Bonhamtown Therapy

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by 1deadman, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. clicker2659


    look on **********.com thread for this joint..
  2. flabbergasted


    $60 door and $20-$40, depending on her service.
  3. 1deadman

    1deadman Doesn't wear plaid

    Is $100 the standard at Bonhamtown as well?
  4. smb


    Thanks for the review

    Nice review, this is the a-typical AMP sequence of events. We always hope for a little more, but I don't believe anything else, except roaming is available. You could have tipped her less, and would not have gotten any grief, but no big deal. I go to to Easton Ave. b/c it's closer and get the exact same thing for $100 all-in.
  5. 1deadman

    1deadman Doesn't wear plaid

    I tried yesterday for a little relaxation. The place is clean and easy to get to. Upon entering, I was greeted by a nice young lady and shown to a room. She was thin and cute--pretty typical AMP calibre. I paid $60 for the hour and was then asked if I wanted a TS, to which I agreed. The shower was thorough and much concentration was paid to my hogan, the boys and the asshole they travel with. There was no shower release.

    Back in the room, she asked if I wanted a back walk. I agreed and she covered me with a sheet, hopped up and did a jig on my lumbar. The massage was good and hard and worked out all of the kinks. There was not much superfluous contact at this point. That came next as she removed the sheet and began softly carressing my back, legs, inner thigh, ass and tool. That was driving me nuts with anticipation and on the flip I nearly gave her a black eye with my turgid rod. She got out the oil and began a very nice job of milking my penis. Within too short a time, I was spent. She washed me off, got me dressed and sent me on my way. $60 tip on the way out.

    I had hoped that some rimming would be offered, but, unfortunately not this time around. I will go back and try again.