Bonds just being Bonds

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Daddycool, May 8, 2006.

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  1. I just wanna know what the fuck is up with ESPN acting like his lil bitch. I love Joe Morgan, but I am so sick of him talking glowingly of Bonds it's ridiculous. And that show "Bonds on Bonds" what the Hell is that!!! I almost wanted to puke listening to all his self aggrandiziing Bullshit. Why would a network have a show just basically allowing him to serve himself. They sure as shit didn't do it for anyone else.
  2. SlickWilly


    You mean, an asshole. They should trade all the disgruntled, grouchy players to one team. Writers will then never get a quote from anyone and every picture that runs in the newspaper will be of unsmiling prima donnas who look as if they'd rather be anyplace but on the baseball diamond.
  3. ZagatMP


    If you followed Bonds career in the past, he was never liked in the clubhouse by his teammates as well. He always got special treatment from the club and he always expected the special treatment. He's a selfish person and defintely not a team player. I have to admit, he is a great player and will eventually break Aarons record. Unless something tragic happens, A-Rod will be the one who will eventually hit 800 home runs and break a bunch of records.
  4. Daddycool


    Bonds is a total scumbag, not like everyone doesn't know this already. But look at his latest. Not a steroids story but just being a scumbag story.

    Bonds Refuses to Sign Ball for Lucky Fan
    Air Force Serviceman Catches Slugger's 713th Blast
    By DAN GELSTON, AP Sports

    Bonds said no when he was asked at his news conference if he would sign the ball if a fan wanted an autograph. Moments later, when an official asked if there were any more questions, Oliveras piped up:

    "Will you sign my ball?"

    Bonds smirked and said nothing.

    After his news conference, Bonds shook Oliveras' hand and took a picture with him.

    "I'm happy because I got a picture and he shook my hand," he said.

    There was one signature needed though. Oliveras had to sign a waiver for Bonds' reality show

    I would have told Bonds to go fuck him self if he thought I would then give permission to be on his show, but not sign the ball.