my butt and started to give me a very poor back rub without any oil. After 15 minutes she removed the towel and started with the soft tickle. She then sat on my butt, took out her large A or small B sized boobs and started to rub them on my back and she kissed my neck. This lasted for a 3 minutes. Now she is standing on the floor bending over me and rubbing her hair and boobs on my thighs and butt. This felt awesome. Then she starts to kiss and lick my butt checks. Before I knew it she was licking my butt hole. I never had this done before. It took about 10 seconds before I realized what happened and I stopped her. I sat up and started to play with her boobs and kitty. She was wet and seemed to enjoy me rubbing her well groomed kitty. I could of easily put a finger in. There was not resistance. She was obviously open to anything.

    She asked me what I wanted FS, BJ or HJ. I only get HJ since I am deathly afraid of catching anything. She told me to lay down on my back. Sorry I did not get prices. She now starts to rub her hair up and down my thighs, Mr Happy and the boys. It felt great. Again before I knew it she ran her tongue from my boys to almost the tip. I am pretty sure she was going to give me a bare back bj. I stopped her again. She then oiled up her hands and started one of the best HJ I ever had. I got the usual hot towel clean up. She helped me get dressed and I gave her 40 which she was very happy with. I was the the full 30 minutes.

    Please let me know if I should be worried about getting something from her licking my butt hole and penis. Thanks in advance for you advice !
  13. jimidollaz


    Yes that's the location

    • F • A • N • T • A • S • Y • _______ ★ ★ ★ ________ ° M ° A ° S ° S ° A ° G ° E ° - 30
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    We promise you the relaxation you deserve !!!!!!
    Outstanding Bodywork. Clean and Comfortable.....

    Reach A Special Level in Luxury! G

    One visit and you will believe ! Comfortable Private Rooms
    Swedish/ Shiatsu / Deep Tissue/Hot Towel Treatment

    Try : 631 ★ 428 ★ 0831-----
    Poster's age: 30

    • Location: Long Island, OAKDALE BOHEMIA / R 27

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    I have seen this place open for a few months and then close again and open again. I stop by every once in a while and ring the bell but no answer.
    When they were open, occasionally there would be a pearl there (remembering Suah/Seven). And always f/s was available.
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  17. peterson32564


    Is this place still open? Tried there Sunday and then this afternoon. There was mail in the box on Sunday and it was gone today, so I figure they should still be open but it was dark inside and no one answered the bell.
  18. Vision54


    I think her name was Amaya
  19. breastman


    Hey good review did you get her name
  20. Vision54


    well got there yesterday...they are open...rang bell was let in and then into the main rooms..very clean...greeted by an attractive asian woman (might be of Japanese descent) probably in her mid to late 30's, nice body, maybe 36 c. She greeted me and brought me to a curtained room which was of decent size and well appointed. She was wearing a rather short dress. I get nekked and up on the table and tell her I wanted a easy to medium massage. She moves immediately to my butt area and spends about 5 minutes...meanwhile I figured this was going to be a little different because when I was rubbing her calfs and legs I soon discovered that she was bare assed...say no more !..So she has me sit up and then asks me what I want and I tell her 'everything' she asks me what i wanted to pay...that it was 'up to me'...well i only had a 100 dollar bill and really didn't want to negotiate (need a lesson from genius) so I give her the 100 and she immediately strips (takes off her dress) revealing a nice set and a descent lower half. She proceeds to give me a BBJ but quickly puts on the condom...and goes to it...not bad actually...but then she stops and lays down on the table wanting me to get it done (my impression)...I did have her get into doggie anf soon finished. The whole experience was less than 30 minutes...and that was the problem...really felt rushed but this may have been due to my inexperience and lack of it was ok but in a strange way, i have felt more satisfied with a regular st massage. Not sure if I will go back but might to see jojo