Brazillian Girls/Somerset & Cell Phone Info

Discussion in 'In Search Of' started by HawkEye65, May 6, 2006.

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    You may be a life (or marraige) saver!
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    Any pre-paid phone plan should work for this purpose (i.e. TMobile, Virgin, etc.). These plans require no contracts or credit checks.. not even your real name is needed to get one.. and the minutes can be purchased - on cards w/ cash - in totals of 25, 50 and 100 dollars which equate down to a relatively expensive .25 per minute on average. But, the upside is.. it's not going to be used much so your purchases and minutes used should be rare. Mnay companies which used to force your minutes to be used in 60 days or be sacraficed have now changed to allowing those minutes to be good for up to a year - so that's a plus too.

    Also, most companies provide for non-paper staements so you would never have anything arrive at your house to be found by the wife. Or, if they DO have to send you some kind of statement, there is always UPS store or Mailboxes Etc. where you can get a mailing address (and pay cash) and send any and all "non-wifey's eyes" items to.

    So, for this purpose, just research the pre-paid plans, make sure you can have online only statements, and if not get a mailbox at one of the places mentioned above.. and go that route.
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    2 Items

    1) RobLoad said he had a post about Brazillian Girls on Easton Ave, Somerset. Searched, but so many entries I never get through. If anyone knows threads, or last 4 digits, would be greatly appreciated.

    2) Someone posted about a cell phone deal with a cash paid calling card (i.e., so I can make calls to indies without either the old lady or the office having record of calls). My only cell is with work, and if I got a personal cell somehow it would get to the house. Found this by accident about 1-2 months ago, but can't find it again. Again, any help greatly appreciated. I'm very close from jumping from MP to indy, but fear of being caught is problem.